Would you fuck her?

Would you fuck her?

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I'd fuck anything at this point

Fuck yeah, I love the dead look behind the eyes, the poor life choices and the big tits

what is this creature

Shes so fucking hot bro. Of fucking course I would.

No. I hate tattoos on girls, especially tattoos with no apparent aesthetic value.

She's fucking rancid.

That's subjective af


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She looks like a vandalized public bathroom wall.

Please be detailed

10/10 would hatefuck

id wreck her

Same. I've throatfuck her till she pukes and pound her pussy hard.

Sure but I'd wrap it up tight. Girl looks like some seriously damaged goods or she's trying too hard, and she is probably from Moldova.

She looks like me old neighbour at the trailer park, so yes, I'd fuck er

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Lives in the states bro. Brit originally.

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Can always turn off the light

what a MESS....

Fuck yea . get this bitch pregnant and keep her in pregnant rotation for 4 years, 4 consecutive kids would knock all that crazy out of her.

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is it a fucking tranny?