Post Canadian sluts

Post Canadian sluts

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613 pembroke

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Name start with an S?


Unfortunately not

More Toronto

Any sarnia?

Looking for London girls


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Toronto pls

Looking for Sara w wins, someone here earlier was saying they had some??

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416 Toronto. UTM.

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Is there anywhere you’d be willing to talk? Kik? Or v’ola, or cord?

Just post here. No one is promising you anything. And the point of the thread is to share

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The guy who tryed Taryn 780s icloud kik me abcdefg666778

Does anyone know Autumn? she used to live in Oshawa

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Anyone got Sam G from Orillia?

Did the guy with Sara W leave? :(

Any 506?

there were a few in the last thread but no one was posting

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What did miss? I just showed

26yo bbw gf looking for someone to fuck her
wpg canada

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Not much sadly

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Show me

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any pics of her?

If anyone has any of her please kik me at 6random6 I will try and trade some of what I have or offer whatever I can


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Any on her?

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Who's this?


Recognize her?

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Ass looks familiar but can't say who

Initials or area code?

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No sorry

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back in Vancouver.. anyone got more?

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Anyone got 403? Willing to trade

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Anybody got Sarah lesbian pics, 506?

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any 902?

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is there an ontario cord???

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If you know her, I got the tits.

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more brown chicks!

Any RL?

she 613? Really Christian?

university of alberta, her names Kassondra

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more of this cutie and asians

You like Zoey?

yes more asians!

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I gotta find this bitch. Any more deets?

meant for you woops

ey ooo!

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know any ontario uni asians?

No but do you have pics of this molly? If they look similar?

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That's like asking if people breath.
There's so fucking many of them.

she goes through's hoping she sent lots of wins ::)

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Who is she?

you should reread that... pretty sure every asian goes to uni buddy....

She doesn’t actually dump her exes, though. She simply stores them in her cheeks for the winter.

she can definitely gnaw on my tree bark

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Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans, in other words, east-asians, yes.

The rest, not so much.


Anyone remember Mel?

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Yeah let's see some more. I think we've got some 905ers

I miss her and OP

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905 Markham reporting!

know any asians?


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everyone fucking asian.. do you?


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yes but they've all gone to university now

even better user

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any bikini shots?

which unis do you know asians from?

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Any Amanda chronic from whitby? Girl is a huge slut and has insane tits

Rhill or newmarket anyone?

403 checkking in


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last name?

Know any girls from PET?


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Anyone know girls from BA?

Me too man

bump for more Markham asians

Markham indian sluts please, I wanna see if anyone's got my girl

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whos your girl?

I live in the 204, 30 year old male. That pictures got me diamonds user.

what high schools do the girls you know graduate from?

gimme something and I'll tell you if you know her

very specific

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aint her, sorry

Any Guildwood/Laurier?

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not her either, she's a petite indian w a great body

know an emily? went to PET

Anyone got her? Thorold 905

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Heard there’s bj pics

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last name initial?

youre gonna have to post a pic or something man

her last name initial is J

Anyone got pics of hot girls from Vancouver? Not looking for wins specifically or anything, social media pics are fine too


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no I only know a chow

theres a story here...

which uni?

would love to see her too

no clue

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damn she smokin
what hs were you?


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what area?

This is the Canadian chick I'm fucking atm got more pics if anyone is likes what they see

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Is this bitch named nicci? Think I know her lol. Though pics are a bit too flattering for how uggo she is

Great tits

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do you have wins?

Lol no not her

Do you have any more?

what school?

any 705 sudbury/hanmer area

i know her.. she tries so hard to be insta famous

Know her?

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Pity, I'd love a laugh

you still there?

Would anyone here fuck this basic Asian girl?

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Yeah I do, her name is Olivia. That girl seems familiar

Im about 80% sure I know her


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lmao at this chick trying to be fashion and failing hard

you op of last pic?

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got more?


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What do you guys think of her pussy?

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she tries a little too hard but it's cute

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This a tranny? Literally one of the least feminine bodies I've ever seen

shes got nice legs



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she needs to shave


Nah, you just need to get over your porn fuelled pedo complex

anyone know any queens/uwo asians?

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I legitimately used to date her. Had some mad issues homie, steer clear.

you got any dirt on her? id love to talk about her more

Very nice!

shes got some wins floating around Cred Forums... she send you any?

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I wish someone could deep nude this


This is from back near 2016 or something. Can't remember, she was a bit heavier then.

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lol love the title... those eye bags man

any stories?

She seriously stalked me for a bit, it was not fun. I came here to be aroused, not terrified lol.

Nice eyes

dump her wins user

more of her? or anyone from her year??

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Know her?

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Post all you have.

what year?


Listen, this fucks me up right now. Looking back the sex was amazing but she was pretty verbally abusive, once threatened to hit me and as mentioned above, stalked me after I broke up with her. The relationship lasted all of 6 months and the first 3 were bliss but the last 3 were fucked. She threatened suicide, was living with her ex-boyfriend and I was probably being cucked the whole way through. Looking back I had no buisness dating her. I dunno man, this ain't a fun trip down memory lane.

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got her IG?

The way she looked then, not that worth it my dude. She actually looks much better now,

well shit bro... you wanna talk about it?

I need her IG

i got 403

we all had that one fucked up ex that was way too good at head


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Share some

Got Kik?



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know her?

Not too much to say. My words of advice, if you've met her is keep her at arms length and don't let her control you, but enjoy the head, I kind of used the anger and shame to hit the gym after the break up. Thanks to /fit/ I went from a 130lbs manlet to a 185lbs manlet.


dump the nudes user!

know of her. seen pics around here but no wins yet

nice bro how much do you bench?

got any wins of girls from her year?

Here was the night I broke up with her. The irony is I had planned it the day before and she was completely unaware. She would say shit like that all the time to get me to chase her emotionally you know? But as soon as I said it was over, she was in denial for 2-3 days. Blew up my phone for hours in the middle of the night, texting me the lyrics to songs and shit about stalkers. It was fucked

>inb4 can't crop images

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Thats the one, dont have any wins tho

Know her ?

I wish.

those tits would give stephen hawking a boner wow

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she sounds toxic as fuck

here's moar

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250/ 604

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Deleted a lot because I wanted to forget her tbh.

Bench: 255 1rm
Squat:340 1rm
Dead:365 1rm

5'7ft 185lbs. Absolute manlet

Thanks for asking

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Bitch got dem dillion harper uniboobs

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we can talk on a vola if you want man.. i actually matched with this girl on tinder a while back

Please help my pseudo boomer ass, what the hell is vola?

Fuck looks like a girl I know named sam

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ha it's just like a file sharing chat kinda thing.. look up volafile

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can confirm that's not her name

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Got it, how do we do this? I'm in

Shes still hot af.

just do olavile . org / r / 15byvp1tm
without spaces and a v in the beginning

pass is her initials


I'm gonna be real with you homie, I'm typing her initials and it's not letting me in. But if you make the pass the name of her cat, I got you. Without giving it away, it would be a certain cowboy.

ok changed

frm toystory right?

No, I meant Beebop or bebop tbh
And I thought her initials were AZ
I know her insta handle but at this point I'm starting to think everything she ever told me was a lie lol


She was born in 780


none of this shit on her IG

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fuck yes more full body with bare butt

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Anyone got? Toronto area

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Weed is softcore

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anyone else got 250/604?

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Anyone got any 780? Specifically Natalia R?

This chick is 604 and was in Washington I have been looking forever for her stuff she had some posted anyone save them the vids were epic

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Chantel from The 6ix

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From Toronto

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Brampton, North Park. I also have a university of Guelph win and one living in Rexdale

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I fucked her at the stampede

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Looking for Emily R (rhymes with loonie) know this slut has tons of nudes out there.

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any more?

Gimme more of these

You from 905?

Anyone know mariah landry

Cambridge let's go

You know rebecca jan?

I don't, sorry. Face?

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705 midland trades rustyshackleford135


MotherGrizz has the best content!

Wish I had more. She used to cam but I don't know where. Know her?

More 705

Who do you have?

Sick chainmail

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Attached: 8daf3922c8e7a48856eb083019f0378543a05f45de5f0585bf7c4abcb246d5f4resave.jpg (545x820, 251K)

I have Etobicoke nudes :)



More of her or 519

647 indians please

Gr first letters instead of StOve

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Do u ever come down to BC? kik johndough987

780. need more alberta

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Kik me at cuyow for 613 Kingston

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can you post alyssa l

alyssa LR?

I'm looking for her op, EH from barrie

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i have some

whats your kik

post more


whats your kik

let's see that UofG one