I mean, seriously. Look at this shit

I mean, seriously. Look at this shit

Women dress like this and expose themselves like this, and expect us to treat them with "respect" and to not "objectify" them? She is literally posing herself in a way that BEGS to male mind to think about fucking her until she is nothing but a sloppy mess. She is objectifying HERSELF.

Yet WE'RE the ones who are in the wrong? Feminism is cancer. Fucking simps and orbiters defend this shit. It's pathetic.

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I don't get it, why are you pretending like "respect" and "objectification" are diametrically opposed? You can "respek wamen" and still objectify the fuck out of them. Easiest way to well with women, tbh.

Where did you find this of her and please post if you have moar of her

Because a vast majority of women see objectification as disrespecting them. It's a catch 22. They openly sexualize and objectify themselves, WANT us to see it, but get upset when we acknowledge it.

I gotchu

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3rd pic

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I mean it's really not that difficult though unless you're on the spectrum and can't read social cues at all. "Respecting" them just means treating them like a person (not a dog but also not being a little bitch and putting them on a pedestal thinking they're some sort of ethereal goddess) and, like every other person in the world, there are times when people like to be objectified.

You just have to learn when the appropriate time is for each just like you would with other behaviors around your bros. Sometimes shit's serious and you don't want to make jokes about your buddy's dad who just died and sometimes you're just chirping on each other during a pickup game.

Just read the situation and you'll do all right, OP.

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Dont stop

Incel alert lmao.

only ugly fat unwanted feminists want to ban everything related to sex because theyre not involved and jelous

hoes mad

that's a majority of women kek

U got some nudes?

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Someone got her nudes? Softs?

nah no nudes have been leaked


Any one got any good twerk vids from her?

look it up on Youtube. There are plenty of videos of her twerking on there

Do people want to be objectified? Not usually, or if yes, not CONTINUOUSLY.
Like maybe she wants the attention and objectification now, but the respect to resume later?

If I were taking pictures like this and sharing them, I'd want people to think I was sexy but still a person deserving respect. Not mutually exclusive

I want to objectify the fuck out of bhad bhabie.
so many teens now dress like they want to be pumped full of cum. look at MBB.




girl i know posting shit like this in her ig, then asking for respect in the comments lmao

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lmao "respect"


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She's from uk

1. I have a wide, square jaw and facial hair
2. I have thick rimmed glasses (too much vidya)
3. lmao I got a big ass forehead
4. I'm built like a whiskey barrel (wide chest and shoulders, and I'm kinda chunky)
5. I'm tan-ish
6. I'm actually an Anarcho-syndicalist
7. I do nothing but work, smoke weed, and sleep. No violence here.

Just thought I'd let you know, bud ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Because of black culture

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>Women dress like this and expose themselves like this, and expect us to treat them with "respect" and to not "objectify" them?


What's the problem?

Seriously, why can't you do exactly what you just said?

Because they don't deserve it? Do you not see the hypocrisy? Objectifying themselves, EXPECTING us to do it as well because they want the attention, then get all uppity when we do?

It's a catch 22. There's nothing we can do

Honestly, you're right. White women love fetishizing black culture, which is racist, and using it to get attention. It's disgusting