'the corona virus has mutated into a socalled SUPERSPREADER. 1 individual infected 14 healthcare workers in Wuhang, China. It is also rumored on reddit by a credible source within the CDC that 63 patients in the USA have been identified. It is yet unclear if these patients are infected with the superspreader variant of the Corona-virus. '
This will be my last post on Cred Forums, i want to spend my last weeks with friends and family. on a final note : I always loved Cred Forums more than Reddit. Godspeed to all you degenerates out there

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Fuck... I just moved to a large metropolitan area. Am I gonna die Cred Forums?

Elaborate or fuck off


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>rumored on reddit
Reddit is like a cancer, they spread and multiply and fuck everything up, I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them

finally a real happening

>spread and multiply
just like the 2019-nCoV virus

Yeah this has a kill rate around sars so unless you’re 80 you’re fine

Good. I hope it wipes out all those gooks first

New cancer research came out so they have to infest as many as they can to possibly offset people that could survive cancer

Why don't they just start a nuclear war instead? Whoever "they" are.

what does this mean and am i fucked

Don't go hollow!

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dont worry guys its all just a set up for the resident evil reboot

my mum's a nurse so I'm fucked lmaO

"I'm with the invaders, no use trying to hide that, but at the same time I disagree with some of the things we are doing. The conservative faction is set on nuclear war as the solution to the eh...personnel problem. Others disagree. Now I don't claim that my motives are 100% humane but I *do* say that if we can't think of anything quieter...and tidier than that, we aren't all that much better than you earth people."
~William S Burroughs

Sounds like it would be great with some lime disease on relaxing on the beach.

No, your mom is.

They're trying to, didn't you see them attack Iran because they were going to fight israel



n e w
z o m b i e

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Can we a Corona chan already

I hope she's coom material

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How do these viruses even come about to be?

Calm your tits, Dale. It's not a fucking big deal.

Seriously, I was sick for about a month with what felt like strepp. As long as you're not old, infirm, or immunio-comprimised you're gonna be fucking fine.

The Rhino and corona virus families usually arise from the unhealthy conditions farm animals are raised in, particularly hogs and chickens.


>rumored on reddit
>by a credible source
>so credible that you dont even mention it

you should do something that starts with "k" and ends with "s"

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It's Wuhan without the "g" dumbass. That said, super spreaders are a real risk, well documented from HK SARS cases.

Asian countries pump their animals with huge amounts of antibiotics. Now they're making viruses that can pass onto humans.

Oh calm the fuck down, they said the same thing about ebola and that shit never went anywhere outside of texas

Gook in the USA checking in, you won't get us all bitch!!!

They're already starting virus research, and it's barely hit three countries, game over. Noob move, evolving acute symptoms so early. Should have started in Madagascar.

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*cure research, dumbass, do you even pandemic

that's what America gets for letting socialism run several states. fucking crossdressing african degenerates

Not to worry Cred Forumsros. These viruses have purposes and are man made. Swine flu aimed at Mexico, SARS aimed at China, Coronavirus, aimed at China during Lunar New Year the biggest traveling time.

In this thread;

"old people die of the common cold"

If someone gets it can you take a walk through some globohomo convention. just asking for a freind

INCREASED TO Alert Level 2, Practice Enhanced Precautions.

UPDATED INFO: Novel Coronavirus in China, January 21, 2020.

You may be joking about the mortality rate because you're stupid, but do you really want to get sick for 2-3 weeks?

Highly contagious with a decent mortality rate means it'll spread easily and make people very ill, even healthy ones. The anklebiters and oldfogeys are particularly susceptible. Which means hospitals will be overcrowded and people won't receive other intensive care needed.

Get some face masks, wash your dicks, I mean, hands. Fist bump instead. Disposable gloves, hand sanitizer. Use a paper towel or napkin on the gas pump trigger. Sprayable Hydrogen Peroxide in your car or purse for public or hospital toilets.

The virus SHOWS NO SYMPTOMS FOR TWO WEEKS, so any carrier could be infecting. Steer clear of chinks/slanteyes for a couple months, you don't know if they've had contact with a foreigner.