Hello Cred Forumsnons. I need your help, Justin Bieber releases a shitty song with shitty lyrics...

Hello Cred Forumsnons. I need your help, Justin Bieber releases a shitty song with shitty lyrics. Makes fucking 6 videos of the song to get to top of the charts. URGES FANS TO GO TO SLEEP WITH HIS SONG PLAYING ON REPEAT on Spotify to get it on top. He has been resorting to several malpractices and I thought if we could do anything to cuck his dreams of getting to number 1. Idk start a petition to repeat all stars so it goes to number 1?

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I like you user, we should stream Taylor swifts “it’s nice to have a fren” she wrote it with Selena. So should piss him off nicely and I’m sure other swifties and tayanon would be up for it.

Fucking based user
How do we get people to do this


Justin just got Lyme disease, spin the song into a song about supporting those in a time of alienation/sadness and it's just what Justin needs in this time of lymeness, being reminded of all those friends he has maybe?

>thanks user.
Keep the thread bumped, post it on Cred Forums (maybe Cred Forums), her /hr/ general. Also push it to the swifties and Gomez fans on the usual socials. And if you can get the Tay tumblr girls in on it. Goodspeed user.

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>a troll within a troll.
I like the way you think user, would trigger him with the girls being nice to him but no swifties or Gomez fan will go for that unless they understand stand it’s to troll him.

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u right, doctored tweet maybe? or have they been burned enough not to believe? either way I'm in Japan and its what's all the DJ's are playing. I want him to suffer like I have

Bieber eats weiner


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Well the first time I see him I’m going to break his legs, so yes they have been burnt way to much by the little fuck to believe but not to scorn him. They hate him like a turkey hate thanksgiving. Also sorry to your ears but enjoy Japan.

hes only at 24 on US top 50 currently. Honestly probably have a better chance keeping him away from the top by playing any of the other shitty songs that are above his

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Let's keep the thread bumped and if someone posts in other threads, link it back to here. This shit has to go down.

OP here, posted it to Cred Forums let's see what happens. Will Cred Forums help tho?
I really want to see Bieber's dream crushed

thanks user, got 3 days left and im staying away from the clubs after yummy->party in the USA->Yummy

nig nogs been blaring the box, but I wanna see king uzi back on top (from 30) if preferable for your strategy. im watching world wide tho and he number 2 :(

I like JUSTin Bieber more than Traitor Swift at this point.

Justin Bieber calls his wife a stallion, a male castrated horse
Is it enough to trigger Tumblr fags that they start seething in twitter and Bieber has to apologise

Bump for science

Bump 2, no way in hell am I gonna let this die out

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Nice user, Cred Forums might help if the Tayanons pick it up but they don’t like fun anymore do they.

God that sounds terrible but at least you have good food user.

>a stallion.
She pegs him, but you could swing it to because she has a long face like a horse.

Bump 3

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user reporting in

Let's us decide on how we are going to prevent Justin Bieber and also troll him.

1) make yummy the most hated post
2) include Cred Forums and tumblr part of this so that seething lefts do our job in harassing Bieber (since Bieber called his wife a stallion)
3) seek help of tayanons and put her on number 1 "it's nice to have a friend"

If anything else is coming to any lurker's/user's mind then extend the list.

After that we decide which ones are we going to use for attack in the Frontline. And if any other allies like Cred Forums are needed.

Once we conclude what to do we all start working and once this thread reaches bump limit another thread will be formed.

Looks like we are gonna have a good start in 2020. Let's end this yummy cancer and if we can, end his whole career (if we can)

Sounds like a plan user good job.

Samefag here
I also posted in Cred Forums OP.

So where’s the first place we start ? We need a direct attack to this Bieber faggot

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A stallion is a male horse that has not been gelded (castrated). Stallions follow the conformation and phenotype of their breed, but within that standard, the presence of hormones such as testosterone may give stallions a thicker, "cresty" neck, as well as a somewhat more muscular physique as compared to female horses, known as mares, and castrated males, called geldings.

start by disliking all of the videos


The usual places user other boards, twitter, tumblr, Facebook and YouTube Try to push it to the Gomez fans (who may chose rare if it’s still in charts) and the swifties maybe even the waifufag coomers at /celeb/.

make a youtube playlist, link it here so its easier for anons to dislike

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We have only 11 unique posters in this thread and 2 in Cred Forums thread
We need more than 11+2 people if we want to pull this off.
Loyal anons, bumpers and lurkers
Please get more people here
Fuck those Cred Forums nudes thread and deepnude shit

Here’s a playlist


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Same Fag. All right boys start disliking the videos and leave some hate comments


Who the fuck cares faggot don’t you have anything else to spaz out about in your life besides Justin Bieber? Here’s a thought. Maybe he is number one because teenage girls think he is the best? If someone who is shit said to play their music while you sleep to try to get to the top, it wouldn’t matter because no one would do it. You should probably find a better hobby than to care what 13 year old girls listen too

Nobody cares

Fuck up justin. See you soon.

Is it supposed to be bad thing to call someone Justin Bieber? Everyone apparently loves him and he brushes off your thoughts and dislikes on his way to the bank

Sounds like this faggot Loves Bieber get the fuck out of our thread

Fucking shills
You are god sent user
This is teamwork

I think we need to create a Discord to stay in contact and plan Next attack

Hear me out,

what if we interpret the lyrics to make it seem like it’s about a prostitute he’s frequenting? Honestly seems not far from the truth and people would buy it.
>Based on the lyrics he says she’s “on the run” he can have her any time of the day, she’s “incriminating”, he can go over anytime of the day, help him spend his money
>Maybe even swing that she’s an underage runaway?
Eyes are all over for underage celeb scandals in Cali, so even if the word gets out and all rumors are denied there’s still a chance it could really affect his image

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>Fuck those Cred Forums nudes thread and deepnude shit
I fucking wish user, I fucking wish

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>10 people disliking a youtube video is considered an "attack"
Sad times

That might actually work user and check out the trips

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Good idea
Adding another point to the list
4) misinterpreting lyrics to make it seem like Bieber frequents brothels and has some sexual thing to do with child celebs (conspiracy rumor) (add more if I am wrong user) (fucking based)
I don't use discord much so why don't you create the group and share the link. We will join. I feel like this can succeed after all

Same Fag. I mean to keep up with strategy and make our attack more precise

I already posted about it in 6 videos and left dislikes

Spread the rumor, that’s what rumors do right?

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Also discord group is all fine but make sure to keep the thread bumped and updated on what we plan, so that more and more people join the group and word spreads.

I have a good feeling about 2020

No you pretty much nailed my point OP thanks for adding it to the plan of attack

Not to sound overconfident but I feel like this would be the most damaging and believable considering Justin’s fans are all underage girls anyway right? Can it be priority one? I feel like the stallion angle is a bit far but a good idea still, but not child celeb fucking good you know?

Also how about a name for this operation? Brainstorm anons and use that autistic gift

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I'm curious why you fags are choosing Justin Bieber instead of another pop star that's far more relevant like Billie Eilish. Either way, it would be funny if we got some obscure or fucked up song on the Hot 100 Charts but we would need so much weaponized autism to be able to pull that off. We could also find an obscure band and try to help them chart. That would actually be for the greater good. I'm just throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks



I have downloaded discord and will make a group. But yes we need to come up with the name of the operation
Good point user. The thing is she is already mainstream
This is Bieber's comeback
His chance again to be mainstream

Someone name this operation asap. Tbh anons. This thread is giving me the vibes of old Cred Forums


Quit fapping and get in here fags we’re about to do hoodrat shit

.gg/gFYRwF Here’s the Discord

>Operation Clown Baby
He became famous from that fucking song Baby so many years ago it’s time to make him look like a clown
>also clowns probably touch kids

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Is there a fucking possible way for us to manipulate streams or something? This would be so funny.
I agree. We need to be realistic. Some singles to throw out there that we could help get to number one:
Harry Styles - Adore You
Kanye West - Follow God (this has potential to be lulzy since many people hate Kanye)
BROCKHAMPTON - Sugar (Because it's currently 70 on the charts, and I feel it's refreshing compared to the things higher)






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Operation Yummy Fever? I think we need to pinpoint the song we want to chart higher, so it would help us name the operation better.

Pretty much yes user, and no one but little brainwashed girl.

>+1 internetz to you user.
Nice way to swing it


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:( we have already decided on operation clown baby

I'm in, I hate yummy and baby

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You’re welcome swit



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Here's the story till now
We will
1) push another song to top so Bieber can cuck out
2) spread false rumors of Bieber visiting brothels and fucking child celebs
3) down vote videos

For those who don’t know, we can use some... assistance

From reddit. I know I know put down your pitchforks I have a fucking plan Cred Forumsoys get in the discord


Hello Cred Forumsnons, update here
1) we have decided to interpret the lyrics of yummy as Bieber visiting brothels and fucking child celebs. (some wonderful user suggested)

2) will push a song to top (probably Kanye West) so Bieber can't get to top

3) our propaganda division will make images of misinterpreted lyrics and post it in reddit to spread rumors so those cucks do the job for us

Lurkers and anons, join us in discord

OP out

Choose the song u want to push to top

straw poll.com /h9cc2e3f

Sounds like a nice plan to start with. Don’t go with Ye the like each other won’t work. Go with either Tay& Selena (fren) or Harry styles that’s three crazy fans that would love to piss off justin.



We need memes that have the pretext of yummy being about child predator Justin. Chris Hanson in the background of the video or something?
The point is to make memes like they did with Drake when they found out he likes that irl loli. I had no idea about it until I saw the memes and fell down the rabbithole.

>But this time we’ll make the rabbithole


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Dear Cred Forumsnons
After being in the Reich war room we have decided that we will misinterpret lyrics of yummy to conclude that Bieber hates kpop. We know the wrath of kpop stans.also drop some child molestation toppings on top to get help from tumblr. Our another user is already making propaganda. If anyone likes to contribute, join the group or post here.







Time to fuck up Justin Fagbieber. Spread rumours that he is a pedophile.

Cred Forums might help us

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Don't let this die out! Bump, my dear Anons! Bump!




you dont have to do shit thats song sucks more dick than justin bieber fans do

whats the discord, that'd help

Most of the war room needs time to sleep so we’ll pick this up later

However irl just mention that you heard the new single is about pedophilia. It’s word of mouth that counts too Cred Forumsoys

The discord

Operation clown baby in full swing

Sign up for the army here and get access to the war room. We have vets of previous meme wars steering us


Meme war! Meme war! Meme war!

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I like the idea except the part where you push Gomez and Swift\They are both cunts so we would be better off choosing a lesser known person just to fuck with all of them. Dislike all the videos and say you like the other one better and this one is shit. Comment all the vids and then people might catch on or start a shitstorm if we get enough people involved

We are in dire need of more people for the operation to go on anons.

Any help is welcome