Trips decides what I do with it. Preferably sexual related

Trips decides what I do with it. Preferably sexual related.

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Eat it all

I mean, I feel like it’s obvious, stick it up your ass? Maybe...

Unwrap them, feed them, pet them (gently).

sew each frog to your body

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Next time remove the watermarks you insufferable faggot

as always OP is a faggot

What the fuck are you talking about?

Only water marks I see are the stains on the floor from where I made your mom’s hairy clam spray her salty juice.


Fry them up and eat them.

I told her I would never post it online lol

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Lmao what is this 2010? Go back to r e d d i t fuckface

pepe in poophole




Asshole. In

In. Asshole

In the asshole put

Put it in your asshole

Put it in butt

Put it in your butt

Demand time stamp, if true pepe condom remember op only fools don't wrap their tools

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Your butt - put it in there

Put it in the ASS

>Shove them up ass and make your brown starfish say chubby bunny


Reroll pepe condom pepe buttplug

Dickhole insertion and anus

That’s going into your asshole

Stretch your ass that’s going in there

>Find an air tight container put them inside. And for the 90 days jizz on them when time is up eat them all.

Put that thing up your fucking ass

Put a funnel in your ass and put them all inside of you.

Put one of those things into your ass

You’re going to take one of those and you’re going to put it into your butt

Throw some salt in there. With youur cock for a Louisiana legjob.


Put up ass then eat one the rest just leave in your anus. Go find your mom and say 'mother look at your boy now

shove a couple up your ass, on video

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See how long you can leave one inside your ass aleast a day or two.




Op is a liar no payoff as usual

Fill your underwear with them and go for a run

Fill up a sock with them, beat yourself with the sock until the contents are a pulp then up the butt

Wear a frog head on your dick and sing, "Ragtime gal." as you beat your dick, butt-ass naked, in front of your neighbor's window.



>man up
>stick it
>travel to a park with some children
>equip and pretend chase around little kiddies
>moan like a cow