Be me working at a warehouse

>be me working at a warehouse
>pretty good second-job for the money
>even better because I get nervous and shy around other people a lot of the time
>keep to myself mostly at the job
>smile and and try to be really friendly when people do need to talk to me
>a few months in now
>a girl who is deaf always smiles at me when i look over at her while we're walking by
>oh shit man, she's cute
>want to ask her out
>but she's deaf
>don't know any sign language to open an actual conversation
>almost did it today anyways
>planned to write on some paper and try to communicate that way
>was about to walk up to her
>realized how retarded i'd look with my plan
>decide to just go home instead

do any frens have some advice? I thought of maybe learning some basic sign language and then switching to paper after that to talk to her. Man, i probably weirded her out anyways because she caught me trying to give her a quick look a few times.

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Leave her a letter in her locker room telling the truth. Be romantic

you don't think people would think that's weird nowadays?

Do it anyway

post pics
also this is some katawa shoujo shit nigger

This is probably the best advice you're going to get if you don't know sign language. If you have lockers in a public area that is.

The worst thing that could happen is she is disgusted with you or just declines.

My opinion is just give her the letter directly, maybe stuffing it in a locker is some cuck stuff. But I'm a lonely neet so what do i know.

Alot of deaf people can understand what you are saying by reading lips, what about her? Maybe you can start off that way and abd with some writing. How do other people comunicate with her?
Don't be a coward, start a conversation about some bullshit job stuff and then you'll se how to talk with her

I believe in you OP, you can do it

Romantic letter is kinda cringe, can create akward situation. Don't do it. Just talk with her

give her a letter or something idk

you can do it OP I believe in you

I think she can read lips yeah, there's been times where I needed to say some work related things to her and she understood. By they were only quick phrases, like, sorry, no problem, do you need help? stuff like that. And there's a lot of deaf people at the job, so she hangs with them, or people do what I do, short phrases.

And thank you fren. hopefully I can get over my nervousness tomorrow.

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Did you read anything she's deaf you tard

Probably get mee tood if you put a "love letter" in her locker.
Better to just get her number or leave her a note you can always bluff your way out if it goes tits up.

>>planned to write on some paper and try to communicate that way
wtf man
type it out on your phone & hand it to her
this also shows trust

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My close friend learned to sign “will you date me” when we were in high school so he could ask a girl out. She continued to teach him sign language for the next couple years they dated. I say just do it, ask her on paper, not like she won’t understand your reason for. Then, if you two hopefully date, she can teach you more. Don’t give up op.

Learn a few basic signs

>"Sorry, I don't speak ASL"
>"I just wanted to say hello to you"
If she responds positively to these try

>"Wanna touch my pee pee?"

So, once I had a crush on a girl who's parents were both deaf (the girl was not). The girl knew sign language, basically as a mother language, and I decided to start learning it. I picked up knowledge pretty quickly, and after a few weeks, I could say and understamd basic things. I would say it's never too late to starts learning it, beside asking her out. I think she would really find it cute or what if one day you just walk in and ask how is she in sign language.

Ok here is the plan OP

Next time you catch eyes with her say a slow and exaggerated “I like you” with a smile and gauge her reaction. Wait a few secs, keep smiling and keen walking. She will love it and you can keep mime flirting or just give up if she has a negative reaction. Easier than dealing with non deaf girls prob.

So i looked up how to say hello, how are you, and I think I glued together "I just wanted to say hello". But it's more like, "I want hello you". Man I'm going to look like such a fucking tard :(

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It will be cute even if you get it wrong, and it will be sweet that you even went so far as to try, which many wouldn’t have the care or confidence to do. She will appreciate it regardless. Ask her out through sign language. It’ll be great.

Look at the post above you tard

Well I hope I have the confidence, thanks for the pep talk though fren. I hope she finds it cute and not weirded out by it all.

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If she like you, she will think it's cute. Confidence is the key

Talk to like interact in person and not through letter, you fucking cunt

A deaf girl is like a normal girl. Are you good looking ? If you look like shit, no matter what you do, it will be awkward and she'll think you're a creep. If you look good, you could look at her in the eyes and gesture a blowjob and she would be waiting for you in the toilet to suck you dry.

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>And there's a lot of deaf people at the job
where the hell do you work?

You went to the sweetest thread on Cred Forums and just tried to ruin it. OP, you have to try something. All of the suggestions above (letter, basic sign language, just lips) are really nice and either could make for really cute and not over the top. Maybe none of it would work, but trying is infinitely better then not trying.