Jenna Fischer is amazing

Jenna Fischer is amazing.

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I can get behind this thread.

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Don't give up, OP

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i blew so many loads to this pic back in the day
beautiful feet

nah, shes not

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Same. Amongst many others

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she's just a smelly lump of bacteria filled meat that can talk

Yall niggas keepin this thread alive. Thanks

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I wonder how her pussy looks like

what a fucking hot milf!

I am sure she fucked jimbo in real life

i bet she has a beautiful pussy
nice and pink with small lips
smooth and waxed hmmmm

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she was double teamed by Dwight and Kevin

I'll bet it looks like a 5 gallon bucket

I imagine so.

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She was amazing, 15+ years ago. Now she's just an old perimenopausal roastie.

most 45 year old roasties don't look like this retard

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Im 1000% sure. Look how she was looking at him on set and off.

I like angela more. She is tiny with such a tight ass. WIsh there were nudes

holy fuck yues!

she has weird feet tho

would still burgle

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They're both on the record for saying they had amazing chemistry, regardless of romance. I bet they fucked a time or two which may helped the chemistry for the show.

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here she looks a tad uglier. botox and something plastic. Hope its just the makeup and failed shop

0need more jenna feet

>no socks in tennis shoes

Imagine. The. Smell.

Is Jenna still obsessed about John Krasinski?

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Wwyd to her

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Angela is a close second for me. Can't forget Karen Fillerupeithmypeepee though

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jenna is one of like two people who aren’t for sexual
would cuddle with her circa office season 1

its amazing what money and fame can do for aesthetics. Angela looks better than regina.

She looks like a big girl.

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god ive cranked my hog so many times to jenna. especially in the early seasons when she was much more timid and submissive. you just know you could rip a fat heinous fart in her mouth and she would thank you and ask for more.

Angela has been nude in a movie, cant recall ir rn. Just google it though, you should find it

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best mommy

is she the "girl next door" waifu for guys who don't think they're worth more?

It's true that most 45 year old roasties don't look like that retard. But that doesn't change the fact that she's a 45 year old roastie on a swift decline, retard.



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shit tier fetish

i always had more of a thing for erin. seems like she can give a handy that would make you see god.

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i'd like a handy from jenna tbh

I bet it feels like sand paper.

>Jenna Fischer
Ill take "Who is the homeliest looking chubber in Hollyweird for $100, Alex."

she's a nigger

imagine both of them going full ham on your cock while angela licks your asshole
why's that?

>Jenna Fischer is amazing
not as nearly as some other actresses but I'd like to pull those shorts down and nut in her baby hole

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Lok up "anna blossom" on PH.

Looks quite a bit like Erin.

Literally every single woman with fake tits is shit-tier.

Nice fupa

She isn't white. Good job noticing that, retard.

I thought you were referencing the collegehumor video she did before she was famous. She is about to give a blowjob in the video and says everything wrong about a bad blowjob being sexy. Kind of funny some years ago. She regrets making it now, which is even more hilarious.

Thanks for bumping OP's thread

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lmao i remember that video now. didn't realize that was her

That makes what you said even better, lol. Nice.

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nah she looked more like a man than a woman. No skirts nothing.

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Do you think Jenna ever gave Big Tuna her own tuna in real life?

To each their own.


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Oh sure, but because John's relationship with Emily he's had to deny a lot. It's almost like a Harrison Ford- Carrie Fisher deal from Star Wars
She's divine

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I wonder if Jenna ever showed up on set with the smell of Big Tuna's jizz on her breath. Or maybe you could smell Jenna's asshole on Big Tuna's breath.

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>come into the thread expecting the funny/sad images of jenna obsessing over john krasinski
>nothing of the sorts
>not even the photoshopped images of her with a gun
This thread sucks donkey dick. I'm going back to Cred Forums

Y'all aleeping on cathy

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She's so fucking amazing

i would pay to give her boob a handshake

cathy was a cunt, but i wouldn't have minded seeing jim go raw in nellie while he further cucked toby

Any fantasies/Wwyd to Jenna?

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i would want to take a picture with her then realize i don't have a camera with me then proceed to loudly ask the entire office if anyone has a camera

I'd touch her leg and fuck off to Costa Rica

>being mad about what part of the body someone is attracted to
Okay closetfag.

i would paint a butt on her mural in the warehouse

Later dude.

Dwight, you ignorant slut!


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Why is she so perfect user

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I would want to pay for a meet up in a hotel room and watch her take her bra off during a striptease and lap dance, preferably with lace stockings on too. Once the dance is over she'd hand me her bra and watch and encourage me as I used it to jerk off. After I cum in it she'd put it back on, compose herself, and we'd go down to the hotel bar for drinks then we'd share a plate of bananas fosters.

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Nobody knows, friend

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Just Pam and her Pam Pams

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Sounds good user

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those things are ticking time bags

ummmm what is this from?

"Wahhhh Wahhhhhhhhh" - Kevin

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Not sure. Something I saved from a thread a while back.

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not gonna lie kevin was onto something there. jenna's milk would be a hot commodity if she ever auctioned it off.

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what boomers think is sexy.jpg

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not a fetish
is normal

your love of BBC is a fetish tho

I couldn't do it, but I bet many many people would. Kevin is a smart man.

What retarded faggots say regardless of age.

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It is sexy but ok

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art school ain't cheap, but hookin' sure is easy

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>how Pam earned money in New York

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Nah that was her fat nerdy sugar daddy.

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In love with her. Such a perfect person, cute voice too

omg it actually looks like she's saying "art school ain't cheap"

No it doesn't.

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mad. you took the bait.

does it piss anyone else off that will ferrell of all people got paid to grab a handful of pam's pam pams? he's such a fucked off douchebag

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I'm absolutely seething, lol.

Nah, he's cool.

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>nah, he's cool

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I don't mind him. It's whatever.

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i mind him almost as much as i mind jim carrey

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Big fan of Jim Carrey?

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if i had a gun with 2 bullets and i'm in a room with hitler, bin laden, and jim carrey, i would shoot jim carrey twice

What do you like about Jenna then

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Slightly above average chick people overrate because she's on their favorite manchild show.

Forgettttt-ah-bout it. He's in the Finger Lakes.

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She's hot and appears to be very sweet/approachable.

Degrade us, Daddy.

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Someone has to have her leaks by now.

This, if there's no actual nudity in them as has been reported there should be no reason to keep them locked up

Sadly, although nudes of every woman circa 2020 exist, if she hasn't been found in the cloud by now, she likely won't be.


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her boobies

Well, she's waiting.

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who doesn't have weird feet


Actual leak from the set? I've never seen this one before...

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Nah, I believe it's from her instagram.

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Well makes sense. Hitler and laden are already ded

I never like this view of her face. Chin and cheeks look weird.

She has chipmunk cheeks. I'm for 'em. I can see why others wouldn't be.

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I already knew The Office in 2011, now everyone thinks they belong..

What does this even mean

oh yeah...those jowls look just like my grandma's

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Not today, Goldenface.

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He's trying really hard to say "I knew The Office before it was cool" without sounding like an absolute retard. Fucked it up real bad.

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They aren't part of the real fans, we been watching for years. Now everyone thinks they get the jokes.

Your gramgram must be super fuckable.

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Thought so haha

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Now this is a quality threar man!

i'm watching the office on comedy central right now and beating the fuck out of my cock every time pam comes on screen. it's that episode where michael gets lost in the city and pam and dwight and holly go looking for him. pam's about to get this sour spunk

She actually didnt. They have talked about it alot actually. He wanted tk and she wanted to be friends so thats how they stayed.

you know this bitch is rabid liberal anti-trump right? she hates at least half you people. ahahahaha

I think OP left long ago. It's been mostly been me for an hour now, responding to people that hadn't posted pictures. Boring day.

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What they say and what they do may be very different things.

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try posting an attractive woman instead

Politics are for people not masturbating to pictures of an actress that played a popular character on a finished TV show. No one here cares, friend.

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Feel free to keep bumping the thread, friend.

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Best part of this movie is this scene. Whe she asks he he wants a bj or to jerk off on her tits

I'm OP. I've just been posting pics. Wasn't expecting the thread to last this long haha

Been good to boost my Jenna collection though

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which movie?

Glad I could help. Still going strong.

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Good reference

Browsed every pic in this thread. Meh. I see nothing special about this bitch.


Attached: Hcxpremiere-07.jpg (817x1222, 255K)

Yeah thanks for the contribution. I started this thread with the thought it'd die in an hour. Glad I met another few Jenna admirers

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>oh user-kun, is that a stapler in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Attached: jenna_fischer_as_pam_the_office_190801_g5ka5s8fs4.jpg (900x1600, 112K)

That's Andy-san to you, nigger. That ain't no stapler either, boy. THat's A BIG FAT LOG OF SHIT
[start succin]

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Been a Pam fan for over a decade. Love that she is still a fan favorite

Attached: 5ad0cd046a5a9.image.jpg (1200x800, 58K)

Yeah same. She's got this innocent sweet side to her too

Attached: 40675115184_82e35f48bc.jpg (454x500, 59K)

imagine how many potential children she's digested

Oh boy, hmm just imagine.

Would love to add mine to that

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my girlfriend in high school grew up to look just like jenna but with a bit longer hair. makes me sad i didn't stick with that, especially since she loved anal

The innocent sweet side is 90% of her personality. Love it.

Gotta be nearly infinite.

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I'd love to blow a load on her face

Attached: Jenna-Fischer-looks-happy.jpg (600x450, 30K)

I think 3/4 of this thread is in total agreement.

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when you do can i clean her up?

Even Angela, man
Go for it

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Love this pic of yours. She looks perfect

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There's a video of her on a talk show called "Craig Ferguson", where Angela is in her prime and she's wearing roller skates and booty shorts. She looks unbelievable. I'll link it:

What a sexy little bitch.

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>pam working the dickhead
>angela handling the balls
>erin sitting on your face
>meredith eating your ass

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Attached: 2e9ba5a621cca8937004d4afc1259078.jpg (920x1380, 248K)

There yago

She is perfect user

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Attached: Fjsatus-at.jpg (817x1222, 178K)

Attached: Jenna-Fischer-Feet-1415266.jpg (1440x900, 70K)

Attached: Jenna-Fischer-Feet-3676666.jpg (1920x1080, 230K)

You could 't be more correct if you tried.

Attached: FxzgT1J.jpg (396x594, 62K)

he even calls her erin right at the beginning

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Attached: Jenna-Fischer-Feet-4257238.jpg (1920x1080, 246K)

sniff sniff

Attached: Jenna-Fischer-Feet-4257247.jpg (1920x1080, 216K)

anybody else get the feeling she loves a good facefuck that puts her in her place?

She's the girl you can fuck hardcore but still spoon and cuddle cause she'll enjoy it

Attached: Jenna-Fischer-Feet-4302955.jpg (784x940, 190K)

Not really. That's out of character for just about everyone she plays and would ruin the fantasy. For me anyway.

Attached: Fz9a2cca83.png (982x1230, 1M)

Attached: tenor (3).gif (244x164, 1.35M)

Maybe, but she'll never admit it

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In case you’re just joining us, this an a “The Office” porn fan fiction thread.

I've actually had The Office on in the background today

On Comedy Central? I was going to put it on but I’ve seen every episode like 500 times

Why not Netflix? No adds.

Forget to highlight someone, retard? Or are you just here to point out the obvious, Mr. Retard?

Attached: 9pbmh5sx4o021.jpg (512x640, 80K)

Nah. Amazon Prime Video. Just background noise whilst I do other things really, like sketch and shit.

Just finished Jack Ryan S2 so it's good to go back to John's roots here haha


same. on cc they're on michael's last dundees and i hate the episodes with will ferrell but at least i can look at pam and imagine how she would administrate my office

If she looked at me with that face and told me to lie down on the floor because she's going to bust my balls until they burst I'd still say yes.

It started out as a Jenna Fischer thread.
And also, I’m not retarded, you are.

do you think she's a squeezer or a kicker?

I'm still on season 5. Moroccan Christmas. No ads and credits to worry about.
Same tbh
Oh well. I'm OP and very happy with how this thread turned out. Massive crush on Jenna tbh

Attached: Jenna-Fischer-sexy-leg.jpg (534x783, 65K)

Tata, retard.

Attached: wp2500367.jpg (1920x1080, 503K)

Definitely kicker or stomper, all while laughing in her cute voice and calling you her plaything.

I especially like that there are so many pics of her feet. Absolutely top tier

Great thread OP, Jenna is 10/10 without a doubt.

He didn't follow proto.

Attached: 7587BE3.gif (220x264, 1.77M)

I usually catch at least an episode a day if i'm not constantly having on as background noise. It's becoming a beloved white noise for me anymore. I just go to season 6 and halfway through, I watch the last episode and start over. The search for a boss and Andy are my least favorite arcs. If that era of the show is on, i'm cleaning house or doing my online classes.

Attached: jenna-fischer-23.jpeg.jpg (1080x1080, 211K)

feathering it brother

A definitive favorite gif.

Attached: 56c7cde5508bcee9ea83c6b13.jpg (312x468, 33K)

>ywn be on a walk with Jenna and have her tell you right after that lick, oh you want a taste user ?

Not a feet person but to each their own. You can worship her feet whilst I work on her face user
She really is.
Best gif
I like Robert California, but Nellie is so damn annoying. It's weaker sure but still better than most.

Attached: s-l400.jpg (315x400, 22K)

Attached: 20140718085862.jpg (800x1184, 447K)

big agree. the boss search and andy's management is an easy one to tune out. there's still a few good moments but nowhere near as rapid fire funny as they were in season 1-5. i was glad they started ramping it back up at the end of season 9 though

Attached: Jenna-Fischer-Feet-4400151.jpg (1080x1350, 434K)

Attached: 20140718085859.jpg (533x800, 64K)

Attached: 20140718085860.jpg (681x936, 228K)

Attached: 20140718085856.jpg (533x800, 55K)

Imagine her coming home in a bad mood with these on.
>Today is going to be a little rough, hope you're ready...

Attached: Jenna-Fischer-Feet-4416905.jpg (2048x1485, 1.21M)

Attached: 20140718085858.jpg (620x465, 47K)

A.A.R.M and Finale are two of the strongest episodes of the show, sadly they're the last two

Attached: 20140718085857.jpg (620x936, 107K)

Attached: 20140718085861.jpg (851x964, 577K)

Attached: Fischer (12).jpg (600x900, 151K)

Attached: Jenna-Fischer-Feet-3295708.jpg (750x893, 174K)

Attached: Fischer (35).jpg (1190x791, 149K)

Attached: Dbdd91c.jpg (1200x1600, 253K)

Attached: Fischer (34).jpg (1024x682, 344K)

>why don't you have a seat, user? i think there's a few things we need to discuss before i decide if HR needs to get involved.

Attached: 3196b77b982463775390f074d9052c49.jpg (630x840, 105K)

Guys I think these nudes are all fakes

this is now my new mantra to tell myself over and over again when I'm doing nofap

>hot or not

Guys I think these nudes are all fakes

Imagine the smell

Attached: Fischer (14).jpg (535x800, 71K)

no matter how many times i watch it, finale never fails to leave me feeling wholesome and satisfied

Destroyed by shitting out a kid, duh retard

Attached: Fischer (15).jpg (434x602, 60K)

Attached: Fischer (20).jpg (807x936, 262K)

NOT hot

Attached: Fischer (16).jpg (1440x960, 170K)

That's actually pretty fucking unimpressive for a millionaire celebrity. She's like a Scranton 3 these days

Attached: BvHY0v.jpg (701x1024, 124K)

Attached: Fischer (37).jpg (1600x999, 906K)

Creed's All The Faces is a brilliant way to end. I wasn't a fan of the new customer service peeps

Attached: Fischer (42).jpg (1010x781, 548K)

Let others post some pics user

Attached: Fischer (30).jpg (688x1050, 542K)

that scene where pam is pregnant and sensitive to smells and she pukes when dwight opens up his hard boiled eggs turns me on so fucking much

Attached: u0qwt0L.gif (320x181, 1.23M)

Attached: Fischer (1).jpg (1172x800, 602K)

So.. new thread?


Attached: http___o.aolcdn.com_hss_storage_midas_feb013a3df589864d9c307cad0ef5709_203321978_Jenna_Edits+%2815%2 (1028x675, 94K)

Yo fuckin ew lmao

Honestly bro, i've been on here posting pics all afternoon. They're hard to find in high enough res and differentiation. Posted about 75 in this thread. But it took all damn day, lol. I'm out.

wow i did it
i just blew my first jenna load

Cheers anyway

Wouldn't mind her sitting on my face

Sorry she wasn't born with a feminine penis zoomer

If anyone wants to make a new thread I'll happily chat about her

was a good run bros. i'm off to pick up some booze and stuff for meatloaf. looking forward to jerking for jenna together in future threads.

Cheers user

Why does her elbow look like a fetus's face

Lol, I would have never noticed that.

Some user claimed to have fucked the girl who played Erin before she was famous. Said he met her through his friend who was her agent, and she was a stuckup sorority type.

Bye anons