I am debating on whether or not I should seriously pursue being a trap

I am debating on whether or not I should seriously pursue being a trap.

What does Cred Forums think?

Here is my first semi-attempt. Pardon the lack of make-up as I don't have any yet.

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k, lol!

i tried to hit you up on discord you stupid fat ass bitch and you didnt respond

Why do fags always think everyone else gives a shit about their faggotry

No you fucking idiot. Don’t let the kikes win. Unless OP is a minority then yes go for it

Oh, what is your Discord name? I must have missed you :(

I'm white :(

i have you added you just never responded to me

Kill yourself faggot

Oh, okay.

I'll hit you up.

I'm too much of a chicken to do that :(

Exactly. This is why I cant stand the majority of gay folks. Nobody gives a fuck as much as you do about your faggotry.

/thread and trips. Looks like not trap for you OP.

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I don't care that much bros, I was just asking for an opinion.

Why do you want to be a trap? Honestly?

>I am debating on whether or not I should seriously pursue being a trap.
Being a trap is a fetish, and it seems like everyone wants to be a fucking trap for attention these days. Distance yourself and realize what is going on.

Due to years of dry fapping I have eroded any sensation in my penis head so I can't feel sex with women.

So, it seems like now I can only get off through anal stimulation.

Hmm, is what way do you mean? Like it's a fad or temporary phase?

have fun lol

So... Its because you're homosex and you feel that being more female might make it easier to find attractive guys?

First question? Are you autistic?

If so, go for it. All trannies are autistic.

That's not a good reason. You can dress like a dude and still take it in the ass.
Becoming an actual trap takes a lot of work, do you have any idea how expensive womens clothing, makeup, etc. is? You'll never be satisfied with how you look, and I'm sorry but I don't think you'd pass.
I think becoming a trap is, in fact, a trap. You see beautiful traps on the internet, but don't see how long it takes them to leave the house, how long they stare in the mirror realizing it's not good enough, and how the majority of them hate themselves because they'll never be what they aspire to be.
But if you just like to dress in lacy things, wear makeup, and take it in the ass, then go for it.

Rather fuck a box of toothpicks.

>and I'm sorry but I don't think you'd pass.
Yeah. This.

Sorry, i dont want to be mean about it. But thats the way it is.

You seem to have some features that work in your favor and some against. Being a trap is a lot less fun than internet trap threads and takes hella maintenance.

being happy just being a femme boy is probably best, a lot less feeling inadequate.

So what do you think I have that I could possibly work with?

I have never had sex with a guy.

One trap in a million ends up looking like a convincing woman, meanwhile 1 in 2 suck starts a shotgun cause they ruined their lifes. Quit being a fag and get your ass in the gym. Put on some muscle mass and then start fucking going outside. There is no reason to be a faggot in 2019, it's never been easier to improve.

just chop your balls off to see what it's like then go from there

Why are the haters the most concered about my wellbeing?

How about you post more pics, faggot.


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Full body, or you dont deserve to even be a trap.

The other pics exceed the file size limit :(

god imagine peeling those yoga pants down and sliding your hard cock between those thicc cheeks

resize them or change to jpg because png takes up a fuckload of space


How do I do that?


Nice ass

Bro, wtf is that ass? It looks juicy af show us more

If anything youd def be good to beatup from behind. Why do you wana trap? Youre passable imo if you put some work into it facially but idk shit about that makeup stuff

If youve got more to show tho, do it.

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do you post anywhere else?

My Kik is @ elliavelli
My Discord is @ elliavelli#6245

No, not really unless you count Kik and Discord.

I think you might be seriously underestimating how many dudes would fuck non-passing femboys. The only thing you need to do is be halfway fit and shave your ass, and you’ll have dudes who swear they’re straight lining up to fuck you. Pic very related lol

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You won't catch any bears with that.

Are they "actually" straight tho?

Post more please.

I haven’t the slightest clue. They seem to have distinctly different tastes in what they want, than actual gays. Gay guys want to cuddle and kiss and play with a dick. These guys mostly just seem interested in “boipussi” My best guess is that if they always prefer feminine attributes over male, and they’re just settling for femboys the sake of an orgasm, they might still be straight. ...but I might not be best judge of gayness

id fuck a trap but wouldnt kiss them is that gay

You are mentally ill, seek help. This is not a shitpost. I really do hope you get help before it;s too late and cut your dick off. You will ruin your life and have 40+% chance of committing suicide as a result. PLEASE SEEK MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING ASAP.

or kys before you waste tax dollars, faggot.

Relax, I have no intention of chopping my penis off or even taking hormones. I am just dressing like a chick, calm down.


Literally every single tranny ever has said this. They started out being a faggot trying to fuck dudes, couldn't pass enough so they tried hormones, wasn't enough for some guys so they cut their dicks off and got fake breasts. You will ruin your fucking life, just stop while your ahead and seek mental health help or you WILL regret it.

Thank you Dr. Phill.


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Hideous manly, no chance

where are you from?


sure, I'd fuck your ass


do whatever you want

Hows the ass look?

handle on discord is stoogus, dm me with a diff picture if you want to chat

You need to take those pants off