Who else likes them fat chicks?

Who else likes them fat chicks?

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You’re being ridiculous but pic related is hot af

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i certainly like when there's a bit more flesh to the bones, but those disgusting lardbags are easily 4 people in one, except the brains.
no thanks

The forces that be made my attractions ridiculous. Nice pic tho

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Absolute ham planet morbidly obese chicks who actually have pretty faces like this are kinda erotic.

I'd never date one or even fuck one. But I'd love to degrade the absolute fuck out of them, also their fat vid us all over and jerk off into their fat folds.

Why do you draw your line there?

It's more humiliating if I don't fuck them.

I suppose i can't blame you

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God the smell must be rancid. Can they even reach their asses to wipe?

All of the ones i tried out smelled fine

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What about this one?

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absolutely repulsive