Rekt thread

rekt thread

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Nerve gas is some scary shit man.


What happened:/?

Niggers gonna nig

a bus ran over his leg IIRC.

Kid clearly in shock trying to get up

are all niggers born by rape?
Why are all agressive?

Street smart 101. Watch nigger hands as he opens door. Hidden behind shirt. Intentions clear. Hands would be on Glock but das rasis

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The fuck happened?

He stepped on a lego. It's in the filename.

Zapped. He completed the circuit by stepping on that electric scale


i love how the guy was having seizures at the beat of the music i was listening

boost mobile is a place for the nigger to nig

What a nigger

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Irl firebending

This was preety educational
Someone know which part of brain was the thick one portraying at the very end?
Everything went silent beside this one.

is.. is that?

Not Tokyo, its the WTC 2nd tower falling.

Guess you have something against the Japanese and are upset about it, right?

Why do these threads devolve into the same race bait trash every single time?

Oh sweet Jesus fuck

Fucking moron.

Dumb nigger didn't even look for a camera.

Niggers literally can't function in civil society.

It's second nature to the fucking ape.

I wish we'd had phone cameras in the 1920s when Americans were getting electrocuted like this.

Hope that dude in the vest got fired. That's terrible situational awareness.

"Welcome to Shithole Airport. Our appliances are not grounded. In case of injury, we will ignore you in a very professional way."

Nah, he was entirely aware, you literally cannot miss that.

His shift was just over and he didn't give a fuck. Maybe a warning was given not to go fucking around over there on account of nerve gas.

I just don't understand how it could possibly go wrong.

I TOLD you those 737s were unsafe !

Imagine an entire life amounting to nothing more than fucking paste in the end.

Dude in the yellow is like “fuck you stay on your side of the counter”. “Now die Mofo!”

Pay ascention and learn to start rekd Fred's faggots.

its crazy how nerve gas can hit you anytime.

its nerve gas you virgins

Id rather live as a racist than die a fool

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Damn, high voltage electricity is scary. I wonder how the goat got his neck stuck on a piece of power cord in the middle of a field.

I swear one of these videos is where michael crichton got the idea for the scene in Jurassic Park from

>closed the register at the end

Fucking rabid pavement apes

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What a faggot is you! What this faggot is annoying, in this raket bread?

I mean, it's the definition of rekt, just read the filename.

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>posts a controlled demolition

elegant filename

>"Look on the bright side"
even his t-shirt is trying to help

This is what mexicans deserves.

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we start it again, really? nigger lover?

A toy excavator dropping a burning splinter on some worms?

That fucking filename

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Yeah faggots means faggots in all threads. Football, anal balls, cars, pink cars, /int, USA.

well boy be warned. :-)