Drawthread - Friendship Edition

Drawthread - Friendship Edition

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Requesting a Gardevoir married with a human please

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Literally who's who of who's who

>the last groupdraw we had was thanksgiving and shadow fucking ruined it

Requesting Chris Evans getting his chest groped in this jogging suit.

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White Diamond all snug and warm in her comfy bed.

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>being this obsessed with a dogfucker

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>not the first post from this ip

Working on it friendo

Requesting a draw of her slowly undressing her armor

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draw this bullsh- *her
>or trace, idgaf

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I never fucked a dog, a shot a couple though

Requesting this 7-years-old Fox Girl taking a shower

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yo can i get flamed some more?

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Requesting this brown loli m.imgur.com/REszwRY?r getting anally fucked by a Roman soldier(draw the guy fucking her so deep that his balls touchs her loli butt cheeks) exactly as pic related(same pose, just trace it)

Draw her squirting some liquids from her pussy and with a little bulge on her tummy. Draw her looking at the viewer with a sad expression, like saying "help me please" Bonus points if you draw another Roman soldier rubbing the tip of her glans on the right cheek of the loli.

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>obsessively checking new ips


i think there's a plugin that just shows if a post is from a new IP right next to the post number or something

Yaaaay thank you~

I kinda call bullshit to that. But that would be kinda badass.

I beg to someone to draw her spreading her pussy

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all it has to do is keep tabs on if the IP count increases when a post is made so I doubt it'd be that difficult

Howdy! Got some good requests?

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Yeah but it would single handily have to track the ip of each post to do that. Something at surface value without actually hacking isn't possible on Cred Forums. Something only mods have have access to via the surface. Again. I call bullshit.

Fuck you cunt

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i want to see someone unrolling their dick from the tip, back, so they're like waist deep and ready for a sack-race.

Anchoring, are you there user?

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Requesting Flo, Crystal, Alice and Shanti (Girls of The Italian Cartoon Atchoo!) being all of them, bathing in the Shower Room.



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Requesting her slowly undressing

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Fuck you

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requesting this blue dragonborn doing some kind of training or exercise or somethin

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yes, its my shitty oc

Booop! Thankya for your patience~

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I hope you're doing ok irl Skanky!


My OC wearing only this cowgirl outfit, seconds before sit on this horse dildo into her ass. Draw her on model and totally excited for this(with lube dropping from her ass) and she biting her low lip and blushed.

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You nigger got this already

well I think it would only work for as long as you're in the thread...or else be monitoring them all constantly in the background

I'll believe it when I see the program.

ily2 bb

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github.com/ccd0/Cred Forums-x/issues/190
2 seconds on google

holy fuck dude are you this retarded. look at the bottom right of your screen, just above the style. there are 4 numbers.

look at the third number and hover over it.

when a new post occurs and that number goes up, then you know a new person entered the thread. that's all the guy is talking about.

he knows retard


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>Groupdraw for 2020
>It's just Rider and Provo
'Tis the end of times indeed.....

so your just gonna gloss over these fucking gems?


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You're so gay that the gay district banned you for making them look straight in comparison.

wow fuck i didnt know i was going up against the master of bants here fuck im roasted so hard im burnt oh wow

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I'm super glad ya like it friend!!
Doing danddyyy~ Hope you're doing well as wellll!
I'm going to have to pass on this one, gomen

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Fuck off


omg you posted cring your gonna lose subscriber!


Same person?

This is debil though right?

Requesting this loli i.imgur.com/TSlp1mj.jpg massaging her vulva. Draw her lying on her back on her bed with her legs spread as pic related(same pose and angle), massaging her vulva without any kind of rush or concern, just a little girl enjoying herself. Draw her smiling and with her eyes closed, just enjoying the moment. Full body shoot prefered. Thanks in advance

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Debil can’t draw tho

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Sorry friend I can't do this one
I work with wat i got~

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Fuck off

You call that a pokemons?
Weak ass nigga couldn't even beat a tiny turtle blowing bubbles at it!
I bet it would recoil in fear over the sight of a water gun.
Bitch ass Charizard.

Requesting Stocking getting fucked and telling the guy she is definitely going to have his babies. A nice aheago face or whatever would be great.

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>Implying training harder will help
>Implying I won't just spit on you causing you to faint like a bitch.
I mean. Go ahead. Nothing wrong with self improvement. But you could never compete with real mons.

Fuck off

What is the request?

are you circumcised?

thank you so much lol

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Fuck off

>Tail whip
>user's defense is lowered
So... uhhhhhh.... you wanna fuck?

Never underestimate the power of a good tongue... it can bring grown men to their knees
Sure thing dude lol

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Fuck off

Requesting a conjoinment of Palutena and Pit like in the reference, their fused form would have both penis and vagina

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Ok I leaf to do very important things. Goodnight folks! Till next tiem

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Requesting zeena looking bored at a computer.

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I miss tang

I had Tang once. Not that great.
More of a Kool-aid fan myself.

Just a draw of Paul Banks

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Someone requested Clyde.

Probably gone, though.
Eh, moving on...

Where do you upload your stuff?

strawng taym

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FA and Twitter.
Both currently dead...
Haven't been uploading.

Show me Skinny McBeanpole beating the shit out of Chad Musclecock, please.

Oh, you should fix that, good luck with the next thing you draw

Damn rider really out here proving he can do more than weird fetishes

imagine having friends and getting put in the group pic oowoo

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>Imagine having friends
Nah. Been there. Done that. I've moved on.
Show me your inner darkness through artistic creativity.

Requesting Dr Natalie sitting on some muscular dude's large bicep with a smile face and she is saying "Sorry Connor but he's bigger."

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Requesting any scene from pic related but with any of these girls i.imgur.com/jyPP8HN.png My favorite combo is 1C and 3D

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Taking a request?

sorri i dont do SCP requests
hey dat right
am not taking requests atm kinda busy as u can see..

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Yes. I can. Very.... interesting piece of art you got there....

Everyone on Cred Forums is a fag nowadays and it shows, sadly. Good luck man.

Animations of this character's moveset when?

I always turned down the opportunity to partake in such drawings as I never really felt a part of the community or a group and now they hardly ever take place which makes deciding much easier

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Requesting Hyp fucking Reimu and impregnating her

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This is bad timing. Too close in physical design to Clearly someone will draw something like that.

Requesting her getting impregnated by some bottom of the barrel, lowlife scum of a man. For example a hobo, maybe in an alleyway, and have her be into it.

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Howdy, s'been a while
Seems rather quiet tonight, easy request?


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I'll give it a go :v

isn't it amazing that all of YV's orbiters and defenders appear and disappear at the same time?


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good thing i decided to check the drawthread then, didnt know if there was going to be more work done to it

Very curious indeed

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Goes to show that cliques can even be formed here, then there are others that don’t fit anywhere else so they come here

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Requesting beigar but in a more casual outfit/clothes

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I mean most of us are here because we're fucked up in some way. This place has existed for years, of course there would be cliques. It's sad to see that some people are such outcasts they can't even refrain from sperging themselves out of a community like this though, even more sad that they are still addicted to it and the attention they get even if it's just people hating them. He is like the onision of drawthreads; any attention is good attention, always the victim, never self aware enough to realise his mistakes, or perhaps he simply chooses to ignore them out of shame. (Then of course both of them are most likely connected to something pedophilia related but that's not here nor there)

Requesting this elf girl on a dude's cock.

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Requesting a comic of this dormouse girl, entirely nude and hypnotized, coerced into getting fucked and eaten alive by a giant snake.
>She's riding the snake's dick cowgirl style, the snake cumming inside her
>The snake is coils up around her legs; its mouth open ready to swallow her head first
>Her head is inside the snake's mouth as the snake continues to swallow her
>The majority of her body is now inside the snake, only her feet are sticking out of his mouth
>The snake now has a bulging belly from where he swallowed her
>Same as last pic, except it's an x-ray view that shows her inside the stomach
>A 2-day later pic showing the snake with a slightly less bulging belly
>A week later pic showing the snake back to normal, no bulging belly, and with her remains shit out

Snake vore references: imgbox.com/g/OWIeC0Xfko

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what r u even talking about?

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I mean all it takes is one mention and people go for the whole rigmarole takes a special type of retard to bring things up that no one sane cares about to discuss, then people take the bait and shitposting commences in earnest.
Even if it was all a scam gotta respect anyone that can create such a big shitfest on an apparently anonymous image board.

I'll do a group pick and I'll fukin put you in it and you cant stop me

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Requesting anything of Gasai Yuno if you don't mind drawing for a repeat requester, thank you.

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summoning a shiny drawfag

Requesting Grug and Thunk Crood in a full body draw wearing just their caveman underwear and showing off their beautiful muscular and slightly chubby bodies, with brown or cheetah prints for Grug and greyish brown for Thunk. Keep it SFW please.

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>so retarded you don't even get his joke
Go have sex with your dog fucking boyfriend that's been doxed.

Jelly much? UWU
atleast i have a boyfriend unlike you hehe lol lmao
kek top kekus
but srsly tho what r u even talking about you sound insane?

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you guys are funy



Just let it die

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Ttorrr scribble 89?

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Fuck off

Ttorrr scribble 90?

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Fuck off

Ttorrr scribble 91?

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Greetings, gents. I hope you are all doing well.

Gents well. Greeting you're I hope doing.

Leave, faggot. Go shill somewhere else like a whiny bitch.

Shill your whiny bitch here. Where someone is somewhere.

Well done.
I'm actually good for shilling now. How are you? Everything good at work? How's health?

Lewd mousey by giving her some RUFF dicking

Okay just a bit.

Fuck off

You Take Requests?

Ttorrr scribble 92

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Fuck off

Why fuck off. When you can FUCK. MY. ASS.

>imagine the fuck off guy wanting to fuck ttorrrs asshole what a faggot

My Batters.

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>I was just 15 years old
>I loved sanic so much
>but the moment I said this
>"ogre mey ded bodeh"

Take My Requests

Don't you draw yourself, though?

Actually no I dont think I'll be recreating your child fucker fantasies

Requesting a euromutt being stoned by a apu apustaja

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/r/ this mermaid doing titjob in Knight

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hoes mad?

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