Walk in and see her, what do?

walk in and see her, what do?

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I realize my sister was expecting me again and take her up on her offer. While banging, I do my usual promise of pulling out but end up giving her a creampie instead.

If it's my GF, that's a request to eat her out. Looks like it's snack time.

good answer :)

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Rape her. Slit her throat. Kill myself.


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Ask her what she's into

Bowl of eggs

Her ass

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Is it free?

You can fuck her all u want, just dont let her cry too loud

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Lol that escalated quickly

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Well she's a fat pig so. Barn animals are for killing and eating.


How would you make her last moments feel like?

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Honestly , I've always wanted someone to abuse her.

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I'm about to post an undercover live pic of her sleeping pussy

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You realize that passing out in your bed implies that you can lube and use any exposed hole until you cum in it, right?

>Settle it, in smash!

you have kik?

I take off her top and tie her to the headboard like the attached pic, suck on her tits and start fisting her asshole. Ignoring her, I use a vibrator on her, edging her but stop before she cums.

I staple her labia wide open, then use a pump on her engorged quivering clit, then tie it off with fishing line, leaving it stretched out and purple, tying the other end to the footboard.

I glue a catheter in her urethra & fill her bladder with a liter of ice-cold wine, tie it off, then glue another one up her asshole, gravity feeding 2 gallons of icy water into her until she looks pregnant again, screaming for mercy.

I then tie her long hair back, forcing her head back, mouth open, take her teeth out with pliers, then throat fuck her a bit, piss down her throat, before forcing a two foot dildo down her throat and taping it in.

I fill her pussy with hot wax, stand back to admire by work, then realize I ran out of fuck holes. I take my razor, slice her thick right nipple in half, along with some of her areola, and force my cock deeper into it with ever thrust, holding her cocksleeve tit with both hands, cock between her split nipple, until I cum deep in her ruined tit.

Now tired, I completely scoop out her ruined tit with a grapefruit spoon, put in one of my pet rats then sew it shut, watching it squirm around before eventually chewing itself out.

I hang a few saline IV bags from the ceiling, grab a few syringes, and go to work on her left saggy tit, filling it until it's a balloon, saline oozing from the needle holes and too-thick swollen nipple, skin stretched taught. I then tape a glass vase to it with my remaining rat in it, light a fire on the end and watch it chew into then through her tit to escape the heat.

For the grand finale, I then pull hard on the fishing line, increasing pressure until her clit rips off.

Stapling her eyes open, I then take a taco-bell shit all over her face, go outside on my hammock at my ranch, then take a nap for round two.

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Any woman who is overweight is absolutely disgusting. They have one job, one fucking task and that is to be desirable. Not stuffing your face is the simplest part of that.

She said I cant fuck her now, she needs to wake up for work in 2 hours. Damn

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do you have kik?

>pic related b/c sociopath and it would be funny

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lmfao, imagine being this much of a cuck

>request to eat her out


also the broad in OP's pic looks 4 foot 11 at best. she gets points for shaving/grooming well but you can't do anything about being a womanlet

sorry but genes are important. short women should be forcefully castrated, along with short men

Fucken midgets lol



No , what you want to see

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more of her ass, who is she to you btw

Why call me that?

Shes 5ft6 lol still short though

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no i'm saying bc im a sociopath that would derive pleasure from cunt punting random broads

Here ya go, wifey

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Ahh lol

I'm gonna head out now, was fun sharing some pics of her.

Tomorrow night ima fuck her and post pics from it, any request Cred Forums

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i would tear that asshole up

Fingering her with two fingers , she gets up cus I went knuckle deep.

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>walk in and see her, what do?
Take the fucking hamburgers off her