I can't help myself, I want to Fuck Gaga so hard. Who's with me?

I can't help myself, I want to Fuck Gaga so hard. Who's with me?

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Too bad she doesn't want to fuck you

Fuck yeah she has one of the best celeb asses

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I love her. More so when she has some meat on her to plump up that ass and fill up those big tits.

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This tbh

I think she's pretty cool. She went from being bullied in high school to being incredibly successful and championing other people who "feel different" or whatever. One of the few women performers I take seriously as a person.
And, yeah, she's hot af.

Maybe a decade ago.

If you make a sex tape with Lady Gaga will you call it Porn This Way?

Ask me how I know you're her PR?

user how are you posting from 10 yrs ago

yea i guess sure whatever i'd hit that milf

She always has a look of a person who has an odor about them.

7 out of 10 kike and that's in full makeup. No fucking thank you.

I want to fuck her so bad

I guess she's too much order

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Cocks out for Gaga

Wear a rubber dude. And for god's sake, don't touch your lips to her body, anywhere.
In fact, cover your whole body in plastic wrap just to be safe.
Then maybe you'd avoid getting one of the 100 STIs this skank has.

Fuck off queer. Don't turn this shit gay

Shut up and stroke

im joining

Even Leonardo Dicaprio knows somethings seriously wrong about her

>someone post the gif

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God love that ass

I would love to eat her sweaty asshole right after a concert.

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some user made her the last fap of the decade and i joined him, felt fitting
god i want to fuck it so bad


Join me now user

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Fuck so sexy

Hard pass.

i am, i want to stuck it her butt so fucking bad right now

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What a body

fuck it’d be so fun to go to town on it while she’s prone

Just pounded her ass

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i hope youre fucking your hand too

Mm of course I am user

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Why her of all celebrities? She isn't INSANELY attractive.

im gonna cum

Edge user

You guys are fucking fags

underage detected

ill go like five more mins for her
honestly on the brink

It’s okay to join user

shes gonna drain me


take it out user
lost it


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I honestly love Lady Gaga's first album.

it’s gay i know
never knew about her solid pair though

It’s okay user

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oh fuck
one more butt please

Let’s cum user

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>She isn't INSANELY attractive.


fuck i spilled a lot for her
thanks a lot user, it was fun

Mmm me too was hot

she wants to fuck everyone. she wants to spread her legs and have the world sucked into the cavernous void she calls her pussy

Because only children don't want to fuck butterface gaga.

maybe you could have her on a steady diet of chili for the week leading up to that concert? that would be fucking awesome

ITT: A bunch of faggots pretending to find a woman sexually attractive

Mmm stds

i would opt for a diet of butter chicken and stewed kidney beans

i smoked weed with her in college. surprise, she's annoying as fuck.

Meh she is too skinny for my tastes, I used to tease a tard who liked her by insisting she was a tranny, using my own trap grade physique to "point out" random ways you could tell.

FYI it's easy to sell drugs to her above market value because she's rich and desperate

no shes jewish


do tell

Genuinely don't want to be attracted to her but she makes me very weak

I'd be down to blow anyone getting hard for her...

Meh. What's the worst that could happen?

I wish she just said fuck it and released the single and video with R Kelly instead of trying to make like it never happened

Whatever you want to I guess lol

>makes me weak
literally only low test numale cumbrains say this shit

Tell more


I just think it's hot to blow guys over celebs and stuff
Nah, I only got kik

one of the more unattractive celebs out there
youd think bc she's tiny and i have a small dick it should fit, but no.

Okay then, what's your kik...


Wanna demonstrate your skills maybe?

mmmm me

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Sure, come on over and I'll show you...

Can't deny I'm interested

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Its just helping you release a pent up load..using any part of me you want hehe

Sounds lewd....but kinda hot also

Of course it'll be hot, nothing like draining a hard cock over such a hottie

Well it is hard already, can't help it with her body and words like that

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I'm sure it'll get even harder feeling a wet mouth covering it...

Oh god this is wrong...but at the same time it feels so good

That's gay. That's called being gay.

All you gotta do is focus on her sexy body and let me do the work for you...


Let me fuck your mouf

Hard to resist...

Sure, just make sure you're rock hard
Its gonna feel natural once I start bobbing in and out...

Oh for Gaga I’m always hard

It is throbbing inside that mouth

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God those tits

Either of you got kik? Would love to go more in detail...

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What’s yours

So sexy


Nope. Can you go on here, I'm leaking precum already

post more gaga anons

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You'd feel me play with your balls while my tongue swirls all around your cock and I start rocking my head over and over till you moan hard

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Fuck I don't even want to resist anymore...feels too good, already starting to feel like...

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Why are celeb threads so full of gaylords?

Perfect mouf to fuck

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yes, you are a gaylord

Oh Gaga

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Feels so good

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This is sorta what my gf's ass looks like and it saddens me a bit, and then I feel guilty for thinking it.

Post gf to compare

Posting pics of a girl doesn't make you any less gay

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you top or bottom user?

I wanna sniff and worship her feet tbh

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Not gay. Imagine that

You're probably a jew too

what are u wearing, closetcase

Oh yeah, the ass is fat. I'm glad she got called a dude. Lot of men are sleeping on her. The demand is driving her crazy and she can publicly be less than mega-attractive unlike some celebrities.

All I'm saying is if the girl ever propositioned me for that ass I would damn near pop a perc, a viagra, drink a couple red bulls, keep some water bottles and snacks on the side, some icy hot and give her the best efforts of fucking I've ever given.

Pussy and ass getting ate.

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nah just you around your family if they even speak to you still

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