Any ways I can get my conserative wife to cuck me? Tried bringing up a 3some before and it went bad, lol

Any ways I can get my conserative wife to cuck me? Tried bringing up a 3some before and it went bad, lol.

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More ass and asshole pics of her please

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Oh wow
Does she like to be rimmed

Yeah but just by me sadly

I love to rim
She could tie me up and sit on my face for hours and hours or till I pass while I'm rimming her
Would she be up for that

I wish Id love to watch

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Do you have Skype or discord sir

No :( what's yours in case I get it

Which one you want

>it went bad
Elaborate. I'm not even going to say please.


Shes super loyal lol


Why.... would you want to be a cuck?

If your wiener is too small, A) get over it

Or B. Get a Dildo and learn to eat pussy.

Why.... would you want to be a cuck?

Any asshole pics of her please

Its like watching porn but with her instead of someone I dont know

Had the same discussion with my wife the other day. Says she’d be into another woman but probably not another dude.

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Castrate yourself, then she'll agree to a 3 way man. Just don't stop calling after she breaks up with you

Still nice though!

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Then make videos of yourself fucking her in cosplay, or something.

She's not going to agree to cucking, if she's loyal as you claim.... and what if she turns out liking to fuck the other guy more than you and it destroys your marriage.

Otherwise just jack off with her on your spank bank, have her make videos for you or some shit, she'll probably agree to that.

Dont Beg, Dont be a cuck... be a man

Ya I wouldn’t complain either way.

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I like the cosplay idea

Id hit it

At least she's into trying something, maybe she'd be more into couple swapping?

She's never had any other cock in her either

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Ya that might be the best way to go about it.

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Hell man, buy a sex doll, with a huge fucking cock, make it black even if you want....

Have her fuck it while there's a camera in the corner and your filming her with you in the background or some shit.

Have her say all the mean shit she wants to say to you, no holds barred, in that you want her to shame you.... twist that to make yourself a better husband or some shit.

There's a million things you could do before this degeneracy of the highest order

She has a dildo but she barely uses it lmao

Yeah that’s exactly how my woman is. Got her when we were young. We’re both 23 now and she’s never seen another cock.