New Celeb Thread

New Celeb Thread

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How much must I coom before I am satisfied?

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i fucking hate carly jebson

I fucking hate myself.

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we all do, user. derpsen keeps derping anyway.

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I really love Katy Perry.

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give me all your coom

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Same user same

kek, user do some situps
well fuck my ass and call me a bitch

I've been to two of her concerts.

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Damn lucky

you're a huge bore

found this is another thread

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this but unironically

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shoulda left it there

im not here to entertain you

okay you're just being a fatass on purpose arent you fat tits?

Aye, I posted that in the Jenna Fischer thread. Glad you like my taste, you smart nigger.

Yeah, I really hope she goes on tour again.

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great dicks think alike?

More slutty concert outfits

think we got a wise guy in here with us

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Mediocre dicks, probably. But alike regardless.

That, and her shows are just so much fun.

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correct, no one finds cancer entertaining

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in my mouth

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I put my pp in db

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Show her ass

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totally forgot about db

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I was gone and I'm back already. :P

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i've got a huge fantasy of fucking her in front of her kids

>skinny as hell
>overly tan
>absolutley disgusting

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You first

Sally Draper

ew hersheys syrup is gross nigger tier chocolate sauce

JJ nudes now please.

jj is nigger tier girl

Why does his penis look like Jonah Hex?

don't cry

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kindly leave

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I want to fuck Kiki.

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youll never catch me slow ass nigga

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stop it

would rip the dress off and tear into her with my dick

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cum would make that smile even prettier

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wow emma
its pics like this that pull me back in

cock-kissing position

threads 25 minutes old and still no jj tush why's that allowed?

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he protecc

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must be lonely at the top huh corly

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Do you find being blackmailed hot?

my unhinged conspiracy theory is that melissa-villasenor-guy was an attempt by bd to diversify his spamming and deflect some of the criticism from his primary persona (which he is most comfortable posting as), but then when people got used to it and stopped caring he create another persona for the same purpose, corly. but then the problem is some people became friendly with corly so it no longer satisfied the same urge as his spam posting, which is why he's back at it now. we all know that stutterbro and ariposter are him as well, but those are also separate from his need to spam.

its lonely at the bottom too :--/

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At the top of what

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elaborate plz

whoops! my mistake

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get out more

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i kept her hand warm :3

curves...oh mama

dont let it happen again

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bd you're slippin up m8


surprised nobody posts this cutie

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How much do I owe you? :3


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yes sir!

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have any preggo pics of her?

nice pits

hey, I was the one that said I'd hold her hand for him, not you
It's my hand to hold :(

about tree fiddy

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Cute butt, needs kissing

Literally imagine the smell, I don't imagine they bathed a lot back then. You could coom just from her musk.

I just got back from the store I ain't got no tree fiddy. :

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no but you should google some and post them

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I could coom just from feeling the baby kick.

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ill let you get this one on the house

>red marks on her knees
pp strong

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i want to give her a cummy tummy so bad

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needs munching

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thank you!

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Pam and her pam pams

thats hot..

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I won't stop until I fuck Kiki.


needs a firm and assertive spanking

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my crush

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maybe shes never heard of pillows

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here Cred Forumsro

hnng, you're on a roll today Cred Forums

jiggle that ass

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maybe she likes it rough
maybe she needs some sticky white lotion to soothe that injury

I love when Mackenzie barely wears anything and walks around the house...

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not db

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all the lotions gotta get expensive.

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mummy cummy tummy

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She knows exactly what she's doing, making our cocks hard

maybe one pillow wasn't enough

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You don't know me well then...
Her tush when she reaches for the cornflakes on the kitchen shelf...

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rookie mistake, she must have just been to excited it slipped her mind

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Or freshly out of the shower leaving wet foot prints all over the floor

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do better beedrill

i wanna see her when shes pulling herself out of the pool and her ass is wet

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absolute qt

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doesn't this guy sing moist bombus

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nobody ITT even knows who that guy in the middle is

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I'd do anything to be enslaved by JLo...

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He's a creeper is what he is.

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hes the guy who does the rituals to power their works

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What's wrong with those words? Kenzie has a tush. Ryry an ass. And soles... such sexy soles...

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Dakota is looking BIG YUCK in that pic

Haiz sings but I've never listened to her music

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damn thats exactly what i was thinking of, i didn't remember seeing this lol

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Margaret Qualley looks like she had a bad vaccine but overcame it. She is still cute tho.

Oh wait, it's a BD pretends to be DB day. - __ -"

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Jordyn Kaylee Marie Jones has a nice butt

to be fair Dakota always looks pretty yuck

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fuck off bd and let dadfu in peace

She looks like a molested hillbilly daughter

Yeah but in a good way

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big if true

Love her

I just wanted to share my daily experiences with my daughters...

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fuck off dadfu and let bd in peace

Basically what I was getting at.

lmao that is hilarious

all she should wear is a hot load on her pale face

if she really has 2 middle names and one of them is Kaylee, that makes her the whitest person in existence

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>me when i find out who made her cry

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Only if I see it live when her bf does that...

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ill let her milk me for free

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Attached: 1578878653060.jpg (780x1210, 556K)

you're going to be the one stroking it out

Attached: Freya-Allan-Feet-4735389.jpg (2608x3333, 1.66M)

Kenzie doesn't know I watch them...

Attached: 2019-10-24 04.17.27 2161437470931382686_1565119615.jpg (900x1121, 158K)

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no more sad!

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her moles drop her down to a 2/10 for me

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You know one day she'll catch you... and when that happens you'll have to do everything she says.

She does, and it is

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No interest ?

I don't know. Kenzie is such a shy girl...
They only do missionary in the first place..

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What a shock it would be when she catches you. So shy and innocent... but now she has you to try out all her secret fantasies on. You better get to stroking him, you don't want her to tell everyone do you?

I'll take more Taylor legs if you have.

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he's gonna get ignored and spam again

then bite the bullet and respond

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shell let u watch while she lets me do it

He should catch a bullet

I don't have what he is asking for

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A real shock...
She wouldn't tell on her dad, would she?
What fantasies.?

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I usually just google

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shyness adds cuteness when i dominate her


Good thinking on her part showing one leg at a time, wouldn't want our brains to explode. :#]

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surprisingly I don't bend to his every whim

based bindi poster

To be complete control over a slave. Do you really want to call her bluff? She could ruin your life. You are going to have to service her however she says... you can still watch but now you'll have to clean up after them.

those perfect feet

Attached: 8a5dcd3780964.jpg (4288x2848, 1.41M)


lol it takes 30 seconds and stops the spam, easily worth it.

She always had full control over me...
And I also always cleaned up after them...

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fuck you i'm not based eat my ass

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Attached: 168_1000.jpg (738x733, 49K)

stfu bd

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>easily worth it.


you don't reward bad behavior, that only encourages it

if you say so, I choose 30 seconds of a google over looking at cocks. if you prefer the cocks, hey I'm not judging.

no shit, but he isn't going to stop. sorry if you're new but he's been at it for years.

manipulating fuckwit

>no shit, but he isn't going to stop. sorry if you're new but he's been at it for years.
fuck off bd

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I'm not new. I just don't give bd what he wants, he can go fuck himself.

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Attached: IMG_4367.jpg (540x589, 69K)

Attached: IMG_4368.jpg (540x750, 92K)

then enjoy your cocks

Attached: IMG_4369.jpg (540x520, 52K)

Living rent free in the mmm posters heads.

Attached: 2334892786202645.jpg (4602x4603, 1M)

Attached: IMG_4370.jpg (540x750, 70K)

So why give him what he wants? Makes no difference


If he isnt going to stop then fuck him. he will spam just because he's in a bad enough mood. doing what he wants won't get him to stop, so ignore him anyway.

Nu - Fuck off

keep crying db

Im not db


yeah shitting on a community for years will do that. we all want you dead

Says the biggest coom poster to ever disgrace these threads
>mmmmm FUK suck me off corly

damn so that's why you're so jelly lmao

Cope with the truth faggot

also this

Probably not the point of the movie, but she was so amazingly hot in it. Lucky guy getting her to do that