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YLYL thread

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Literal fucking Reddit memes, neck yourself. Sage.

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Not exactly trying.

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Dont listen to that faggot. If there's no image in the post its not worth the pixels on the screen.

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contribute sperg

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I don't get it.

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Lost. Completely caught me off guard

Fair enough

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Why I never got married.
I've married plenty of people as a minister but they all ended up splitting.
Ungh. Depressing.

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I don't get it.

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a girl offered this christmass present to her boyfriend, it's a ps4 controller with a photo of the couple.

I don't need a signed document for that part.

gotcha... didn't know the context.
Now I know -- and knowing's half the battle!

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hate that image. doesn't refute summerfags at all.

summer = less oldfags more newfags

same amount of traffic, more summerfags. what's so hard about that to understand?

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that bitch is gonna get fucked up sooo bad no ones gonna wanna post this kinda shit after they pull her unrecognizable spitpile corpse from the sewer.

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This is bullshit. I asked a Muslim woman to feel my cock and she wouldn't so there is no pint asking them to feel.

Me neither.

This has to be a bot, right? No one would willingly post something this fuckin dumb in here, Cred Forums, of all places. Nobody perusing this place, in search of memes or lolis or porn or any other unimaginably fucked up shit, is going to see this and think, 'You know, yeah! I've been wrong this whole time! The cute little ani-mussie touched my cold, deadened heart!'
I mean shit, why would you even have to go that far to get a crazy belief system? There are more than enough without having to resort to some goat herders fucked up pipe dream passed down from the Hittites and Sumerians. And I say that in regard to ALL the abrahamic religions.
If this is a bot, whoever made it is retarded. If this is an actual human posting, fuck off with this insipid bullshit. I'd much rather have all the coomers take over with their trap porn, and phuta, shota, weeb-loli onanistic singularity crap.
Please die,
The Rest of the Post Renaissance World.

P.S. The Moon was never cut in half by your imaginary friend. There's a whole other side to it.

this is obvious of gamble man you 60 brothers

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You forgot the best part

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kek'd hard

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This bird/parrot learned his shit fast

>Off by 1
Could have been impressive.... but not as impressive as that tire.
Hot damn. Blue shelled that mother fucker in the other lane.

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is hulk a racist?

Is he some kind of personal trainer bird?

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I'm willing to bet traffic is about the same year round.

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Did I witness a trigger kek

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I love this girl so much

He's been known to call black people niggers...

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Ugh, kek.

Kys with a bang

Itll be da bomb

this one never gets old

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would eat if she was hot

Did she really like the guy or really hate him? kek

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"You're the grand champion!"

If you kill your enemies they win.

always the ugly whores do hot stuff like that
world is unfair

tfw this fucking oompa loompa looking mf can lift more than you

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>Rare deepwater Jew
>My sides

Wow that's based

Now these i like

Why the fuck do retards believe in summer fags it makes no sense, if someone has a life enough to not log on this shit website during the rest of the year ESPECIALLY WINTER, you know the time MOST people are stuck in their fucking house because of the temperature, there ALSO being a winter vacation. Why in the FUCK would those people come to this shithole when they could be doing any number of activities outside their house in comparison to being trapped in the winter. You all fuck me up with this God damned retard lagic making me go on fucking rants and shit for fuck sake

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He’s not alone, I reckon

lost completely at something so dumb

Kek hes flashing a gang sign too

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I hurt myself from holding my laughter in.

Mr. X when they was just a wee li'l lad.

Ahh yes. Heard of this one. The majestic nigger seatube.

So that's where cherry tomatoes come from.

Sminem bless!


Fucking Muslims, committing crimes.

Word of the day : EXTREMIST = someone who breaks the law for their beliefs.

I like cartoons that tell you about Islam.
So I made some.

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Granddad just has a total hardon for the solstace, jeebus, that godaweful diddy he plays and his terrible views.

He really is a humongous germaphobe. Im surprised he uses little sanitizer but he uses gallons and gallons to wash his hands in the morning ritual but ..not after a dump.

loves watching russians crash and is morbidly fearful of traffic. Will scrap any plan if it involves going on any road near rush hour.

often jokes our towns electrics run on a hamster wheel... So stale.

has a strange security fetish for keeping all doors locked. He randomly creeps in my room to check window locks. And checked all permaclosed openings a few times a month. Doors almost every day.

has a raging atomic boner for jesus. Preys on queue like a muslim. Looooooong loud beggy pleady prayers. at two different tables and bedside every day. Absolutely must tell me if he forgets one of many daily self imposed asskissing session.


Oh and he has this 39yo floosie he pitches woo at and lie brags to every day.

Yeah because their stockholm-syndrom riddled brains will come up with a well learned answer.

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What would compel someone to do this knowing they are on camera?

damn thats nostalgic

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entry level racism. try harder you mediocre faggot

junk yard dog would always steal his stuff when halk was doing the main events during wwf days. after a few years hulk found out it was jyd and hated niggers ever since.

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Can't help but wonder what people will think in another 100 years.

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trailer park boys

it all has to do with school being out and the hours of days that school posters can now post all day instead of a couple hours at night. fuck. it never meant more visitors just more shitty underage b& posters that turn it into what they think Cred Forums is from rumors on facebook, hence all the newfag meme jokes from 10 years ago and "hackering" on Cred Forums with my anonymous friends.


>Fight for the rights of every man
Except niggers

That's a Coraline character

Fucking lost

Lmao, a minister is browsing Cred Forums.

What the fuck is reviewbruh doing there?

he comes for the cheese

old meme.

What kind of actual simpleton keeps tomatoes in the fridge

i'm sold

I live on a very hoy city, somedays we are 105-115 grades if you leave tomatoes out of fridge they just don't last

this is only funny when the lanky long music is playing

lol moar

If you’re a newfag....

>mfw you realise he has cut the head of some infidel and then painted the walls with the deceased persons blood.

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What kind of loser nurse can't iv a baby, Im a medfag and even I can do that shit when needed

Interesting we have several muslims here in Gothenburg. If you ask a woman she will look like a deer caught in headlights. She will look absolutely petrified and blush up and then look at her husband that looks back with a blank imgoingtobeatyourassfortalkingtotheinfidels look.

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How much extra does that cost?

top kek

Literally not even funny, that's a pretty boss lift

Would be better without top text


EWWWwwwwww....ketchup? disgusting...

Based photographer

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Think about it. That photo is full of people from the 19th century.

When I was small, I knew some 19th century people.

Most of you NEVER will.

just pass the joint dude

And so, er, where is this diner?
So I can avoid it.

It's freaking me out, man.
Actual 19th Century People held me in their arms.

All the things I should have asked them. But there I was, wailing like a baby.

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god this guy is a cringe lord

Someone might as well have asked for it specifically.
Or its just women being women.

So sick of this shit in EVERY YLYL. KYS.


and you just fell for it, never reply it, ignore

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you're the one who got baited mister

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How dare you disagree with his autism

lost here


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Yeah it's retarded logic

can't tell if he's 13 or 30

You must be new here.

I miss MOOT :'(

alcohol is a drugs

I don't understand why ameritards mutilate their kid's dicks.

after Cred Forums I stopped talking to my mother after what she did to me.

Traps are gay

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lost hard


Good thread !

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sneaky. lost.

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Autistic newfag detected

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fallout new vegas you retard

unfunny faggots.

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Not laugh
Didn't funny

How did she find out?


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Painfully fake

Hes lifting it half the height of everyone else, really shouldnt be allowed.

Fucking made me kek


If you were really a medfag and not a student, you'd know its entirely dependent on how premature the baby was and its size and weight, baby veins are incredibly difficult to IV even when they're full sized.

murder all NSA genetically



Its so the jew doctor can sell the foreskin on. No, really. Americans are the most cucked and brainwashed fags on earth

That actually made sense.

They do it to make the penis look bigger and the sensitivity difference is a meme. It's not a huge difference. Blowjobs feel amazing if you're cut or not

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When I was underageb& and still in highschool I found this website in the spring or winter and every summer after that i posted alot. The quality of the posts would even drop in the summer. On 420chan(RIP) we even used to joke about seeing each other next summer.

its definitely a thing but you wont notice nowa days because the quality of the posts has dwindled so much year round.

Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a hijab

you fucking liar

lol are you new

ironic considering muslims invented science


He has no style, he has no grace

Hey, that's my OC!

we put forth efforts to stop these things you fucking retard

They invented early mathematics not science. Early Muslims were much like the Greeks in that regard, shame the qurran became the main teaching turning it into the same bullshit as Christianity.

true boomer humor

>mathematics not science
If you had more than an american education you'd understand there's a big overlap
Also the muslims did a lot more than improve mathematics for science including huge breakthroughs in astronomy, medicine, engineering and tons of technology
There's a reason we use most of their names for stars

Again, they invented early mathematics, they didn't fucking INVENT science. Plus to say modern muslims have any relationship with those people at all is laughable. Almost everything they accomplished would be looked down upon in a mosque.

99% sure she saw the camera shortly after and spent the rest of her shift tripping balls.

>looks fine to me

Attached: kike.jpg (802x601, 53K)

Nobody invented science- it's a method
>to say modern muslims have any relationship with those people at all is laughable
and that's outright retarded- they share the same languages, cultural choices, locations, genealogy and more
>Almost everything they accomplished would be looked down upon in a mosque
More nonsense. While religion tends to, on the whole, be at odds with some aspects science, it was rarely at odds with progress in the east- certainly less so than western religions including christianity

Ten years ago when I was in h.s. an anabaptist group prayed at my school. the Protestant and Catholic students weren't allowed to use their own prayer versions and it turned into a shit show. some saying they had a right to do their own prayers, others saying save it for your specific church
so everyone was allowed to chant whatever prayer they wanted but only on the third thursday of the month before school. they all stood in front of the school and blocked the buses
Everyone was talking about how atheists were victimizing them and that the Catholics were basically nonChristian. We didn't have any atheists, it was everyone just bashing each other over slightly different prayers and afraid of the atheist boogeyman. Not most of the people, just a very vocal snowflake minority
No wonder people want a secular government without majority take all. people are awful at self-governing

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Quit posting your shit here for attention

As someone who spent a huge part of their early life in mosques, around devout Muslim, even some salafani, you are incorrect.

Plus id say less than a fraction of a percent of modern Muslims share any genealogy with the ones that helped create mathematics.

Muhammad ibn musa al khwarizmi was Persian and sure as fuck isnt related to any Muslims you'd find today kek look at teh white guy trying to explain muslim culture/heritage.

>x will happen unless we do y1 and y2
>we do y1 and 2, x doesn't happen
>The post hoc retard: hurrr x didn't happen that proves y didn't need to be in the equation

I am not the IG owner.

Oil reserves were being depleted. We made better equipment to find more, improve efficiency
Never heard of an ice age scare. Not really part of the popular conscience
>literally defending acid rain that destroyed cash crops and food crops im front of the famers' eyes
You're an idiot

this is why every citizen should be taught logic

Yeah the logic not to believe infographics made by morons.

>While religion tends to, on the whole, be at odds with some aspects science, it was rarely at odds with progress in the east- certainly less so than western religions including christianity
That's such a bullshit statement. No one in the East considers Islam, a Judeo religion, Eastern.
Renaissance Christians were the ones that pushed modern biology and chemistry and even government funded social services. One dogmatic church in Italy and American Biblebelters aren't all Christians. You can't say shit like that and then say modern Muslims are Eastern scientists

is this a super hman

She likely was attracted to a customer and the idea of him eating something that been inside her was a turn on. Bitches be crazy sometimes... or all the time.

Russell coight's all aussie adventures based

I remember watching that. It was a piss take of Crocodile Hunter, they did this for every time he shook hands with some one.

The ice scare was this stupid idea started by Time magazine. Essentially global cooling. Other MM picked it up, it was a fun story and sold papers.
Scientists all called BS from moment one, saying right from the start the world is warming not cooling. Zero peer articles on cooling. But climate idiots still like to remember the moment when Time magazine was confused with science.

Thats supposedly the reason the movie script the day after tomorrow got written.

Some people subscribed to these ideas, but most did not. You present these examples as though the majority of scientists believed them. The majority of scientists and specialists did not believe these ideas, so your example is invalid.
That is your lesson in logic.

Jesus holy fucking Christ, was the mother drinking paint thinner or did they adopt from Oblivion?

Does the touchpad still work properly if you put a skin over it?

He singlehandedly saved cryptocurrency you trucking degenerate.

Money has "GOD" scrawled all over it & the sociopathic narcissistic goof in the WH starts an Evangelical cabinet position just as big & expensive as Housing & Urban Development and the Small Business Administration but with much more influence. But cargo cult superstition like Christianity isn't shoved down our throats... fucking imbecile.

Jeep drivers btfo

Women are the Slaves of Men. This is way Islam will take over the world. I'm a Christian

>stormy daniels describing donald trumps penis on howard stern show

Pretty damn inspirational

Bullshit, this is not real

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No prangu?

Attached: 1564157552422.jpg (1080x1080, 228K)

You know. People with oblivion-like faces thread edition of YLYL threads would be amazing.

This guy should be sponsored by head and shoulders



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>Thinking they're allowed to speak

Not sure where the movie came from. The Time article was back in the mid '70s with a different premise. The idea was that the earth was actually in an ice age, with pollution and greenhouse gases keeping the world warm. And that if humans stopped polluting the world would freeze over.

Actual true story inbound
>be me
>17 at the time
>beta loser who can't get laid for the life of him
>pathological fear of girls since middle school, when some bitch mind fucked me
>have a younger sister, 16 at this time
>my sister is boy crazy, really wants to date someone
>announces that she's "seeing someone"
>father and I start discussing plans on how to shoot the bastard.
>few days later, brings the dude home
>tall, scrawny kid with brown hair and glasses
>visibly nervous
>my father and I sit down and tell him that he's "walked into the courtroom"
>discuss for a few minutes
>they go out
>dad tells me "it isn't going to last"
>sis comes home
>announces it was "fun"
>around a week later, my sister tells me that her bf previously dated a college girl
>she's worried that he secretly wants this college girl back
>about a week later, overhear a conversation between my sister and my mother
>"We're not a thing anymore"
>tell my father this
>laughs uncontrollably
>mfw my dad predicted exactly how his daughter's first relationship would go down

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Attached: 1564618380311.jpg (599x598, 172K)

Omg i absolutely lost to this.

Cool story bro

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Attached: 1564618380312.jpg (1000x1000, 121K)

Can you post wife tells husband to go sleep in doga house if he keeps snoring?

India super power 2020

Attached: 75523322_3220122954724618_3623523409496981451_n.jpg (640x640, 70K)

wish he carried this series on. He got sent loads of BTC as he was making it and just bounced.


Attached: 1573525774452.jpg (1652x861, 211K)

Paul Manafort likes to watch his wife get gangbanged.

Attached: 16DFE352-0EDF-4CFA-8090-EB7D9720DE8E.jpg (640x857, 51K)

Attached: 1564689711099.jpg (700x618, 174K)

this gave me polio

No way, i know alot of people are fags, but just no way.

Besides, all trump supporters have innies

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Albino battletoad

Attached: 1555827978505.jpg (460x381, 29K)

Attached: 5180751d8c848.jpg (651x720, 136K)

Attached: 1567718025870.jpg (750x750, 68K)

horrible. im gonna kms

The humor in ylyl’s hasnt changed in 5 years. I’m convinced anyone who participates in these are redditors looking for the legendary “Cred Forums memes,” or are just sad people who’s sense of humor somehow hasn’t changed in 5 years.

Attached: 624EEA09-A967-4AAD-84B3-65E4222A5A18.jpg (474x475, 111K)

>looks at censored pussy

In this community apparently nobody even knows what a meme actually is. I find it frickin' vexing. Everybody just thinks it's a picture with a funny caption. That's just friggin' image manipulation, my dudes. A meme "is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture" according to WikiPedia and it intentionally rhymes with gene, cause it's kind of a commonly shared information in a community. So about 99% of people here posting something and flavouring it a "meme" are actually just shitposting, cause their thing hasn't spread at all yet.

Attached: 1564613822578.jpg (960x842, 115K)

Attached: 1564616437837.gif (720x480, 126K)

Look at that shit-eating grin

Attached: 1579315941205.jpg (1000x581, 340K)

Attached: jew box.gif (267x200, 168K)

How many BTC did he recieve?
If I were to make a biz video game with BOGS, wojaks, sminem, and more would they moon me?

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Attached: D5fYlcZWkAU8tKS.jpg (1080x1080, 269K)

WOW Xavier Renegade Angel got live action??

and I lost

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>oh no a word on my currency that I dislike!
>i will now play The Victim card instead of ingoring it like a rational adult

welcome to the rock my fren

Niggers aren't men, they're animals

>hurr I still coom just as good as uncut losers :(
>Nerve endings are a myth and jew controlled america is just a conspiracy

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Attached: ur fav.jpg (800x600, 131K)

some beta idiot probably told her

You forgot to change the filename to "Cred Forums official photographer"

So don't they block Cred Forums and access to women in your christard dorm room mini-boomer? How the fuck did you wind up here?

Attached: beatings.png (483x368, 260K)

like registering to be a democrat.

Attached: 1565076894628.jpg (815x1021, 149K)

Lost at this post

Well he was caught calling himself a racist and saying he doesn't like niggers

I'll be glad when this faggot is gone. Just like the Ray Pist faggot.

Attached: 1578084897716.gif (360x203, 1.98M)

you forgot the "EDIT: Thanks for the gold kind stranger" faggit


Hes not wrong, user. They literally create face cream out of our baby dicks to sell to rich white women.
Also, rabbis suck blood from a babies penis when they perform circumcisions (as is traditional, how it was originally performed). Wish i was making it up.

Wtf Cred Forums, how has a ylyl lasted 9 hours

Attached: 1573896733985.jpg (900x864, 154K)

Why would a black need that?

Now some wagie has to clean up anons mess

Ray pist is a real rapist tho

>C O P E

Attached: 1579630386892.jpg (768x1024, 118K)

Humans are animals you nigger

Oh for Fucks Sake no one cares. Also those memes fucking suck they're not even memes more like pictured autism.

I hear for ever.

Attached: 1567716628995.jpg (750x742, 146K)

DIE in a fire faggot.

Hog dog

Attached: goaway.gif (423x234, 1.69M)

>implying all blacks have big dicks
gtfo kid

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Attached: truth-hurts.jpg (724x1080, 82K)

you're just a faggot that's all.

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Attached: hqdefault.jpg (480x360, 10K)

sad niggerlover

>when the shit you've sown comes back around