So why uh... why aren't we all driving and pushing for electric cars again? Seriously

So why uh... why aren't we all driving and pushing for electric cars again? Seriously.

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Where do you live that you don’t have a bunch of ecofascists trying to forcibly convert you into a soy consoomer? I wanna know so I can live there. Where I live, the gub’mint keeps the gas prices high and credits people who buy iCars (TM). I don’t know a more persuasive way to make people adopt electric cars that isn’t holding a gun to their heads. Fuck that noise, people should be allowed to drive whatever they like with very few exceptions.

This. Also I need to drive more than 200 km once in a while and I don't live in a city. Why don't you fags take the bus and mind your own damned business

because fuck you! thats why.

I live in central Florida.
Thanks for not answering my question you fucking redneck brainlet sister brother fucker.>Also I need to drive more than 200 km once in a while
So... rent a car? You would still save tons of money even if you don't give a shit about the environment.

>drink the soy
>eat the bugs
>live in the pod
>buy the tesla

we dont even have enough resources to equip the UK alone with EVs, so not really worth it.

You forgot one
>I don't need a reason to dislike any of these things other than what I heard on FOX News and I can't intelligently convey my opinion on them because I don't actually have any accurate information on these topics! #MAGA

The genuine answer is eletric vehicle technology has way more factors then just range. We still have the problem of clean energy being suffcient enought to charge the vehicles, the enviromental impact of lithium mining, our aging electrical infastructure and is it going to be adequate to charge millions of cars at any given moment. It is still atleast another 10 years away from being a viable option purely for cost sake and converting everything to be more EV friendly. Its not a bad idea and may have a future but there is still plenty of waste that follows electric vehicles. They are not a totally green option either.

>rent a car?
I already have one....
Why would I want an ev? It's expensive and inconvenient for me. Also i live in canada and they don't work the best in winter. Power is fucking expensive as fuck thanks to carbon taxes and "green" investment. Still mostly coal generated too. Honestly it just doesn't work here. Warmer places and cities are perfect for it. Thanks for going all ad hominem, that's how you talk to people you perceive to be less intelligent and ignorant?

I assume you meant: walking?
'Cause see and that's just the tip of a large body of frozen liquid floating on a larger body of said liquid.

>Thanks for going all ad hominem, that's how you talk to people you perceive to be less intelligent and ignorant?
>Why don't you fags take the bus and mind your own damned business
Want to know how I know you're an idiot?

I guess because it takes one to know one?

batteries are highly toxic
batteries have a realativly shoprt lifespane
batteries are expensive
batteries dont hold charge as well in winter
cars need to use battery powery to warm up in winter, decreasing miulage
anyone who wants to drive more then local will have to have trip planned out to fins a charging station and then wait 30-60 minutes everytime they charge
electric cars have higher cost to repair for minor accidents as they have a higher labor rate and only specialty shops can fix
the fact people find the need to "force them" on the public shows they are not as great as the pro electric crowd claims they are, otherwise they would naturally replace conventional fuels

Cannot kill the battery
Cannot kill the family
Battery is found in me

Stupid redneck inbred hicks denying the almighty science. Praise science. Wrong side of history. I have a high horse

We need measurements! How high exactly???!

It's probably well beyond your understanding user. Just trust that I know best and vote Democrat

It takes you an hour to recharge that horse, it takes me about two minutes to refill my bike. I will get away from you and there isn't a fucking thing you can do about it.

Wrong board. /o/ is where you're supposed to shill Tesla.

because nobody gives a shit about the world.
Wait, there's more: since I don't want kids I hope the planet dies while I'm still alive, so I get to see the end of it all.

Sorry, not sorry.

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because the coal that fuels those goddam things is a finite resource

range is a big set back for me
after that is price
if I could find a used electric for $2k-3k I would jump on it
but most useds are sold @ 100k miles, which means their battery is at the end of its life cycle and needs replaced, for $2k
fix those problems and I would love an electric vehicle

I don't have to vote in a country that has a 2 party system.
You voting Democrat tells me nothing but I guess: good job? Have fun voting Democrat!

Still unaffordable.

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>rent a car
Rent a car that uses gas? That makes no sense. Rent an electric car? Still doesn't solve the whole distance issue. You have so solutions in this situation

Saying sorry that much really comes off as beta, be confident in your statements! You can do it soyboi!

people that have eaten propaganda will say its because electric cars are not more environmentally friendly. Making the batteries, and all the other resources is equally damaging to our ecosystem as our current car model
that is false however. While perhaps being true in the past, there has been a lot of strides in electric car technology in the recent years and it is considerably better for the environment than the alternative

it could be MUCH better though. And I am sure we will continue making strides to further solidify it as the environmentally friendly option, with things like solar powered charging stations and so forth

the real answer is because electric cars are for some reason being pushed into a luxury vehicle area.
There are not a lot of models in the industry period, let alone for a reasonable price
Charging stations and what not are still more scarce than they should be, and going on long roadtrips or working in areas where the resources for electric cars dont exist is still a huge hurdle
There are a lot of people that think of environmentally friendly stuff as "soy" or "gay". They are manly men who want trucks and to pretend they are alpha to protect their fragile egos.

First we need more coal and petroleum burning power plants to charge the electric cars.

Go back to horse and buggy days. That was environmentally friendly.

Stay at home then. Traveling harms the environment. THERE IS YOUR SOLUTION.

Battery prices. Electric cars are generally the better option but they're still expensive if you want a sensible range. BEV trucks aren't there yet in terms of range. Sure, the Tesla truck will have tons of unladen range but it disappears when you go to tow something.

This. I'd take a horse for the city and electric for all else any day.

Electricity costs a fuckton in Italy.

They cost way too much and a road trip would be awful. Youd have to plan out your range and charge stations.

Or we could transfer to newer cheaper models of electricity rather than continuing to prop up these expensive legacy models through substantial government subsidies.

You don't plan out fuel stops on a road trip already??

except for the horse shit everywhere, and then fact that horses are needy af, and expensive to care for, and slow comparatively

you mean nuclear?

Yes but I can drive 600km on a tank. Gas stations are everywhere and take minutes to fuel up.
Green energy is also subsidized and less effective. Nuclear should be the focus imo.

Because of the loooooong cables we would need.

Nope. Ive never had to plan out fuel stops. As long as youre not crossing a desert, it shouldnt be a problem

Where I live we have wind farms (huge fucking windmills) and my electric bill keeps going up. The company says they need more money to build more windmills. The only people that benefit are landowners. They get a check every month.

In some parts of the state I live in the charging stations are further apart than the range of some e-cars. Not all of them are super-chargers, which means a long wait for the charge.
So if you ddon't have fast-charging options near your home you're going to spend a lot of time cluttering up rural roads getting to a charger. Then you'll be hanging around a place you didn't want to be so you can drive back home.
Most of the public chargers I've seen are unattended; you can see where this is going. Nobody watching expensive cars from out of town.

when they get the windmills up all the power will be free right? they wont have to pay for coal or nuclear supply anymore

You can get one for under 40k now. That's not cheap it's not expensive either.
This is the perfect example of someone who lacks critical thinking skills. Let me ask you this: Does renting a gas car for one road trip (or even multiple road trips a year) = Driving a gas powered vehicle every single day?
I think OP meant this when he said "pushing for".
What's that?
You rent a car for road trips. Lots of people do this already to save on gas (get one with great mileage) and to avoid putting a lot of miles on a vehicle they drive daily.
>Yes but I can drive 600km on a tank.
The standard Tesla Model 3 can go ~400km on a charge. So your car has a decent advantage but it's surely not significant. What do you drive?

The power wont be free. The power companies will just have higher profits. I get letters now saying they want to raise prices 50% and eventually costs will go down.