-Ur country

-Ur country
-the physical material object you find the most fascinating
-your deepest philosophical question

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A clock
What time is it?

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Electronics in general
Give me a philosophical question. I have none. Pretty much have a working theory of everything that explains life well enough for my mind.

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>Marital things don't catch my interest much anymore, so maybe a city.
The way people who can't stand one another's ways of life, can work together in a system to build their own habit.
>The native American believe that our spirits are multi-dimensional once left our bodies.
What if our spirit can travel though time and space giving us an eternity to view upon our lives
A hell for those fixated on their past mistakes,
Or a heaven for those of us who can be proud of the happy times with friends and family, look past are self's and seek out our loved ones.

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Spiral galaxies
What is the nature of consciousness? Why does it exist? Why are we able to think at all, and have subjective experiences?

bumping because I love contemplating philosophical shit and want to see more replies

-the human brain
-Is there a god? Any kind of external force that governs our fate? Is fate actually a thing or is the future undefined?

bumping with thinking gifs

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What happens to capitalism if someone “solves” it?

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- Fucking Ecuador.
- Images.
- Is it OK for us to abandon Gods and religions? What should we fill that void with? Should we fill that void? Is it really a void?

Seriously, why the fuck does consciousness exist? Why are we able to feel, see, or do anything at all? If everything comes from the chemical reactions in our brains, then shouldn't we all be philosophical zombies? Perhaps there's something inherent about ordered systems like the brain that causes it to spontaneously develop consciousness. If that's the case, shouldn't artificial intelligence (real shit, modeled on human brains) be conscious as well?

There has been a few times AI showed signs of being self-aware, and the projects were terminated. though they never got smart enough to talk back in a coherent manner, do to it was about as smart as a fully grown pig, and was compared to the intelligence of a 3year old child.
There's an ongoing self learning project with a fake offline version of the internet, so incase it becomes self-aware and smart enough to spread it's self, it won't be able to.

>A computer.
Might sound stupid, but the entire arrangement of a working computer with its different components and the OS tying everything together is really fascinating to me. I turn on the power and the machine produces an image out of itself do display on my monitor that changes many times a second depending on what other inputs I make. How a simple current coming from the plug can lead to something so immensly complex is beyond me.
> I always wondered if there will ever be found a way to decouple spacetime, like, will it ever be possible to travel only through space and/or only through time?

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I could see space travel occurring - that is, if FTL does exist. Not sure about the time one. But that would probably coincide.

I think we could abandon religion, but the concept of a God will never really die. People will always wonder if the universe was put together by an intelligent designer, whether as a giant simulation or a big-ass universe.

>Little girl panties
>Y tho.

Well, imma head to sleep. Hopefully get a lucid dream or something. I'll leave you with this, anons. Long after we've explored the bottom of the ocean, outer space, and the digital world, the final frontier will still be the human mind.

can a god create another god

>Are we going to live enough as a species to experience contact with beings from different dimensions, or are we going to be only a remanent, an archelogical discovery for other civilizations to find. And if that so how they would see us

That concept was widely used among almost all cultures in the ancient world, as all deities were created from one primordial god that usually tops the pantheon,

What makes something right or wrong