I hate being fat

I hate being fat.

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Same. I lost a ton of weight then broke up with gf and gained more than I was before. I look absolutely disgusting with the weight

its winter so idgaf

try going on a diet?

Eat less then

Dont be a lazy fuck and cook all your food. It's tastier and cheaper. No snacks.

That’s how I lost the weight in the first place. Unfortunately after I gained it all back it struck an addiction to food as well as a perpetual feeling of depression. Makes it way more difficult to lose than gain.

I’m confident I’ll lose it but it just sucks bing overweight

I hate being skinny

Same. Lost 120lbs and gained it all back. Now I don't have the willpower to do that shit again

How? I'd kill to be skinny

There is no such thing as food addiction, just lack of willpower. Going on a meth bender might help

Theres no permanent weight loss diet. You need to gradually make lifestyle changes that will allow you to maintain a healthy weight.

I gained 37 pounds in the last month and a half since I quit smoking and I'm loving it. Still in normal body range though I was pretty skinny. Always been fairly fit and once the weather gets nice enough to be outside all the time I'm finally gonna get the gains I've been working for all these past years with no results. Feels good man.

So stop fucking shoving food down your throat. It tastes the fucking same, so stop eating it!

Calorie counting and walks do wonders

But it makes me happy

Walking burns like 0 calories

Don't be weak. If you are unwilling to change, then asking anybody for help will not work. 100 people can tell you what to do, but if you won't fucking do it, why ask in the first place? Stop being pathetic.
I was 250lbs in highschool, at 5'6'' at my lowest point in life, all it took was my mom telling me I was going to get diabetes and die. Dropped to 155lb in a year and a half.

If you're a fatfuck, walking burns a lot of calories, but you have to walk like 5-10 miles for anything to actually add up. You don't need to add any weight, because you already carry that weight in fat. The problem with fatties walking, is that when they are done they eat what they lost.

Stop it then faggot

is gf hot? did she cheat on you?

Then fast
I lost 20 pounds so far by eating one meal a day

I heard falling burns around 100 calories.
Fap for Fitness op. You can do it

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You got a scooter?

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I'm in the process of losing. I bought a treadmill and some weights because it feels weird being a newbie or been out of the workout game for a couple years. Researching foods good for you and starting to eat it is the best idea imo. Even if you eat some pizza, eat some broccoli and spinach later. A burger? Have a sweet potato and asparagus with it. Add some halibut and or salmon to your diet.

Right way= working out and watching diet
Quick way= Meth

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Less than a year bro. Literally just stop eating like a fucking pig.

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Funny i have never seen an african food addict. Or any other country that has large amounts of starving ppl.
Hell i wonder what starving and having a food addiction feels like.

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just eat paleo

I want this so bad. Did you have floppy loose skin after?

That’s was part of the problem. Gf wasn’t ugly by the face but body left much to be desired and was only going to get worse with time. Amazing personality but all in all it just wasn’t right.
Your brain could get addicted to pretty much anything. I agree it’s a willpower thing though.

no you don't or you would do something about it.

Shit, chick almost broke my dick doing that. DO people really risk this??