Guess Her Muff: is she shaved, trimmed or hairy? (bonus for why you think so!)

Guess Her Muff: is she shaved, trimmed or hairy? (bonus for why you think so!)

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Shaved, bc I just know things.

You are a wise man, user. Here's proof.

Post a girl if you have any, and let's get this thread going!

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I'll give it to you.

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Trimmed little triangle

Full on scratchy bush.


im amused by this thread

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Guess and yee shall see

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definitely a bush

idk why, but left gives me a shaved vibe, and right gives me a hairy vibe (not like a jungle though)

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one hairy one shaved

she's cute. I wouldn't have taken her for the slutty type


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not oc exposed name and other pics out somewhere

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lol was that posed of her on snap

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lol. I knew she had a hairy cunt

shaved for sure

mini bush

hairy lips or no?

guess for proof

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holy shit I went to college with her
trimmed is my guess

oh shit, where at?

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Keene state, New Hampshire

two of my roommates were really into her, she dropped out middle of our 2nd year.

Her bf sent it to me

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oh damn. that's funny.


shaved, shaved, neatly trimmed


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what about her b/ros?

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hairy down the middle, but the sides are shaved so you can't see it coming out of her panties/bikini.

Nice dubs, she does have to trim when she goes to the beach

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seen her but I always want more bush

you know her user?

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dick and balls

hairy af

Do you have anymore of her?

bump. let's keep this thread going. reply for replies.

if enough interest yes

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I'm thinking hairy

landing strip

Anyone willing to take this group on?

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So where's her proof of shaved or bush?

asian on the left: Hair
girl in the middle: Shave
Girl all the way to the left: trimmed

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shaved, and I feel very confident in that.

How about mine?

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why so confident?

Nope, fully shaven

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she just fits the type to go fully bald. I could see a thin landing strip, too, but I'm sticking with fully shaved.

Any answer for mine?

full muff

shes waxed

oh wow. why do you think so?

post more

trimmed? post more

here's another. What kind of trim you think she's got?

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trimmed short up top with shaved lips? she’s cute as hell

Guess there's and why?

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Left looks like the type to trim it short because it looks good but it's quick and easy.

Right seems to take more time with her appearance (based on all her makeup) and goes the extra mile to shave it all off.

Same question for these two. Guess & why?

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Left, trimmed, right shaved

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Left is hairy doesn’t get much action
Right is paranoid about her body and probably shaves

Left is full bush
Right looks like she is uncomfortable with her body so imma guess shaved