Hey Cred Forums i'm the user who was really nervous about asking that girl out the last few days...

hey Cred Forums i'm the user who was really nervous about asking that girl out the last few days. we'll i just got a response back from her and she said the place works out well for her. quick run down
>she messages me what time she's free next week
>i message her which cafe to meet up at and asking if it works for her
>she responds back with an emoji and say's that it does.
so i guess the date is on now. the only thing i have to work out now is what time to meet her there at (the day and place is now set) but i don't know if i should leave it until closer to the date or text her back today
>i hope pic related happens on the day

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If a girl responds like this, she's not worth your time op. No sane/none weeb texts people like this.

Why not ask your mommy?

I'm happy for you user. Now post pics.

draw what you think her pussy looks like

Dude that's how all zoomer girls text. I accidentally dated one

make her pregnant and then block her from all social media. that way you will have your revenge on women. they are all whores OP i hope you know that

I hope pic related

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pics of the girl? i dunno if i should or not

you should wait until closer. you might look as desperate and there's no need to decide it now. you could suggest an hour the day prior.

sorry fren. i'm not a good drawer

that's what i'm thinking. around the day before i was gonna text her and say
>hey, are we still on for tomorrow? i was thinking about going around 1pm

thats ok. good luck user!

ask her if her fridge's running?

>Open Cred Forums after texting qt3.14
>Post thread in /b
>I asked qt 3.14 on a date after a previous post about wanting to ask qt 3.14 on date
>Saw that she texted me back what times she was available
>As soon as I saw this I picked a time and asked her if she was okay with a cafe I liked
>Femanon texts back yes with emoji
>After our date I will post an update, but for now, I hope pic related happens
>Go back and read the first letter of every line.

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thanks fren.

i know that but i'm a 22khv and i don't want to be a wizard


honestly i'm a little nervous/ambivalent about meeting her. on one hand, she's probably a 5/10 but on the other hand i'm a 22khv so i guess i should take my chances with her

what do you guys think i should do?

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think with your dick man. literally

Stop grading people like cattle and its a lot easier to fuck, bud.

we'll that's the think. i haven't fapped in like 3 days so i'm worried i'm thinking with my dick. she has a nice personality but i have no idea if she's attractive or not


well i asked her to catch up and get coffee like another user suggested so, hopefully it turns out well i guess.

Doesnt matter. Who gives a fuck if she's got the ug? Who cares if youre 22 and virgin? You care about these things because you care about the perceptions of others. You enjoy her being around? Then have her around until you dont.

yeah you're right. this sound's like good advice. i guess i'm just a bit lonely.

>mfw she said she was interested

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So this or,

Hey looking forward to meeting up tomorrow

Depends on the girl if she's interested she would enjoy the fact your taking a keen interest in the date.

The latter is a safer option though


Don't be nervous op you got This bro!

yeah, what you wrote sounds much better and isn't giving her a chance to back out at the last minute. should i add the time i want to meet up in the message then as well? right now the time and place is set but not the time

man. i'll probably be looking forward to this all week but i'm worried she'll pull out at the last minute. hopefully not

What the fuck? This guy is an idiot. Get that bitch on a date and don't hang your hat on text messages.


No, just establish logistics for the date and don't hit her up until the day before asking if she's still on for it.

Doesn't fucking matter, they all look the same when you bend them over

This is kinda a wholesome, best wishes OP, you have my blessing for what its worth

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so i should message her the time when we'll meet up today but then not send her another message until next week?

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yeah you're right. plus i've heard that really attractive girls are like a dead fish in bed and have insufferable personalities (i.e. princess syndrome)


thanks fren. i really appreciate it

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(ω) no problemo OP, thanks for the pepe, fren

What a gag.

Just tell it like it is. If you just want to hang out with her then make it clear you're hanging out with her. If you're taking her out on a date, tell her that you want to take her out on a date & set a day and time. Don't hit her up until the day before/day of the date because there's no need

so does anyone think this is the best course of action? i'm not sure if i should set the time of the date now or the day before

ok boomer

but wouldn't the fact that i'm meeting up with her for coffee alone with her be obvious enough?

Holy shit it worked, congrats Op

give her a compliment or 2 to make sure she gets the hint.

this may backfire if you go spaghetti. notice anything with her looks thats new? compliment!!!

would i be creepy if when i saw i said
>hey (girls name) you look good

*saw her

Dude you're going to fuck this up because you're overthinking this. I hang out with female friends all the time 1on 1, but that doesn't mean it's a date we're just hanging out and having a good time. On second thought, just hang out with her so there's no pressure on either of you guys. This way you don't spill your spaghetti on her face. God speed tard

yeah that is weird. you could say "you look nice" followed by a smile, please dont say the word "good" lol just seems off to me.. just my opinion

Protip: you won’t survive.

I can see you getting stood up and ghosted or denied a second date because of your glaring autism that can only be obtained by posting fucking frogs.

however saying "you look " is best for formal dates like not coffee or whatever. if shes dressed up then say u look

well the way i see it is how far can i fall? if i do get stood up i'll just be in the exact same place that i am now

user do not get your hopes up,if anything just have your hopes up for having a good time ,do not be a creep I repeat do not be a creep

Until you start crying and posting even more gay frogs. Save yourself the time and either go full gay or kill yourself.

Agreed, too many kids here with super immature insecure "suggestions" its a date not fucking rocket science.

alright, so let's say she's dressed normally (like a dress or just casual clothes) what should i say when i meet her?

Prolly not unfortunately

alright, my phones in my hand. should i text her the time i want to meet her on the day or should i hold off until the day before? i don't want to seem desperate. date and place are already confirmed

OP, calm the fuck down, and don't turn into a psychopath. You both are single, and have no life, nor any credentials worth more than 2 cents. That's why you can't comprehend a simple situation, and youre a pretentious cunt. Simplify what you are doing. Don't stumble. Be straight forward with yourself. Get it over with. move on. You'll only get better.

“really nice to see you again, i’ve been looking forward to this”

You know OP i was going to talk mad shit, but you got it figured out. You'll be alright. Trust me.

Bro just set a day and time and leave it at that. Once you do and she agrees to it, tell her you'll see her then along with a smiling emoji or something. On the day before, ask her if she's still up for the date/hang out. Say something like "hey xxx we're still on for tomorrow/tonight? The talking can happen when you guys meet in person.

give her a day notice. chicks need make up time and shit takes hours on some of them lmao. literally i would do 1 day personally but up to you. leave it too long and she may get anxious and ghost you though

You're stressing me out OP

You say that like this autist is capable of physical human interaction. He can barely speak to her over text, he’s going to be spaghetti in person.

ah i see, so i should wait closer to the day before setting a time? i guess the problem is that i don't want to get ghosted because i didn't set a time but i don't want to come off as desperate

here is a mistake i see made thousands of times.


you will run out of shit to even talk about if you dont follow this rule. DONT DO IT. TEXT TO PLAN. NOT TEXT TO TALK. thats why your going to see her in person.

As a sperg, I can definitely know this. again op, if it turns bad its ok.. not everyone has 100% success rate.

Just say what comes to mind honestly that's it. Maybe you should get off the internet man. You're only going to stress yourself out. Take into account whatver good comments were left here and stay positive. Do what you feel is right. In any case, go on this date no matter what because you definitely need this lol

>qt 3.14
This really pissed me off

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sorry fren. i didn't mean to

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we've basically had a light convo and then i asked her out to coffee. somehow i instinctively knew this