Rate/Roast My Family

Rate/Roast My Family

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Question: If you're a father and have a hot daughter:
1) do you have to resist thinking about sex with her
2) is the fear of incarceration the only think keeping you back
3) Is there no desire, if so why?
4) if your wife died, who you replace the sexual duties with her

I am curious, because I don't think I want to be a father of girls

11/10 would fuck your daughters.

Nice family you got there. You all seem happy. Cute kids and hot af wife.

It looks like you need a babysitter so you and your wife can have some quality time. I can help!

1. never crossed my mind. I'm very attached and attracted to my wife, and I generally only have sexual thoughts about her. Just the way I'm wired I guess. A little obsessive.

Your older daughter's panties are visible because of the light

oh well. perv's gonna perv.

>if your wife died
Then look for a new younger wife and pass the daughter on to a suitor before she is 18. Don't send her to (((college))). Instill proper virtues into her that she is to marry a wealthy older man and do as he says.

Tell the story how they were conceived?

not OP

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Wife has zero tits. What a shame, ruins everything.

back then wife was exceptionally horny, we would have sex 5-6 days a week and she was multi-orgasmic. I'd have a pretty hard dam time figuring out when they were conceived. First was unintentional when her birth control failed. (or so she claims). Very passionate, hard fucking to the point she would generally gush a fluid during O that would completely drench the sheets.

Woow nice catch on the wife. Is she still slutty like this after kids?

How old were you then?

Would smash the one on the left and slit the others' throats

definitely not the same. she used to love and request anal, but she says it hurts too much now. We probably fuck 2 nights a week now, very habitual, but we know each other so well now, I know exactly where she likes it and how. Not as kinky now, more orgasm and emotional closeness tho.

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Yeah thats also what I found. Having kids does take quantity of sex away, but the quality goes up.

How does she like it most nowadays?

on top. she likes to ride, and she likes it when i forcefully thrust my hips up while she pushes down. In that position i can fell the tip of my dick hitting her cervix pretty hard, and it causes a bit of pain which she fines excruciatingly pleasureful. She cums for a solid 20 seconds when I do that now.

You also get a really nice view oh her whole body and face cumming right? I find that really hot. Are there any horny freaky stuff from back then, that she still enjoys?

Have any more pics of her?

Ever caught or suspected her of cheating?

Got nudes of your Daughters

not during. she likes to wrap herself around me very tightly when she climaxes, so sometimes i can't see anything. but sometimes depending on the position i can see her ass over her shoulder gyrating like crazy on my dick. I love that.

Oh I thought she likes to sit traight up and bounce up and down.

Ever found it super hot when she moans right into your ear when she wraps around you? I find that extremly hot and cum almost instantly..

Whats the freakiest thing she likes to do?

I bet the blonde one can hear your wife telling you stories about her boyfriend through the walls with those big ass ears

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Thats hard to say, because she prefers to be dominated in bed so I basically know what turns her on, but I have to initiate. over the last few years she seems to enjoy when i straddle her face and fuck her mouth fairly hard. She grabs my ass and pulls me into her mouth a bit which tells me shes totally into it. Stuff she's not into she is not shy of telling me about.

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That sound like a healty sex life you two have there. Not many woman are clear and not shy to tell what they do / don't like.

Anything else that gets her horny instantly?

kisses on her neck, especially from behind. if she arches toward me and gently pushes against the front of my jeans, I know theres a good likelihood of good sex that night

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Fuck that super hot, pushing back against your crotch.

Does she ever surprises you with something sexy? Maybe when the kids are not home?

Wife is sexy. Oldest is qt.3