Why does the Democratic leadership hate securing our southern border so much?

Why does the Democratic leadership hate securing our southern border so much?

Is it love for steady cash payments from human traffickers, drug dealers AKA the Mexican cartels. Remember when the Obama administration was caught selling guns to the Cartels? If you don't look up Operation Fast & Furious? Under Obama the ATF ran a "sting" operation where the ATF stood down so obvious straw buyers could in the Tucson and Phoenix area purchase and run guns into Mexico. Not lying, over 2000 guns were sold
between 2008 - 2011.

Iran, recall that $150 Billion in cash that Obama-Kerry-Biden had to give Iran. All had to be in foreign currency, too. Euros, Swiss Francs. Why all cash though? Obama admin. "Our sanctions so tight, it had to be cash." Smooth criminals!
Why not do normal, traceable wire transfer payment to neutral country, say Switzerland, and then rewire it Iranian Treasury?

Maybe it was easier to skim cash off the deal done in untraceable cash?

Last thought: why do Democrats in their long "public service" careers all seem to get so fabulously wealthy?

Isn't this what corruption looks like?

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Stop watching Fox News.

Why do cuckservatives like being controlled by Russian oligarchs?

Meat puppet.

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cheap labor to drive the economy. its pretty much the only reason why the west lets immigrants in. whites arent having enough children

73 percent of illegal immigrants in the United states arrive at the airport or by boat.

This is what collusion looks like.

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The US needs a modern immigration system in order to compete.

No more of this birth right citizenship to non citizens.

We need a merit based system. Points for speaking English, points for wealth and a business plan, etc.

Be rational.

Most based post.

That is what a real president looks like

>whites arent having enough children

Hmmm, could it be maybe the cheap labor, (which by the way sends remittances home draining billions from the US economy, plus having to pay the cartels payments to cover the cost of their transit) is driving down wages for working class whites and they can not afford to have children on low wages?

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Silly Democrat always falling for the silky lies.

"Looks like" this is not Hollywood casting.

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So let's just ignore all the current examples and look at examples from the past. That's a great Republican strategy.
Hillary's emails! Hillary's emails!

History will not be kind.

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Keep watching Fox news you idiot.
There's a reason they are a laughing stock all over the world, and it's not some international conspiracy

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That depends on who's version you use

Why do republicans have such small penises? Is it a genetics thing? Does it correlate to their small brain size?

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Why do republicunts lie about everything

Silly republicunt always lying stop watching fake Fox News

your border is already secure you dumb shit

Wasn't the rampant Clinton corruption as Secretary of State enough? No, Democrats wanted to hand the WH to those guys again?

They were sued to return WH furniture last time.

Why do Democrats love corruption?

Why do you want the fact of suspect destroying 19 blackberries (smashed with a hammer) and
who deleted 33,000 emails. And this from the same suspect whose Rose Law Files went missing during the Whitewater investigation, but somehow turned up in the WH personal quarters during the Clinton years, years later! Amazing!

It is as if Democrats, the low correct information voters, never read the Podesta emails!

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U want to talk about hypocrisy and trump he’s the biggest hypocrite in the history of mankind your right history won’t be kind to trumpscum


U suffer from diarrhea of the mouth stupid republicunt keep spreading your lies loser

correct, so building a wall is pointless and democrats dont want to waste money on it

The left is the enemy and so is the right. The state is the problem here. Those are all issues caused by government.

>Why do Democrats love corruption?
Why do Republicans cry so hard when they blame the Clintons of corruption but ignore the actual corruption of Trump?

Why do democrats bend the knee to Israel?

>Own all the news
>Make one of the outlets your scapegoat
That was easy.

The only people on their knees for Israel is called trumpscum

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Private citizen position, as President he has matured on the issue and done nothing but support 2A, and LEO in general, including ICE.

Meanwhile, every single one Democrat presidential candidate raised their hand in support of confiscating weapons.


Oh you would like us to forget the past.
Say what you want about Trump the man;
on the economy he delivered.
Obama offered higher taxes, more regulation, weakened military, anti-police, allowed rampant corruption from Biden, Kerry, Clinton, etc.

Oh and BTW Epstein did not kill himself.

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Bernie is getting screwed again. Impeachment trial is scheduled so Bernie, Warren and K-woman (the one with programmed hand movements) while Biden and the little mayor do the Iowa Caucasus alone.
DNC leaders "Candidates are not necessary for the caucus elections."

Translation: Shut up. We'll tell you your choice.

That is how the Plantation Party rolls.

Who was Gov. George Wallace? VA Gov did blackface 3x?

Corrupt old uncle Loe Biden will be the anointed "peoples choice!"

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Most dems are corrupted like most republications. Both are greedy lying sacks of shit majority of the time. Dems lie saying theyre doing things for progression and Republicans hide behind religion and "the good of all people".


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What happened to Mexico paying? Do you faggots even care that your favorite president lies to you

Democrats are all talk, feels, and "I am a victim."

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What are "Tarifas" amigo?

Muchas gracias.

>Republicans hide behind religion and "the good of all people".

Frankly that sounds exactly like a Share Blue talking point. Do you have a source?


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if only CNN reported the truth like in your comic, we might have a better world

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This is solid.

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>> Maybe it was easier to skim cash off the deal done in untraceable cash?
And maybe, just maybe, you're a lying asshat. Yeah, seems that would be the case.

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cool whatabouts. here's a pic of 45's criminal enterprise. I wonder how long til he's in cuffs

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>150 billion in cash


HERE. seems like a pretty ok guy to me

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He knows his gender, can you give him that?

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replace his name with Obama. Every time. Imagine a black man too. Every slur. Every stupid thing. Every single time Dump might be mentioned, use Obama's name instead. Suddenly, he's actually a criminal embarrassment and needs immediate removal

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>tfw Clinton and Obama were responsible for the biggest spikes in deportations in history

Can't be having facts though.

This asshole is the "leader" of the USA. Sounds about right, given conservative Americans in general.

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So many Boomer tier memes in this thread.

Democrats don't want to secure the southern border because they want to change the demographics of this country. Beaners mostly vote Democrat.

Republicans don't want to secure the southern border because their donors in agribusiness (farmers, ranchers, dairy operations, meat packing plants, etc.) and some other industries want a cheap, compliant, flexible workforce of illegal beaners.

This is why no matter which party controls Congress and the White House, nothing meaningful gets done about the issue.

And here's your daily reminder that Ronald Reagan, a conservative icon, gave amnesty to 3,000,000 illegals.

>> replace his name with Obama.
Really, replace Toad Trump's name with anyone and the criminality and general assholery is obvious. But then again, it's obvious without doing any of that. If it isn't, you're the problem.

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Yeah Sc hummer/Pelosi/Biden/Kerry/Obama have big problems giving the President of the USA $5 Billion for a border wall, but no problems giving an evil theocracy like Iran $150 Billion.

Real head scratcher why any US citizen would ever vote Democrat again.

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He's notorious for being a sleazy businessman.....

But he's still more electable than Hillary Clinton. Proven fact.

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Its hilarious that you think either side of the fence is worse than the other. Got news for you. They are ALL fucking corrupt. That is what power does. It corrupts. Stop being retarded and trying to slap labels on every thing wrong in this country. Its not a conservative vs liberal thing. Its an us vs them thing. The higher ups, they do not want us to ever get ahead. They dont want us to be comfortable. They dont want us to be happy. They have enslaved us all. They steal from us. They send us off to die in foreign lands. And it will always be that way because people are willfully blind.

150 billion in cash never happened. They did give cash, but it was only a fraction of the TOTAL 150 billion.

How many degrees of separation here?

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>>How many degrees of separation here?
If only that were illegal, you'd have a point.

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If Democrats weren't too busy trying desperately to out-stupid one another under a completely fabricated and wholly illogical "social justice" belief system, maybe they could put up a candidate who was sane enough to beat an opponent as off the fucking wall as Donald Trump......

>Just sayin.


same guy, fuck hillary. fuck trump extra hard though. ignorant ass clown. Hillary has been a career politicial (part of a problem in US politics is career politicians) yet would actually know how to do the job of the president. 45 is a nigger and doesn't know/try/ is very stupid/ a compulsive liar/serial obfuscator, vulgar, has generally failed upwards, is an obviously racist, nazi apologist, champion of bigots, a molester, a fraud and has a fat ass and weak chin, and limited vocabulary

cool whatabout

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So you are denying Obama Pelosi gave cold hard cash to the enemies of the USA?

And that bastard President Trump only gave them dead generals?

Now impeachment makes perfect sense, thank you comrade for explaining it to me the Democrat party line so clearly.

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Cause they are power mongering money hungry selfish whores.

Democrats are for open borders, yet pelosi calls police when people go on her property.

Handing out impeachment souvenir pens like beers at a sorority club. List goes on

Why does the party of the gays always use homo as an insult? Why do Democrats hate gays?

Why does the party of the gays always use homo as an insult? Why do Democrats hate gays?

>>How many degrees of separation here?
If only that were illegal, you'd have a point.

So nothing to look at right *wink*?

Got it Comrade!

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sure, I'll take this bait
it's well known far-right policies and the right in general are not friends of the LGBTQ community. The farther left you go, the more support and inclusion for these people we see. 0/10

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Amnesty was granted with the promise that Congress would fix illegal immigration. And here we are. They all screamed when Obama started the dream act but didn't change anything. They screamed when trump tried to kill it and told them to fix it right, and still nothing. One of the many hot buttons they use to get people off their fat asses and go vote. That's why neither side wants it fixed. They can file up their team. Same with gun control, abortion, .....

>limited vocabulary
>45 is a nigger and doesn't know/try/ is very stupid/ a compulsive liar/serial obfuscator, vulgar, has generally failed upwards,

Let's not get the pot before the black kettle now, son. We've got a bird in the hand but still gotta get one on the road here. It's like you're purposefully judging a book between its hard place.

Seriously, calm down, take a breath, relax, and give that brain of yours a good think... Be sure to remove all the packaging, though, since it has never been used. Brains are for much more than just storage, user; it's unfortunately clear that you've not yet used yours for much more...

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cool whatabout

"why are these people still focusing on our sitting president when he's the president of the US? It's NOT FAIR"

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great ad hominem
useful for when one can't dispute content, but can dispute how it is said. it fails because I am not the president, and am not accountable to the same presidential standard as a private citizen on b
>tfw 45 is a nigger

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I dunno Democrats do seem like a cash, payola, type party to the casual viewer.

Do your own Google.

Democrat Presidential Candidate Caught Offering Money for Political Endorsement
Nov 8, 2019 | Controversy
Does it really come as a surprise that Democratic Presidential candidate Tom Steyer’s campaign was caught offering money for political endorsements? In California, Steyer spent hundreds of millions of dollars to curry favor from numerous politicians and local groups.

For example, Steyer became close friends with then California State Senate Pro Tem Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles). The once hedge fund billionaire who made his initial fortune off fossil fuels developed (or maybe bought?) an ally in de Leon, who was now promoting clean energy policy, where Steyer had financial investments.

In a complete surprise (cough, cough) de Leon would later get a key political endorsement from Steyer during his failed run for U.S. Senate in 2018 as he sought to oust long-time incumbent, Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Make another one of these that has all the people that have died before testifying against Hillary

user, your political knowledge is minuet and laughable? Have you ever been in a political discord or civil debate?

>president. 45 is a nigger
idiot, etc. etc.

Yet he is still running the country better than the Democrats ever could. Fact.

Again Democrats showing hate for Gays.

No surprise, they hate all Americans.


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I'll play that game with you, my fine young communist.

Democrats are the most two=faced.

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you do know, you mong, that the money we 'gave' Iran was Iran's own money? It had been held since the fall of the shaw since we didn't recognize their new government, but it was always Iranian money that had to be returned.

we should have impeached Hillary instead, yes

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>useful for when one can't dispute content
What fucking content!? That absolutely neurotic string of insults? That's not content, kid.

See also: >Yet he is still running the country better than the Democrats ever could. Fact.

^ Facts. As much as I hate Donnie Chump for what he is (a sleazy salesman), he's still running the nation better than the Dems ever could.

Shit posted wrong picture, here ya go.

Some young Hillary, she needed the money.

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It's almost as if massive agriculture and hospitality corporations spend millions lobbying to ensure the borders are as open as possible so they can underpay migrants who eventually get fucked while their hands stay totally clean.

so her association with this known bad-man is a reason she is unfit for office? cool logic friend
I'm just gonna direct you all here

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Second round let;s go my fine young communists, try to keep up!

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Putin is not a private citizen. This one doesn't even support you. She should not talk to him? As a politician she has contact with many government officials

here's a pic of the most prosecuted man in America

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that photos soo old lol, why's there no current pics of trump and epstein? weird huh?

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I dunno today's Democrats just talk bullshit.
All they do is take people's money.
Always stirring the pot, race card, etc.

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replace the word "she" with trump and then choke to death on your own hypocrisy

fixed, checked

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this is fucking stupid. Hillary is not and has never been president. Her shortcomings have nothing to do with Donald's. Read that again. Her shortcomings have nothing to do with Donald's. You keep saying what about Hillary? But it's just a deflection

They do when it’s convenient and trendy, you can find plenty of evidence of those on the left saying we need to secure the borders, be tough on illegal immigration etc in the past.
It’s all the same coin, both sides just pander where they need to when they need to.

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>She should not talk to him?

Try and keep up Vlad, Democrats have been spregging Trump is Putin's tool when we all know Putin bought the Clintons.


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>it's ok because she's my piece of shit thats doing it
>orange man bad

not the president. you keep accusing her of the same and similar Dump shortcoming. Orange man indeed bad, deflect, deflect!

the russians and chinese wanted her to be president, bad enough to get sloppy and expose the democrats rigging of their own nomination, you're right she's way worse then trump

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>so her association with this known bad-man is a reason she is unfit for office? cool logic friend

I dunno you tell me h1 - h9 incoming, you be the judge.
Do bad people associate with bad people?

I think yes.

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>She should not talk to him?

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russian meddling was by and for Dump and he even got so sloppy and emboldened, he tried again as was impeached for it. 3rd ever.

just gonna point you here

>She should not talk to him?

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Maybe it all a coincidence?

>She should not talk to him?

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It's amazing that Donald can do no crime and we should all focus on Hillary, the not-President instead

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Surely not an accident.

>She should not talk to him?

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>She should not talk to him?

Democrats sure do love money more than their voters.

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hit me with another whatabout
>ok Vlad

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>She should not talk to him?

This getting boring. The point is Democrats stood up a horrible candidate, and yet refuse to own their own bad decision making.

Choose better next time you vote.

Say NO to corrupt Democrats.

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>She should not talk to him?


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you project like you're paid for it lol

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Attached: 1579392788954.jpg (720x597, 40K)

endlessly recycled/discredited bullshit revealing massive defensiveness in reaction OP's perfectly well constructed case

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Democrats are about 110% propaganda now, no one sane can believe their positions.

With the leaks from Podesta we know who the democrats are.

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here's why, but you already knew that. to regular lurkers here is information so you don't become another victim of Russian trolls. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and there are those on /b with a specific anti-American agenda. Also American Nazis

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information is fun

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Blows me away Democrats think they can just keep on with their corruption.

It really needs to stop.

Attached: pedo-bill.jpg (720x759, 56K)

Democrats, they're just normal people if you are a pedo. too.

Vote GOP for Pete's sake, enough is enough.

Do not make the wrong decision.

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Nice slide attempt.

Bernie is getting screwed out of his momentum again. And all Bernie supporters donations are 100% NON-refundable.

Attached: 1477993371061.png (1000x1000, 1.37M)

Not sure how US politics work, why are the Clinton's never held accountable for their crimes?

And given their history, rape, pedo, etc. why are they eligible for office? No party standards?

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Hey shillberg. How does Soros pay you? Is it per post? I can't imagine you make very much. That polysci degree is never getting paid off and this rate.

Sure kid.

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This, the cartel is made up by the right wing to scare everyone.

Money buys everything in america. They also have tons of dirt on powerful people and employ hitmen to clean up so people are afraid to testify.

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you need to cease breathing.

>Money buys everything in america. Democrats also have tons of dirt on powerful people and employ hitmen to clean up so people are afraid to testify.

Attached: 1510232012739.jpg (782x652, 142K)

>Fox news says the big bad scary cartel is gonna GET me so we need to spend a bajillion dollars on a useless wall

Sorry to hear about your situation.

Sure.... kid.

"everal Democratic presidential candidates have included in their policy platforms support for “decriminalizing” illegal border crossings, arguing that the Trump administration’s prosecution of migrants led to the child separations in 2018 and that repealing the provision of immigration law that allows for criminal prosecutions would prevent that from happening again. President Donald Trump has accused them of advocating “open borders,” and even some former Obama administration officials have come out publicly in opposition to the idea, saying it would create an incentive for smugglers to encourage more illegal immigration."

I chose a bi-source for your comfort.




If ANYONE is separated from their kids, even one person, it can't be the law. The cartel is VASTLY overstated to fear monger. They're barely an issue.

I recommend a sage and disengage

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>Paid for by the Texas border patrol

i'll make you a deal...i'll answer this question if you promise to actually answer a question about Trump, WITHOUT comparing it to something someone else did or Obama.

You motherfuckers are like 10 year olds -"well tommy did it so its ok for me to do it too!" Is it impossible to defend the actions of trump on its own merit? He is the ONLY ONE WHO'S PRESIDENT

>not my president

>If ANYONE is separated from their kids, even one person, it can't be the law.

Try committing a crime with your children in tow.

Say try breaking into Disney, they will call the cops.

Be sure to let those responding cops know you cannot be separated from your kids. And... that you expect a free entry pass for life.

Post what happens.

Attached: 1507037738207.jpg (1363x837, 228K)

Hey moron. If you break the law and get taken into custody, you will be seperated from your kid. That's how it works.


Why do all liberals hate gays?
Is it only pretend tolerance?
Or just the usual self-loathing?

Attached: 1385917229890.gif (256x229, 1.01M)

Justly minded and non-racist americans will never support it.

>answer a question about Trump, WITHOUT comparing it to something someone else"

No my fine young communist. No.

Elections are compare and contrast competitions.

America chose the winner.

We do not like sore losers.

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Attached: eox7f3uf88o31.jpg (1196x1386, 203K)

>>gateway pundit
>>Being this fucking stupid.

>Twitter is a fine source for information on politics
Is this what the world is coming to?

>Is this what the world is coming to?

Abandon PC

Truth is better.

Attached: red pill.jpg (250x250, 5K)

She's also a jew. Who would have guessed? It genuinely surprises me to see a jew fomenting discontent.

>>>gateway pundit
>>>Being this fucking stupid.

Well if you take the advice from a 16 year old to decimate your economy, good luck to your country.

Not fucking here though, thank you very much.

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