Hunger Games Thread: Game 149 Edition!

Hunger Games Thread: Game 149 Edition!

24 tributes before bed owo

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Donald Duck

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Ku Klux Man

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Subway Koifish

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Dlanor A. Knox

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deceiving little shit

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Nutella Girl

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A weak dose.

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Big Tits Kylie

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Divine Cat

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fuckin loosejaw

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Cannabis Cake

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Godhead Pickle Inspector

American Woman

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Thanks doc


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now that is a winning looking tribute.
that’s my prediction there

Guest 66

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Sorry for the delay, I'm hosting from my portable laptop and it is just awful


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your mom is just awful

I usually try to use my immovable laptop when I do things.

Please remove everyone and replace them with Vex

i almost forgot i was here

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Believe it or not, that wording was intentional. One of my laptops is on the precipice of breaking down and therefore can't be moved from its current spot. It's extremely fast though, compared to this one

܂Goodluck Megumi

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Don't ruin my zinger.

It's okay, your trips make up for it

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I've never needed help with a cake before

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RIP Megumi

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why can't I ever make it far?

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I always forget I'm too slippery to climb anything.

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happening in this thread I can feel it

>stalking face

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It will be from a post about death.

>drowned in the bloodbath
oops look what happens when you miss the start of a game

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no it will be the wincard

hmmm maybe not

Sure lemme just post every slide without delay

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Oh, good, I was spared for now.

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>following some thot

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You'll never die!


calling my post number?

i tried


Also czech 'em

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Every fucking time.


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Just to see the other get


Today I choose Vex as the winner.
It will be so.

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he birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, my dick is throbbing, what a beautiful day for cooming. good morning aleks links! been awake for 20 whole seconds and i havent COOMED yet. its time to hop onto my porn throne and machine gun jack hammer my death grip blood shot semi chub with my roided doomfist once again. furiously slamming keyboard gasp is-is that a...a female girl? groans i must sniff. sniff NNGHH AUUGHHH MMM HNGGHOHGODDD AAAAAAAAAA fap fap fap fap URGHHHHH AGHHH OOHFUCK OOOHNGGGUHH SHNNHHHSHNNHSSHHNN AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MRNGGGHHHH MFRNNNFMRNFNRMFNRN AUGHRHHHHHHG bang bang bang bang bang bang bang AUUGUUHGHHH bang bang BANG BANG BANG BANG...I'M....C-COOMING!!!!! HUHHAHHHUUUHHAAAHUUUHHHAHHUH burp IM burp IM COOMING burp IM COOMING (cooom) im....COOMING IMCOOMINGGGGG AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH OOHHH FUCKKK AUGHHHH...COOMING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGHHHH HRAAAH MAUGHHHHHH AOOOHAAGHHOUUGH OH FUCK ITS EVERYWHERE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OOOOOOOOOOO HRAAAAAAUGH COUGH COUGH oh fuck houughh hooh fuck oh jesus oh shitohfuck...fuck...oh fuck...o h h h...groan. There you slippery white gift to the son! ooh fuckk....... Well, time to get some breakfast. actually a little coom first won't hurt!

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That leg looks like a cock.

Don't just stare a it

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And his chest looks like a butt.

But I just ate

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Eh, good enough for me.

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face kinda has a vagina vibe...


>inb4 rigged

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So close.

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Those are some fucked up pussies you've seen

>fatal disease

Thanks for hosting

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I did this.

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she wore a mask and told me it would be extremely painful

I won one of my own for the first time in nearly 100 games!


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Thanks for hosting! Congratulations

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tanks for teh host vecks

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thanks for the game!
150 now or later?

Thanks for playing, everyone!

Thanks for the game. Sweet dreams OP!

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Thanks for playing! Night night.

i’m.... I mean they are happy to wait another day for the collage. You didn’t need to do it on the spot :-) just “eventually”

no not that

the /oooother/ thing

Also can you specify what you mean by collage? I can go ahead and do that too when I've got some time

Oh wait. You mean show butt. Dunno who said that. But you said maybe I’m sure, you didn’t say yes

Thanks for hosting.

wait I will dig out a KR one

Thanks for playing!

WELL... see... the thing is


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he did then in lots of 50

but maybe you can not worry since you have your own archive of them - that was cool

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A butt collage, keep up

Needs more butts

Oh! Yeah, that might have to wait for another day, but maybe eventually


I'm the one who said you needed to show your ass at 150. And I mean it.


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that’s an ass not a butt

wetfat doesn't speak for all of us
it's kinda both.

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now that’s a butt


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I'm going to stop lurking now and go to bed.
Goodnight you guys.

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sleep well.

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have a nice butt

i do