Why are Asian girls so brain dead?

Why are Asian girls so brain dead?

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How do you mean?

They see a white dick and spread their legs wide.

They just want to breed with the superior race. it's only natural.

Love is love,dude. So what if she loves a white guy?

Yellow fever is is less rampant than white fever.

Why did liberals ruin Asian women?

Please elaborate and post more!

The asian women I've been with weren't in love. They just wanted to fuck.

why do trump supporters think liberals are so bad even though they voted for a guy who's been one most of his life

I think they are just saying that.

So you've never just felt horny around a friend and fucked for the hell of it?

I only fuck girls i have romantic feelings for. I am not some kind of psychopath.

Bro, flings and fwb don't make a psychopath.

Asian girls? You obviously haven''t talked to any NIGGER bitches lately.

Yeah they do. It is a total disconnection of body and "soul" and it is dehumanizing.

Nigger bitches being brainless is a given. OP is asking why asian women are brainless.


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Either this guy is close minded or can't accept that non-romantic and consensual sexual encounters exist.

Oh i know they exist. Doesnt mean i have to have respect for the girls and guys who do that shit.

Wizard detected

Stop arguing and just post what you think Asians are good for. Pic related

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Actually i had plenty in highschool,but sure anyone who thinks saving yourself for someone you love is an incel or whatever buzzword your roastie handler has you say. News flash: stacy won't get anywhere near your dick. She wont even bother laughing at it.

>t. virgin
When you finally have sex you'll realize it's not that big a deal and can be fun with friends.

You havs been socially conditioned to feel this way.

Because she's too busy laughing at yours? Get some reality and some confidence buddy

>coming from a cuck who can't get an asian girl

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Actually it's the other way around. You've been socially conditioned to believe people shouldn't have sex. The most common source of this is religion.


I never said you shouldn't have sex you intellectualy dishonest rat. I said you should have sex with people you love. Nice try though.

You knew what I meant, dumbass.

Here's some asian titties for you
Go ahead, reverse image ;p

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Uh no i didnt. You are putting words in my mouth. So fuck you. I am not trying to say "oh you shouldn't have sex. " i am saying "you shouldnt have sex with just anybody".

Subpar and not worth the energy. I will show you real tits.

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You life must be like those titties, saggy and always disappointing

Because of kpop yellow fever is everywhere

Can't handle a natural woman? I am so sorry for your loss. Back to your kpoop idols you scum.

I usually talk to the women first before I plant my American flag into their moon landing. There are some you don't even want to bring back to a hotel room for fear of your own life.

this milf loves taking pics of herself
can only imagine what's on her phone

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Bruh you stupid. If you really think liking asian women is because of some singing and dancing fools then you need to go get a breath of fresh air away from the computer. Seriously.

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Asians are hot not the dark ones

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>I am not trying to say "oh you shouldn't have sex. " i am saying "you shouldnt have sex with just anybody".
This statement here proves that you knew what I meant....If your goal was to look stupid, you succeeded.

You dumb fuck I was talking about asian men

hahaaha its the BEST! I've been banging a viet girl for about a year. She lets me do anything I want and shes in a uber within like 3 hours. A+ !

>you are socially conditioned to think people shouldnt have sex
>you are trying to control who people have sex with because you think they shouldnt have sex

You didnt say anything about gender.

Those are fine. Once you see a pair of tube sock titties, you tend to lower your standards and not even care if they're real or fake.

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Depends. Some of the horniest Asians I met were dark. And that takes into account how horny Asians can get.

All women are brainless, wtf are you talking about.

My korean gf is in med school. What do you do with your life user?

Bang some korean slut while she tells her bf she's in med school

unironically this lmao

Is it just me, or are korean women on average hotter than the rest of asian women?

What's your excuse?

She a woman and knows what she's talking about.

Indeed, when I had sex I realized that it wasn't a big deal and can be fun with friends. However, my mind changed when I had sex with a woman I was in love with. Sex with love is much different from sex without it. Once you've had it you realize sex is indeed a really big deal, and non romantic sex becomes shallow and awkward.

The guy you are replying to was probably baiting, but he's right in my experience. Casual sex doesn't make you understand sex, it actually has the contrary effect.

Through the generations they have been overrun, they have been slowly trained to submit to their masters. Nukes that fucked up their DNA permanently. Fighting while watching their families get killed.
Fast forward to present day. Now you're left with a race of people thar are happy living in inhumane conditions. Thrilled when they find a spider or a snake to eat for dinner.
Anything is better than that life. Female asian comes to America, meets a 3/10 Charlie. She will submit to everything she's told. She knows no better. "This feels better than eating bugs" her radioactive DNA tells her.
It seems stupid to those on the outside, but this is the life of a present day asian.

What's the difference between a wife and a job? The job never stops sucking.

Kek nice copypasta

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The sex trade might do that, but regular asians coming to america will eventually be able to tell the difference between white people and only hit up chads that can't tell the difference between 3/10 and 10/10 asians.

Ehhhh not really. Every Asian girl is different. I am a white dude currently dating a Chinese girl, but me being white wasn't something that really hooked her. She had been on several dates with Asian guys in the past she just liked me more for my personality.

All of her friends also date Asian guys as well. The most "white fever" thing I hear from them is apparently they all ask her what having sex with a white guy feels like.

They aren't gonna hop ship and fuck me because I am white, but they are obviously curious because they hear rumours that we have bigger dicks than Asian dudes.

>they all ask her what having sex with a white guy feels like
Tell her to say "ribbed for her pleasure" next time.

What do you think social conditioning is?

Sex with someone you have feelings for is different but it doesn't invalidate having sex with people you're not.

That's not how it is. I'm not white at all and I'm with a Filipina. The ones notorious for "white worship" and she doesn't like white guys at all.

I'm not white and my girl is a filipina. The ones notorious for "white worship". She doesn't even like white guys.

>picture not girlfriend

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