New Celeb Thread. Poor Baby Edition

New Celeb Thread. Poor Baby Edition.

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Do you have any Ariana Grande merch?

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despite all my rage

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Is this real
I'm about to coom right in my pants without hands. She's amazing

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would you like a chocolate covered pretzil?

Whatcha mad about boyo?

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It's from the SAG awards last night

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emphasis on sag

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Come back to us blondeanon

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sick burn

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the men were looking at lil Ari!
hmm! lil Ari thought!
all she's doing, with intact all
her manners and peid e poi
in a full groom is blowing up
big bubbles from her red lips!

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thanks dude, I've been workshopping it since last years

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Here we go again

absolute legend

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Best user is back

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That mouth was made for blowing loads in

Emptiness is loneliness and loneliness is cleanliness
And cleanliness is godliness, and God is empty just like me

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Thank you

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I'm far from the best. still, thanks

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we live a thousand times god bless it

>iwn cum in Maddie's cleavage

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maddie needs to fix her fucking lips

Are you a Katy Perry fan?

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Fool enough to almost be it
Cool enough to not quite see it

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Were there any lewd fashion week gigis? :o

What's your username on PicturePub?

Hello God

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Not him but I sure am


Pick your pockets full of sorrow
Run away with me tomorrow

m-maybe a little

haven't signed up to there
I use bellazon or a few good fan pages

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Oh, PicturePub is the superior forum, just letting you know. :)

Mine is XxLikesYoungPussyOnly15xX

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I absolutely adore Katy Perry.

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gigi booty should be the main event of fashion week

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Me too. She's been draining me for years


She's a cutie, so are you.

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thank you for the recommendation
a few people have said it's the best

gigi booty or gigi bewby :o

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Yup. She's clearly a dude.

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I've been a huge fan since I Kissed A Girl.

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Who's asking?

do you fancy margot?

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Agreed. She has some dedicated fans

oh yes so fucking much

What can you do? Nothing because you're nobody.

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keep posting Gigi pics, close to nutting, user.

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now she makes you want to say I Kissed a Boy
vote for loser

Hooking up with a guy after a Katy Perry concert is my fantasy.

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lets hook up before, after and every night of the week

Pretty slutty

Celebs makes us so gay, it's unreal.

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No, you!

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Personally I'd prefer gigi booby tbh

I'm actually going to see Kesha in a few months with a friend of mine who is bi...

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im alright
me too, shes my favorite

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you lucky fuck

Fuck, I'd suck so much cock at a Kesha concert

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HIV and AIDS not to mention chlamytia and ghonorea, i hope you are nowhere near california where the outbreaks are. herpes

That sounds so hot. I bet a lot of Kesha's guy fans are gay.

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these captions are the greatest ever

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Yeah they are. ;)

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IDC about Kesha but I'd love some head in the name of Katy

almost made me spurt

that hurt my balls

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I'd suck for Katy


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this is my current fetish, help me

I'd wait by the bathroom and suck any cock I could


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Love how lewd she makes people around here

Hahah someone faps this ugly bitch?

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Pop Pop Pop! thats all lil Ari did!
she made a big one! which
and it blew up in her face!
wrenchmuging from her daydreaming of flying through the skies! where old ladies won't stab a per and complain aboput lil ari's loud bubble blowing and pops! zound a few old ladies came to a up and siad to lil ari be quiet! lil one!

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I'd do anything for Katy

I think I'm definitely going to suck my friend's cock, either at the show or after.

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but i want to be lil ari's toilet

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That's so hot

items lost

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but on the other end the older men were so nice!
complimenting to llil ari on her large pops!

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You'd have to ask her I think.
I can help you search.

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I can't wait. I love Kesha, and one of her concerts seems like the perfect occasion to suck a dick for the first time. Plus, her shows are just fun.

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I love the dedication of her fans. Extremely useful

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Sounds really hot, I'd love to suck at her show


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I need more

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Imagine Katy or Kesha locking you in...

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I don't love myself, so I understand why you don't love me.

buried under the same

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*yadda yadda*

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more carly underarms

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Would gladly stud for this

That's so fucking hot

OMG, more.

Why don't you love yourself buddy?
I'll get digging.
What's poppin' bagel boy?

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I'd do anything for Kesha or Katy


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this is legit better than porn, unf

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What happened?

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nails bleed

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Yeah but could you take it as well as Katy would

I'd take it for Katy

nice aesthetics

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I was saved by Emma.

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I just had me a sammich, salami, pesto, swiss on sourdough.

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He doesn't love himself cuz he is ugly. A pretty guy would never kill himself regarding a Cred Forums spamblock
Worship the whip!

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Wow i love her


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Maybe u should have followed

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That would be a big relief right now


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Best aesthetic so far

you too

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Sarah straight tasty

I can make that happen for you N33N3R

Scary glow

so kind

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Hmmm from behind is where it's the most tasty

please 1920

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I-im s-s-s-sorry b-b-but m-m-m-m-my h-y-hymen is broke
; __ ;

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is that one of those autistic savants next to her or something

Won't stop me.
Sounds p good. Not a swiss guy myself, but I can get down with the rest. Winding down for the evening?

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This is some pretty dumbass basic normie shit

I like the fact that it's the men who have to propose to the women. How else do they know when to kill themselves?

i suppose i have my moments

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Aesthetic boys, post some American wilderness please. Specifically the American West.

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hd please

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only 854 more and all my willas will be maximum
maybe it should

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Jiggle bels
God is a word

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True, but it won't. We'll find 'em yet.

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this is tnig, right?

Thinking about watching a film

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she is butt ass ugly

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Ye y

I know that I don't have to say it.

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It's BD pretending to be tnig.

it's cold outside

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Yes of course :)

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I would go for it if my eyes were not shutting down