No kik thread?

No kik thread?


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No rules

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jesse_Ow, HMU I’m horny and need something to jerk off to

jas9496 send me fucked up stuff


>No Kik thread?

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Add crg2828

Add a1rh3ad24

Need a man to take my girl, I wanna watch her and her mom get fucked

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Send your favorite porn anameuser9

looking for some megas and share / trading. anonanonsonn

Add SleepyPiki

Add lt.det.dangle

Looking for someone to breach some Snapchats for win and maybe some groups. Oklahoma nudes preferred.

kartracer1843 looking for teen gfs/exs

Nbinness66 teens


looking into teen or not, ex/gfs

i have good armpits and would like to share and receive also

Kik: hereforthefemboy
Looking for females, femboys, traps and cucks to dominate with my big dick

Send your girl to sbridge69 for rates, wwyd, or tribs

maro103. With the period at the end. slut, Can confirm shes awake right now

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left on read

Kik @morriton to trade for more of this ex fuck buddy. She's legal, hoping for more teens or OC but will take anything. Can discuss her too

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Looking for anyone into feet who wants to see candid pics and vids of my emo girlfriend's soles.
Also have lots of feet pics of friends and exs.
Kik: AstroCreep23

got anymore?


Swapping nudes

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Kik jimjub. Cuck me. Help me expose my GF’s nudes

Swapping nudes


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I do wwyd's, fun chats, into everything except gay guys, although lately I've allegedly made a twink cum hard? from just talking?

Anyway, add me if you're into having fun, send me anything, girls or guys or traps.

Sending my cock to your gf/wife/female friends on kik
Kik odinxxx

@umberbanger - I have teen ex to swap.


Isilverfairy rating cocks. Just let me know if you want nice, mean, or honest

Kik sweetgirl2507 to wwyd my female german friends

Rom2244 to see my gf and her mom, I want to see them get fucked

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Stroking my hung BWC Kik is Jsptresbien

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Add boomandbooming


Sissy boy willing to be bullied and hand out butt pics

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Blackmailing girls. Send me content to do it with and I'll send results


Samsin000 share whatever


Looking for bubble ass cutie traps and girls

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Jvolkes1 for degrading and brutal wwyd of sluts. Pics must have face, but do not have to be nude

I'm into chubby girls with big tits. Got a few local wins from Texas if anyone wants to trade.

kik robbiedylan93

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Still around

kik Ewry003

Lets see chicks u have been with or want to hook up with. Can chat


Trade pics of our girls UgkyStik85

vvs1874 send me anything, preferably vids of you stroking and cumming, people you know, nudes

any femanons looking to chat kartracer1843

Jerking off to a thicc redhead from college Gabby Bruno. Lets stroke together and chat about her


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i just woke up hard and horny. Send me stuff to stroke my cock to so I can bust a big load and go to work soon.

kik = dutchjoep

Send me your:


want people to trib my friends

Ask her about the time she was hpnotized

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Ryanderrickk kik me with your big dicks so I can see what a real man looks like. Tell me what you will do to my ass.

Just got dumped, send hot ladies and cute guys pls

Send whatever

Need a girl’s perspective on something (no sexual shit)
Kik: samblue1987

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I do wwyd's, fun chats, into everything except gay guys, although lately I've allegedly made a twink cum hard? from just talking?

Anyway, add me if you're into having fun, send me anything, girls or guys or traps.

Looking for someone to roleplay with

Cum trib my girlfriend: cmddder

bored and horny. feed me some pics to jerk off to

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Jamew13 send me pics of your girl. Will do loyalty tests to if you want

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Kik Serinox91

28 M Germany

Send me all female scat stuff you have please

You germans and your gross shit porn

Dropping few pics of wife

Kik: rayfm

Add raybobby69
Have a few stepdaughter pics

Kik kmcuc need her tribbed by big cocks

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I wanna stroke my cock over your girl/wife. Bonus points for UK.


cuck sharing sister (non-nude), my small cock gets off on sharing her, humiliate and expose me


discord dot gg /xjkzYNU


Kinda turned on sharing my gf

Add mihiddenqm

Into public, cum, blondes with red lipstick, mfm, cuckold, candaulism... and more lol
Kik dnick1223


Literally just DL kick . No idea how to use this shit . So random groups just send shit or ?

27 m bi from Germany

Looking for Dickpics, kink talk, wwyd / cucking / lockscreen / Rating of any people you know and care about (If you have nudes of them, I dont care how)

Kik is BenRileySun

Kik prettyswank
Into anything and have lots of videos for trade

If you guys could help me freak out my whore ex it’d be much appreciated, send her a tribute or a fucked up messege about how she’s a cheating worthless cunt
Her Kik is flowercrownandmore

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Trading teens. Bonus if you can crack instas or snaps

Talk about some threesome experience- r3s5k7

Need someone to tell me dirty no limits wwyd to the girls i send them

little cockwhore

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Into most things. Will be jerking for a while. hmu.

One of you anons send me snuff to get off to, also send me your girlfriends and I'll stroke my brown cock to them, idc about race or age. Kik is rhk1999, wickr is rhk123

I'm looking to trade pics and vids of slampig wives and girlfriends. I have lots of content of a piggy of my own to trade for! Skinny bitches and bulls need not apply. Kik is flyboymike86.

Msg only if you can wwyd/critique/roast/trib/lockscreen my asian gf

No kik but you can message on hangouts at [email protected] She’s 25F Arab Muslim from Toronto. She normal wears hijab but lost a bet and now has to send nudes to whoever’s asks ;)




Just got off work bored. Send me anything

m22 like receiving cute girls and taking requests

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Looking for people to expose or tribute my chubby gf
Kik: Dlbw1111

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bopp6969 22 looking to trade nudes

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So fucking bored at work. Send me something to offend or arouse me. May reply with my big cock

Kik: LumLeon

Send me anything big points if you’re a trap

Looking for tribs on girls i know

Ryanderrickk Looking for pics of dicks to show me what a real man looks like. Mine is tiny. Tell me what you’ll do to my ass with it.

Kik: LumLeon

Send me literally anything big points if you’re a trap

Robzombi70 looking for someone to send my dick to. Preferably femanon but anyone will do.


I want someone to degrade and talk filthy about my exes. I'll provide pics of them if you provide the filthy degradation and dick pics.

Kik willie1234wonk
imig dot es/c/S1RbhnM

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Videos of this stuck up bitch milf getting fucked and taking loads to her face. Dumb unaware bitch thinks this was all deleted and would be so fucking humiliated that you are seeing her like this. Kik me at sunnymanner for more and tell me where you are posting uppity Patricia. Here's a screenshot from one of the videos
imig es/c/GKxujys
Add an . after imig and before es

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Nice. More?

If you're a qt 3.14 trap shoot me a text to get some bwc. Else, down with anyone

Kik dontcallmejulie
Her gallery

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Love the sleeping pussy one

Kik Serinox91

28 M Germany

send me all female scat stuff you have

No rules post on entry

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Gf nudes for something taboo

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>Denise Otto
>Kik: Denise1xy
Anorexic German slut

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I guess i could share my gf little bit, but im newbie on this

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M US 19 8".

I'm dirty and have a pretty long list of kinks. Some of my favorites are older women, couples, wives/moms, celebs, voyeur, teens, chubby, bbw, dommes, breeding,celebs, big tits or ass, panties, showing off, sexting, and so much more.

Would love to see girls you know, love seeing family, your wife or gf, crushes, celebs, etc. Love to sext and jo. I'm freaky and fun. Would love to chat with a trans or panty wearer.

Message t_ringer you can be into anything, worth a shot. Please start with asl and/or your interests
Usually don't reply to just "hey"


Anyone want to share their oc bj videos with me? Guy or girl idc, age idc. Kik is rhk1999

Sharing gf. Looking for tribs.


I’m into sph and humiliation
Kik: anon35216


Trading anything, beast, incest, teen etc

Teens, feet

send me your wife/gf/ moms/ sisters to get a wwyd and or will cuck you out and degrade you.


20 M bi
Looking for some dirty chat or anything like that



Anyone have more of her? She's sexy as Fuck and a huge flirt. Someone was posting her ass and pussy last night. Post here or kik me at joebutts123

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Cuck me
Looking for big cocks

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Asians, japs

come look at my small dick
Kik: anon35216

kik: bigbrowncock19

feed me rape, snuff, teens pls

Sarahhcats, bully and destroy me

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2Foxz4U, he has a pretty nice cock

Robzombi70 looking for someone to send my dick to. Preferably femanons but anyone will do. Not fussy

kik Ewry003

Send chicks u have/want to hook up with for a chat wwyd and rate

Lookin for BBWs, bonus if around Seattle

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It's not nice to post your little sister

Nice smooth pussy

Someone wanna show off their gf or ex? Blackmouse123

Kik: merz783
Share girls you know with me.

Horny and stroking..Kik is Jsptresbien

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Show me your wife, your ex. Show me anything (nothing gay).

Moar prettyfeetfantasies.



Send me anything

Share your wife with me


Photoshoper doing Gif-fakes and swaps for commission. I can make your GF/Wife/Friend or any girl you know and want put in a porn scene. Just send me message or an Email if you want to see more of my works and samples.

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Picture used.

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Doubt145 Trading my exGFs

Kik johndough987

Looking for people to tribute my ex

if you tribute a non nude pic
I will send you one of her nudes

Anyone who does a cum trib gets her full set of 30+ pics

BBC tributes get the full set as well

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Send gf/ex-gf/sister/friend/anyone you know and I’ll share my boobies.

16 days on kik. Larp

joeblow19823 ontario canada trade

Get me off. bigbadaboom222

Passable trap wanting to show off my boipussy. Order me to whatever you want. Johnboi69690

I like teens, cum, sucking, cocks and sissy hypno stuff
Send me Kik: phil6543210

Kik wolfandraven13 if you are interested in this cucks whore wife

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KelvinMac69, I want ass pics. I prefer women.

Sadieh2003 if you get wins from her, please post them.

looking for russians/slavs on kik


Tell me your secrets! Down to chat about whatever, no limits.

25 m bi ontario
looking to swap pics and talk dirty. looking for femanons but anyone will do. open minded. have 7" to share

natascha1965 / 54 f Germany

She loves young cocks and answers especially after a nice big dick

Make her happy :)

Anyone have this girl

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Spreading her
Also interested in teens
Kik cgbcuck

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This guy is spamming this Kik. It’s not the real

Kik her mayalepine

could this be real?



Send me your best pic/vid followed by your worst pic/vid.

I’ll jerk to your sisters wife’s gfs aunts moms cousins nieces.

4 days on kik? Larp

Ok so I has question ... If I add any of these random girls and start talking to them wtf do I say ? Haha like "to got ya user from the internet , send tits?"

Attached: Ggg.png (519x393, 198K)

Imagine being such a douche posting a fake Kik


Shes in 2 taboo themed kik groups with me.

Yung no rules trade
Vids only. If you send a pic, not going to respond

Check file count. Got lots of content.

Don’t hit me up without trades

Attached: A15883BF-8557-450B-A75E-AEB561BC439F.png (750x1334, 1.92M)

Send a dick pic. If its a girl youll get blocked and reported. If its a guy pretending to be a girl, theyll play along. Only way to be sure.

4chanacct. With period

Send me Indian and middle Eastern girls

Add this girl she’s bi if you show her girls she will send pics and Vids

Kik tayla_slut
Teen, gf, sis, ex


Feet soles
Need tributes for my gf's feet and toes

leaked pics of a German teen

her kik is mariella9988

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Kik me your sluts for a rate/wwyd burner1002.

Anyone got the complete rg mega? Will drop unseen content

Kik lcjohnson44

Attached: 8867c239-a6aa-4c6e-b5fd-b71eef0ded7f.png (778x1600, 250K)

Attached: 00161.jpg (759x1000, 113K)

before and after

Attached: 1579040722912.jpg (619x464, 30K)

What part of texas?

She's not interested


Kik me traps, gfs, wives, or any
Girls you know and I’ll rate

Sauce ?

Kik Serinox91

28 M Germany

Send me all female scat stuff you have please

Andrewhopper89. Trading slam pig wife's


an honest rate of your girlfriend/wife

M, 26, Germany
Interested in the same or some nice cocks

Mission failed

Shes complaining in the kik groups about a flood of idiots. Probably not your fault, unless you said something stupid.

What taboos is she into

Or at least more pics? She's gorgeous, but the nude shot is garbage.

They're incest groups, but occasionally get on other topics. In about a monthe ive only seen her post nn stuff and elude to things. So i couldn't tell you what exactly shes into, but she seems supportive of incest.

Kik yuyu407 for no rules

Still sharing bigdadscuck is kik

Can you post some incest groups?

let me rate your gf/wife


Showsoffgirlfriend giving out pictures for people who set a photo of his slut as their Kik picture

Send teens

Will share my petite gf if you tell me how you'd rape her. The more detail the better


sharing pics of girls for wwyd tribs and captions

Laughingnev send teens

Better pic for the body. Still trading @morriton

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looking for my new obedient and submissive kikslut. Must be curious and into limit testing, openminded, no face needed, I accept male, femanon and sissy.

just be obedient and submissive, bonus if you have kinks, I will train you to realize them.

kik ID : benaugthy

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Edging and about to bust a nice fat load. Help me out. Send anything

She’s a sexy bitch.

Attached: 7B8FFD05-B033-474E-8BC8-C4FF3365B2B7.jpg (273x718, 151K)

Send me girls to jerk off to
Kik: ehwalnkp

Need more of her!

Laughingnev no rules


Looking for BBW/older women/latina/ black chicks/ milfs/ sub cucks sharing their women/ people wanting to be humiliated

Trading wins/ex's and stories

Kik is user_Underground

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One word responses. Boring as hell.

Ask whatever you want to know about her
There is lot more

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Anyone looking to trade OC gf ex gf etc, hit me up @ Andblackman - I have a ton

Looking for a racist bi bull who wants to bully a brown boy and maybe even cuck
kik: lygekido

Picklerick84 i like incest big tits milfs and teens im jerking off and need some help. Come play with me


You must have been a weird fucker that I didn't want to talk to. Don't be mad because your stuff was not interesting

26 M Italy

I'll rate/wwyd/bull


What else exists?

About 300 pics ... have her whole cloud pics

She’s a dirty slut

Attached: 8C2AB8D2-70B8-4705-8CCC-A7AB9FBAEBE5.jpg (750x1000, 69K)

Show us how dirty

Have dropbox or something?

Any k9 stuff?

What is k9?
She’s a three hole slut

Attached: C96025D6-33FB-45B8-BB90-D2C7F8196DBF.jpg (499x640, 44K)


Surprise me, well within reasonable limits.

I believe when I see a cock in her ass

Dont have that but there are pics with cock in pussy

Attached: C015C231-AD1E-46AF-B470-669555BF0D0E.jpg (491x640, 38K)

Kik kde668
Trading pics of my fiancee

Attached: 7beb2cc3-7d06-4561-a203-c384eb51b3ab.png (1600x947, 1.45M)

K9 as in d og

26 M Italy Str8
Up for anything


Put it all in a Dropbox and share


Looking for people that can go get some nudes for me
Preferably people who live in South East Asian regions like Malaysia but it really doesn't matter

Kik Mina 8912; looking for other fit girls

Attached: jules.jpg (614x741, 86K)

Have some cock sucking pics?

Kik Golfball6q7
Wanna jerk off to hot girls
Can trib for you if she's hot

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Attached: 9204D708-9153-43A9-A244-D6ABF53D54FC.jpg (480x615, 42K)

Post more of this bitch dude

Yeah show us the real shit

Anyone of you guys messaged her?

Attached: 1CB26CD3-9616-4BCB-8714-18BD8513BCB3.jpg (720x960, 71K)

Pussy, asshole, cumshot, fingering!
That’s what we want!

Cum fap to pics and vids of my wife
Drop Kik if interested
Pic related

Attached: IMG_20200120_000551817.jpg (2422x3066, 1.32M)

She's hot, send at Marc.x555

Post them or you don’t have them


Any questions?

Attached: FFD750D0-EEA4-4E36-95DF-52DA6FDAC948.jpg (720x941, 78K)

hmm Canada?

Yes. How are you related?

Stop posting shit that you posted before! If you have 300 post some new. Or you talk bullshit

Know her personally ... she deserves to get exposed like that

Attached: 243676B5-0A9D-44D5-A132-FB10B9916363.jpg (960x720, 61K)


Ex and current gf

Attached: IMG_0434.jpg (1080x1920, 263K)

Already know that?

Attached: 39967806-2F15-436D-BFBD-A24C0C9AD2E9.jpg (960x720, 75K)

20/M/US Straight
Looking for females to talk with/show off for. Might be down for cucking your girl if she's hot enough and I feel like it.

Attached: Snapchat-1962183819.jpg (660x1280, 157K)

I did, she just said "leave me alone" after i sent her a pic of her holding her tits

The ones im in are private, but you can do a public search. Start with the first few letters, ex: "Ince" or "dau". Or whatever your interest is.


You should try harder! She’s a model so if those pics get out her career is over

Attached: DC4637EA-8D24-4EF7-AE88-B9A10D14DF09.jpg (720x960, 63K)

Looking for someone to make a wwyd or a trib with my boyfriend's ass
Kik: leodiasr

Showing off middle 2 here, drop ur kiks if u want

Attached: E34EB6DB-522E-47ED-A78D-A8D0235CC49C.jpg (750x851, 322K)

Then give us more details about her. How to find. Where to find.

Give me your best wwyd story for my wife! Best story wins her Kik!

My Kik beokenhansi

Attached: 20171031_194032.jpg (2305x2297, 1.11M)

Add me on kik jodelhalll for more personal infos


Sorry my Kik is brokenhansi



I love: big tits, big cocks, public sluts, you pathetic cucks showing me your cute sluts, comparing with other big dick anons, dogs fucking bitches... I love everything


Looking for Denton wins, will trade.


amateur teens HC

Bump. Any luck?


Another one of mariella9988

Attached: 43FBAC0B-5DD1-476D-A415-12BE88C2AF85.jpg (801x1000, 62K)

HD please!

Actual nazi with pretty big tits


She showing them?

Single mom - Cmajor69


tinycocc will post nudes of himself

Attached: Screenshot_20191220-163928.png (720x1440, 148K)

RBC1233 little sis

Not worth the time

I neeeed explicit & detailed cuck captions or cock/cunt tributes of my crushes. I want you to make me cry as I cum



25 M UK

mixed race and fit. looking to chat to a femanon while I jack off. hmu femanons


I'm interested heythere32594

Are you interested in joining a active hotwife and cuck group?

Kik: thumbqwerty

send me all your shit

kik Ewry003

Lets chat about chicks we screwed/want to screw and other hot experiences

Snapchat - briggs0007


Need cock/cum tribs of my teen friends pls (no nudes)

Attached: 8C54435B-0362-428B-BA7E-947D1C637A98.jpg (750x562, 107K)

polish bored guy, looking for some girls

my kik is czesciczolem


Looking to jerk off to tattoo /alt sluts. Drop kik

Robzombi70 Looking for someone to send my dick to. Preferably femanon but anyone will do.

Add sarafynn2148


Gfs, wives, swap, stories, cocks, traps, 18+

Emilyforyou43 .looking for guys to cum over my friends girl. RP too me or you.loads of pics.had 13 guys on kik cum over her at once

Attached: Cock 2.png (768x1024, 873K)

Attached: Vcxs.jpg (542x720, 89K)

I need tributes of a hot slut I know, please