Where do you fall, Cred Forums?

Where do you fall, Cred Forums?

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Normie tier.

Why anal isn't there?

this is missing some things

OP here, might aswell start things off:

>extreme inflation
>weight gain
>furry(fat furs are the greatest thing ever when it comes to fetishes)
>soft vore(sometimes)
>obesity(blobby too)
>scat if used in extreme slob

scat is suicide tier


All of them

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>cuck is the same tier as milf
All of Normie tier is fucked up

That being said, I’m above normie tier. All that shit is fucking disgusting

I'm beyond the suicide tier: holding hands and consensual sex in the missionary position for the purpose of procreation

what comes after 'consider suicide' tier?



none, im not gay


>furry less degenerate than transformation
>transformation not beyond redemption



You monster

guess I'm beyond redemption

what the fuck

God. I want to forget that I read this.

fucking kill yourself you sick bastard

Cuck/pegging= "normie tier"
Whatever you say faggot

pretty much everything except vore, but only scat from the "consider suicide" tier


No, please. This can't exist.

Normies think dressing up and anal as "fetishes" not BDSM and Cuckoldry dude youre missing an entire actual Normie category you degenerate

I dunno. I like mind control and forced fem, but find most of the other things in those tiers disgusting.

I can't post it on /d/, but I can here!

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hope you die a slow and painful death, you sick motherfucker.

Actual Normie List (non corrupted)

Everything else gets moved down a slot


futa should be consider suicide tier

>beyond redemption
I already knew that


also yes i am into inflation muscles and thicc

and weight gain

and also obesity

>furry that low

1/10 bait

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legit im into holding hands and sweet love making, as well as femdom baby death.
Do they cancel each other out, faggots ?

I'm mostly normie tier with some unusual and deviant tier fetishes, particularly forced fem.

Beyond redemption for beastiality

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I know right?
That shit should be suicide tier

Yeah, but dogs can consent

Degenerate tier. I didn't expect to place so far, but oops.

Ryona and violence is sometimes ok, but huge tits afe better. Also depraved tier is unbased

I wouldn't have guessed any of my fetishes are 'beyond redemption'.

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deviant here too; forced fem / sissy
that's as far as i go though

Why is furry lower than loli and shota???


Unusual tier due to trans stuff
T. Nb with trans gf

He has to be cute though, not having it any other way, so I'm not as deviant as some.

How is cuck higher than loli? Inaccurate

And why the fuck are muscles degenerate fuck this list

Even discussing this should be illegal.

My fetish is not even in there.
What do.

Beastality is beyond redemption?

Welp, still gonna watch horse porn Cred Forumsro

Normie speaking.
How tf bdsm considered normal.
Not into it at all, but putting fat people on the same tier as beastiality and torture is a bit harsh.


A.) Loli belongs in suicide tier
B.) Why is hypno normie but mind control degenerate?

>ABDL look like pedophilia for me.

>Mind control is clearly for ugly virgin faggot

what's your fetish?

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Degenerate. I'm a sucker for transformation what can I say


Ponyplay. With actual riding, not that dressage thing.

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Where is NTR?

Degenerate tier for sure.

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Because even I, as someone who loves to get choked out while getting pussy-pounded every once in a while, still refuses to really go far with anal. It hurts. Always.

cuck I guess

Beyond Redemption

>weight gain

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>A.) Loli belongs in suicide tier

>Hypno is "suggesting the mind" to do things and for hypno to work you have to be 100% willing to put yourself into that mindset.

>Mind control is just that, taking control, whether willing or unwilling, and normies hate non-con so...

I get the distinction irl, but I feel like porn is porn and it's all non con synonyms.

Not that I think it's degenerate to like. It's good shit, better irl

Considering 5 points for each one, and sum 5 with each tier
score: 450

fugg forgot pic

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