Rekt. Lets do it

Rekt. Lets do it.

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This is now a
Hate /thread

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Fucking dumb apes those little monkeys are like 12 years old

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Not all black people steal, rape and murder you retard.

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Post more rekt webms, this thread sucks

13% of the population commits 50% of the murders.

But they add so much else to society I guess it's worth it.

>Niggers don't do nigger things
Did your bull tell you that kike?

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Yeah but for such a small percentage of the population, they make up a massive amount of those crimes. Or is math racist now too?

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Wow you're right let's hate and kill all black people then yeah makes sense.

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818881413 i wouldve used the ehole msg too. That must be so fuvkin stressful to go through

the guy to the right is pretending to be dead

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So that's child porn you say? Enjoy prison

>Kill niggers
Now you understand young Padawan

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I didn't post it dumb nigger but yea looks like chimplits to me

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Cred Forums you disappoint me you niggers

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I'm running out of nigger hate and I'm holding this whole thread up by myself where are you
>Cred Forums?

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Fucking die already

No you are not.

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bro wtf he fucking emptied that clip

Out of 28 images I posted 19 what are you smoking

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look again, there's a liquid coming out of his face. there shouldn't be liquid coming out of a living persons face.

this is sad ;( my mans just out here tryna make a buck

noway the one on the right is ded

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you wouldn't have? Fucking pussy.

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Kill me yourself nigger

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aw fuck it saved as jpg

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good post, dumbfuck

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niggers sleeping on the job!

It's ok we've all seen the nerve gas meme

Haha what?

why didnt they just pour water on him wtf

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lol, homicide

I just want to say that racial "muh black people are criminals its in their DNA" stuff is based on late 1700 science and that poverty and strain theory provide a better prospect for future criminals even without racial bias included

Most of you Cred Forumstards are literally 300 years behind on modern criminology
and even if it was a genetic element, asians would be the superior race as they have the highest avg incomes and least crimes committed

But I can understand why some of you hate blacks, I would too if I had to live with them

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nerve gas is lighter than water
pouring water on some one affected by nerve gas will cause the even more of gas to raise to the victim's mouth and nose

what the fuck
kek now ive seen everything

>Be me
>B a shovel
>Sees Doge

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I like how they always gang up on a nerdy white guy. Gotta find someone that wont fight back

this thread better be poppin by the time i get back

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Is this the new Lizzo music video?

>I wanna beat muh dik to rekt but don't wanna use any effort
Then contribute nigger or gtfo

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Oh I forgot and cheap shots. It's always a suckerpunch or this gay ass flying kick.

>Niggers aren't criminals
Says the fucking faggot pedo GTFO nigger

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just look at the boomer ladies in the audience

this roastie is 19 Achmed

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Damn did they are dead

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There's a bunch of blood coming out of his nose. He's dead for sure.

whats her name?


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chanel fenn


And she looks 14, doesn't make it any less creepy that you like her

underage b&

maybe it was small caliber

>Bu- bUh iTs LeGaL
Just because she legal doesn't make you less of a pedo for liking child players with flat chests

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whatever you say granny fucker
please leave some used up sagging 40 year olds for the rest of us

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ugly pussy. pedo or not, you got bad taste

a good 70% of all women have an ugly as fuck meat curtain
makes you think what the fuck were our ancestors thinking?
this shit shouldve been bred out by now

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Kinda Reminds me of Russian Monroe. But before she had her tits done

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ITT: 3 cuck incels post their fap material

sees a dindu approach, puts hand on gun


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Since the thread's derailed anyway

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GTFO pedo coomer go coooom somewhere else

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what a stupid fucking nigger, server him right

Some good old fap stuff

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saunce on wtf is going on here?

Im gonna coom in this thread and there is literally nothing you can do about it fag

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>it was a tranny
Of fucking course.
Spell it out with me folks:
______ _______

by the way can anyone tell me why this slut hasnt been hacked and had her nudes leaked yet?
Ive looked everywhere

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so hypothetically, she's supposed to go on in life without having relationships, or sex because she (to you) looks 14. because men should go on the pretext that eww she looks 14. you sir are a fucking beta fag

Her eyes though...I mean if she has a nice personality I could do that

obviously fucking fake as fuck. dude empties his gun into him and there is literally not a drop of blood. this is just some stupid cracker's fantasy.

Looks like a boy, you fag!

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Metro PCS robber in Philly. Walked in, threw a small back on the counter and pulled out a gun. Apparently he was like put the money in the back or something. The employee saw he pulled the gun and unloaded on him. No murder charges and the NRA started to use the video in a social media fap campaign.

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kill yourself

That floor looks like a barber shop. Someone should tell this genius you're supposed to cut the HAIR not his neck hahaha oh brother

Not everyone can have the perfect looking pussy like Emily bloom

Doesn't it speak for itself?
>fuck whitey
>let's strip and beat one in the street
>make sure it's 10 on 1 so he can't win

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Thanks. Also I found it based on your deets (specifically philly).

Hrmm, sounds like a justified shooting. Though a bit over zealous. But I get the no murder charges, that shit wasn't pre-meditated or anything.

Shame mother fuckers gotta resort to this shit though.

Kill me yourself

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Can we have more niggers getting shot and killed in justice? Or just justice in general? All these nigger attack videos are really making me wanna see some niggers die.

i got trips so

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yeah i know, but if you obsess about a cunt you'll never touch in reallife you should choose a nice cunt imo

>you wouldn't have? Fucking pussy.
It's called "discipline", and is practiced by anyone who ISN'T a fucking pussy.

Nice trips faggot

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kill yourself

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imagine the smell

She obviously wants to look young, much younger than what she really is, to attract pedophiles like you; she has daddy issues and you're paraphilic

what's that white stuff running out of Right Guy's nose tho?

Kill me yourself nigger

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>granny fucker
Literally all pedos lame response

kys phoneposter

Niggas gonna nig.

You could see the impact of the bullet hitting him...

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More like Hebephile or ephebophile?

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Only pedo apologists care about that difference.

Niggers gonna nigg

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A cop would have too. Dead nigger cant be a threat.

fuck off with your racist bullshit


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>Found the nigger
I'm sorry did I hurts your feelings?

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self defense*
The nigger had a gun

A dindu WITH A GUN CLEARLY IN HIS HAND. You wouldn't reach for yours too?

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First rekt thread where I see a nigger nigging out that I'm happy to see,the cunt looks like feminist trash and deserves it.


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It's a guy.

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wtf this shit looks older than the original

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nah. youre a fuckin idiot. if you look at the timer he gets shot the first time at 05 seconds. The video ends at 22 seconds. that's 17 seconds. in the course of that time he was shot 15-16 times. so after having been shot 15-16 times and over the course of 17 seconds not there was no blood visible. not even pooling on his clothing. how long does it take you to start bleeding when you cut yourself with a knife?

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>emptying a clip on an incapacitated person
>self defense
choose one

Lol Capetown.

Found the nigger

headshot! nigga rekt! you just contributed to cleaning your neighborhood of drug traffiking, loud rap music, insecurity and general niggerness, I would like to congratulate you but you left one nigger alive, that is so bad, he is going to return to get revenge for killing his nigga, I suggest getting in contact with your closest KKK local and explain your situation, they should be very understanding and assist you in your next nigger hunting, good luck

>emptying a clip on someone who pulls a loaded gun on you
self defense

Mag dumps with pistols are standard. Albeit, one shot IS all it takes, some times you dont have the time to line it up, so you saturate the target.

Oh piss off.

>Alabama classified as superior humans
Fucking kek

did she ever do porn?

Only the masturbation stuff. Never got fucked on camera

god she was pathetic.

Neither black nor mad; you however are and forever will be a twat.

That got me.

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Hey guys
I know one of you has the picture of Bianca Devins with her throat cut
Can you help a bro out for a sec?

>buh but iT dOeSnT lOoK LikE tHe mOoViEes
Fucking soyboy you don't know how guns work it takes time for the chest cavity to fill up with blood

Attached: 1578648113740s.jpg (118x125, 3K)

Nope, she used the money she earned from this gurning shit to get a boob job then only went nude for premium sets

Not sure if this counts.

Attached: decap.webm (266x480, 1.83M)

>Doesn't understand that ethnic groups disparaging each other and peacefully jockeying for superiority is humanity's natural equilibrium

Panicky twat.

Attached: anton.jpg (564x384, 34K)

A small lesbian scene otherwise no

Attached: 6003b080fc78a84db9efad3813ae7b7b.gif (700x394, 902K)

everything after the 3rd shot is beyond self-defense and is hopefully automatic 2nd degree murder

Lol kid got straight up. I bet that black kid shit his pants.

Found the fat nerd incel where nothing is good enough

Not Bianca devins but hey i dont need it anymore
Thanks for helping user

why? he deserved the full mag

Literally just google it you moron, phone clerk guy was not charged of anything. Case dismissed, you autistic retard.


Attached: 1578420363754.png (970x854, 949K)

Nerve gas?

Not that I explicitly disagree with your premise, but people aren't things.

Imagine being this fucking stupid.

Justice boner
More like this

>Ducks when danger is present
>Once danger is gone, immediately leaves the room to vomit
Lmao women.

The rest of the Active Self Protection channel is gold too. Biggest take-away? Stay the fuck out of Brazil.

I don't see any ducks.

doesn't matter. the assailant is already incapacitated on the floor. shooting someone who's on the floor is a deliberate act of violence with malice. it's not an act of defense, but an act of aggression, aka murder

she could have been a big star

Your missing the fucking point retard

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let s keep it going anons

Attached: 1573457314043.webm (506x376, 1.9M)

I need an update on this. Both on kid and the abuser.

Attached: stop_and_drop.webm (375x375, 1.84M)

that's because no ducks were given

NiggerREKT is best Rekt.

I'm not missing the point at all.
As hypothetically beneficial as eliminating the problem you're talking about would no doubt be, killing or deporting a bunch of people of the same skin color is a pragmatic impossibility, because almost everyone agrees that people aren't things you can just get rid of.

I bet if it was a black killing a cop your post would look more like

that guy's too fat to preach self-defense. period. I'm big into 2A, self defense. if you're a sitting target like that fatass in the red shirt, you frankly deserve all that's coming to you.

stop being fat amurica!

Please die.

Nigger niggering, law abiding conceal carry permit holder goodifies said nigger. Democrats lose their minds.

Still votes.

why waste taxpayer money on driving him to the hospital and then prison?

Good luck proving he wasn't in fear for his life after having a thread and weapon pulled on you.


I'm glad she's not out there getting fucked on cam by random filthy niggers. But her upcoming patron for erotic stuff might lead to more vids

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He was about to turn his life around...

nice one

"Black people are criminals" is based on everyday modern data, you faggot. Yeah you would hate them too if you lived with them, because they're more likely to commit a crime, you contradicting idiot.

>He went to church every sunday.
>He did shopping for his grandma.
>He was attending community college.
>He was ( add anything )

Anyone got the vid of the guy who got the bollard up the ass


I like him showing me videos but yea I can't stand a word he says always fucking going on about God and
>I wOuLdA dOnE iT tHiS wAy CuZ I dO bJj
I never watch his "tips" at the end just come for the rekt

There was a NIGGER with a GUN, you liberal retard

Legally speaking you're probably right, but I posit that it's kind of stupid to hold untrained civilians to any kind of force continuum.

You don't take the follow-up shots, and now what? It's your responsibility to operate your cell phone with one hand and call the police, with your adrenaline heart beat pounding in from your ears to your finger tips, all while monitoring the perp, and being ready to take a follow up shot or drop the phone to clear a jam? And this is the victim is in this position because some fuckstick decided he wanted some shit he couldn't afford?
That's flimsy at best.

Attached: Mussolini_Approves.jpg (480x360, 13K)

>( add anything )
A nigger

Attached: JPEG_Archie Bunker Smiley_Im Sick of Niggers_jpg.jpg (1200x1200, 129K)



Nerve gas

she got caught and the kid was ok I think

Attached: 1573493480920.webm (640x368, 1.36M)

money is going to be spent anyway. police will attend the call, an ambulance will be called, later a coroner will be called. whether he's dead or alive, someone will take him somewhere on the government's dime. if he's alive, he will at least have the opportunity to pay it back, maybe through working in prison

Hahaha so many butthurt. Niglets deserve it. Small or big

Attached: all_poled_out.webm (465x570, 318K)

Bone fragment from his skull


Attached: all_poled_out_redux.webm (230x400, 874K)

Why don't you read the comments instead of assuming.. Fucking dumb faggot

where is the video of him in the er with the automatic heart compression device and the guy taking out the black pole out of the whole where his anus used to be

Who's got the Katie Perry "Remember me" webm with all of the Africa Nigger war atrocities playing in the background?

Attached: Uncle_Ruckus1.jpg (547x309, 30K)

I don't understand why he'd want to land on his arse if he's trying to hero himself. Surely land in your head?! Rather than breaking all your spine & surviving. Fucking retard

at least the sheep lived

Don't know that one.

Have a balls off vid.

Attached: pakistani_love.webm (528x358, 1.96M)

Guy walked in the store with gun drawn. Just pointing a gun at someone is considered assault with a deadly weapon, and permits the use of lethal force.

He's gay and committed suicide that way for his guilt. It happened in france.

>People do silly things.

Attached: feet_first_good_job.webm (480x480, 859K)


I don't understand what is going on here! is he sticking some shit into his anus? or is he cutting down his balls? what the fuck user I need some explanation I need to know!

fucking sandniggers. bunch of animals. we should just carpet nuke the entire middle east, central asia and north africa

Balls off.


Attached: hardcore_faggitry.webm (352x240, 1.67M)


Fucking hell, he risks being paralysed for his sins. True fucking retard

>the shit incel virgins say

what's the story? guy insta regrets being a faggot midway through faggotry?

tranny detected

What movie?

By literal definition of the word, people are things though

Thanks user. I agree with me, too.

i can almost guarantee this wasn't done by white people

don't forget:
the rest of the nigs (87%) commit the other 50% of crimes

Why don't cop cars have bullet proof windows?

Tips of truth.

> Two fags.
> One knife.
> One dead.

Attached: classy_chinese.webm (320x240, 1.52M)

I mean if you are in a Boost Mobile in the first place you are obviously a nigger. So I guess she should have expected that.

Good man

That ending tho

fucking disgusting


eeeee let's continue!

Attached: 002 (1).jpg (768x1151, 330K)

is it wrong to be diamonds watching this?


Arousal at traumatic footage is a common reaction.

not all black people are niggers

Having a biology degree I am currently laughing about how low some ppl try to go. But well, if you dont understand the basics ...

post moar of chic in da pic

Whatever floats your boat.

Attached: not_a_fan_of_nervegas.webm (400x208, 1.53M)

Attached: 1447055624944.jpg (633x1812, 271K)

did he just pull out a knife/shank outta his ass?

How does it feel to know that niggers are a problem thanks to your putrid system? Liberals, jews, feminists, niggers, sperm skins, shit skins, etc. America has what it deserves and will solely receive shit from now on. Enjoy your sad excuse of a society, faggots.

They would rather go gay than fuck that she boon

Attached: 1578047728264.png (429x410, 12K)


Lunch break, sorry mate

wtf this thread truly made me racist

Like roasted meat

Attached: logfarmer.webm (640x480, 976K)

he literally stole some decent person a heart so he can fuck his life all over, these niggers make me so mad, they should take that heart out and give him the heart of a fat nigger

I heard about this one some guy was mad about his girlfriend leaving him so he was driving around and was live streaming on face book when in a fit of anger he killed and old man carrying icecream back for his grandchildren his last words were "dont shoot" he had his hands up with popsicles in the bag

Gay guy liked to film rentboys fucking him, caught a serial killer.
Survived IIRC.

When you shoot an assailant with a loaded gun you always aim to kill, as long as he is concious he can pull the trigger

nice thread about hating on niggers, i wish i could do that on facebook too.

Attached: 12596221_10207481795474705_1432557397_n.jpg (293x293, 12K)

Attached: rekin.webm (1280x720, 1.48M)

He got shot in the butt lol

yes it was legal to use against niggers back when colors werent invented yet

What's the story here?


did he died?

Of this entire thread I find this most disturbing

Farmer pissed off with local council, so he fired a ton or two of shit at the office.

Attached: activate_the_nerve_gas.jpg (1206x631, 179K)

Never fuck with a farmer

> Ashley the lion
Yeahr more like Ashley the pig

It's even worse than that. That was on Easter (2018 I believe) and the old man was bringing home Easter dinner left overs.

Yes, after hours of misery thanks to faggots thinking they could save him