Has /b ever fucked a famous girl?

Has /b ever fucked a famous girl?

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i've never fucked a girl

yeah, I fucked donald glover

Parker Posey, we’re from t same part of Mississippi originally and hooked up during th school and a few times since. Not since the early 2000s but still friends.

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I fingerbanged Ke$a in a club's toilet stall once. That's about it.

i fucked your mom

I got my asshole rimmed by brittney spears while she was doing coke.

No, but I’ve seen Selena gomez nude.

I murder fucked hillary clinton and brought her back to life using demonic rituals

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If doppelgangers counted, then I banged Jenna Marbles.

Does Tila Tequila count?

Several years ago I had a one night stand with Allison Pierce from The Pierces.

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Miss Rodeo 2012 in South east Kentucky. 8 years before she earened that title. She finished high school in 13' good times. shes dead now.

I fucked her corpse with this guy, good times.

trips were cash

Closest I ever came was a mild feeling that I was getting eye fucked by Soe Pinsky, the e-sports announcer. I was probably imagining it.

First kiss Spencer Grammar
Banged Ashley Olsen
Fingered Ivanka Trump

Just a regular dude so it's pretty fucking random

Famous in my town. News anchor I fucked for a while.

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I fucked Katharine Isabelle if anybody knows whot that is

Fingered Megan Olivi in college

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posted a few times, so won’t bother with stories but have fucked both the chick from The Goodnight Show, Michelle Lepe, and Meredith Land from NCB DFW

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Meredith...I am 100% sure her son is mine

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anyone have story?

Holy shit! You too?


I fucked AOC before she got famous as a politician, her labia is puffy

The Singer from Jinjer

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I sold John Mellencamp a sandwich once.

don’t be a faggot...i know the moment i fertilized that egg, what her ass moles look like, what her face looked like when she felt that semen coat her cervix for the third time that weekend

I threw John Cougar Mellencamps nephew off a bus in high school for being a bully. Hillwood High.

My Dad used to work with John Cougar Mellencamp at Nintendo.

I once had a very short quickie with Daniella Monet once.

Sounds hot

Goddamn. How was it?

Hey okay we had another fantastic lay

Oh goddamn. What year?

That scene in Ginger Snaps where she struts through the hallway, the white streak in her hair ... I feel dirty for how much it turns me on.

Nobody on Cred Forums fucks famous people. This is now a John Mellencamp thread.

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Fuck John Mellencamp, he's the poor man's Bruce Springsteen.

what is his best song?

Pic related ... her cunt smelled like fish, no surprises there i guess.

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Larisa Oleynik kissed me on the cheek once. That's about it

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No A Listers. One popular State radio hostess and a pair of sisters who are YouTube famous enough to get on local TV talk shows.

Radio hostess has a high, sweet voice that is especially appealing saying the words 'cum in me daddy'. Honestly the hottest three month fling I ever had but her hubby started getting suspish and she whimped out.

Sisters were my first and only threesome. Both sisters were kinda coasting on their looks and it was boring vanilla drunk sex until I learned one of them had no gag reflex. After that I made sure I throat fucked them both for comparison and the night got fun. Came in no-gag's throat. Told gag if she practised I'd treat her to a load next time. She never mastered her reflex and I never had both of them at the same time again (they were drunk first time, too awkward to bang me together again, no-gag is now a fwb, gag was fwb for one month before she got engaged to a celebrity bf and moved to Hollywood).

Communist Opera singer

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Apparently a friend of a friend banged Alisa white glue after a show when he opened for her old band lol

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