Gf wants the train ran on her. Should I do it anons?

Gf wants the train ran on her. Should I do it anons?

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Go for it user. It'll be fun

dump her


Fuck, yeah! Make it a regular thing. Work in some of her girlfriends. Post vids and enhance your income.

That's not a train, dipshit, that's a spitroast

I really want to. Just don’t know if I could look at her the same afterwards.

Why should that change how you look at her, don't you have fantasies?

ikr. Do a real train.

Yeah. Should be easy to get her to add some of her gfs in too. She loves to eat pussy when she’s been drinking

just post some more pics of that girls bod

If you weren't planning to marry her, then treat her like the whore she is. Fuck her, film it, keep your face out of it, and sell it on an amateur site.
If you were planning to marry her, then bad news, the fact that she's asking for another cock means she's a whore and not marriage material.
Might as well do it and make some money.

Hell, enjoy the wanton sex even if your DO plan to get married. Old christ-tard conservative conventions be damned!


this user is 100% correct

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That user is buried in ancient myth and an unenlightened point of view, likely based on religion dogma placing sexual satisfaction and marriage on the same page, right along with the wife being subservient to the man.

>wanting to marry a woman who asks you to let her suck another man's cock
yeah, whatever, cuck

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So when's your wife's next date, faggot?

No wife, divorced. She wouldn't put out for my friends.

If you're still young and in all probably aren't going to end up marrying her, then yeah. Do it, enjoy it, and when you break up get over it and in the future you'll remember it and won't be having any regrets.

If she's wife material (unlikely given the circumstances) then no.

yeah, get 3 or 4 niggers to gangbang her while you fuck your own ass with a big dildo. extra points if you are in chastity.

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Your slut gf has some nice tits.

lol such a faggoty reply holy shit

I dunno, then ask if it's cool to fuck her while she sucks on a dildo, if it's weird then don't go for the real thing; if that request is too weird for her, then tell her having her suck another dick in front of you is too weird for you.

Fuck it, I'm doing it. Heres another pic of her tits anons

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Any in lingerie?

How’s this?

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Agree to it but only if you fuck her in the ass while she sucks the other guy. She doesn't get to touch her pussy while this happens either. If you're going to turn her into a cock pleasing whore go all the way.

Absolutely as long as you go last and reclaim her it's all good

What’s her snap? Start with that

Keep it up

You'll just love her more afterwards if you don't have any jealousy.

I'd like something debated: is it "cucked" if you share your gf with someone, so pretty much what OP wants but not humiliating in any way? I'm curious to know if there's ever a combination of adding a dick that isn't immediately in that category— I'd consider myself bi so I don't mind personally, just really don't like that cuck stigma and that's the main wall keeping me from ever experimenting

Maybe lead with the fact that your wife left you next time. That way we don't have to read 3 posts worth of bad advice first.

Don’t forget to post vid user

Your gf has fucking outstanding tits.

Bump for her snap

If she will give you the MFF. If not fuck that. Dont marry her either way

Share her, pimp her out for awhile for the money then dump her for a decent woman.

Cuck kys