Hey Cred Forums

Hey Cred Forums,

What do you do if you love your GF but you just don't think that you are compatible long term?

Context: Dating for a year and a half and just traveled together (with a group of people) for a month and it was really difficult. Traveling is meant to be the test for this shit and it failed miserably.

We get along so amazingly in so many ways and I love her a lot, but I just don't know how this will work long term. We're just so different in so many ways. She's an absolute 10/10 but I just don't know if we work together long term. Having an extensional crisis here.

I know it's Cred Forums, so so will post her nudes for good answers, and feel free to ask more questions.

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>I love her a lot
>will post her nudes for good answers
you don't love her you cuck retard. die alone

Obviously won't be posting her face...

best advice i ever got, if you don't feel like sacrificing yourself for her, bring down that hatchet hard and fast, the longer you wait the more existential and trapped you will feel, at the same time "the one" is only in your imagination, good luck friend

Trust me, I don't believe in "the one". The problem is, all the thing she doesn't like about me are somewhat fair. She's just very unreasonable about them. She's just an amazing girl that I can potentially see myself with long-term, but it's not quite working right now.

..well? Post the nudes and you will get replies FAGGOT
You are gay and dont have a gf begone homosex

I think you should tell her exactly that, and if she's not willing to meet halfway then you can't be happy, relationships are two way streets, just sit her down and say Can you meet me halfway, right at the borderline That's where I'm gonna wait, for you I'll be lookin' out, night n'day,Took my heart to the limit, and this is where I'll stay
Oh oh oh oh oh
I can't go any further than this

Hahah fair enough, here you go.

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How did the trip fail? Be specific and provide details

Problem is, she just hates how much I party and I'm not gonna stop that cause it's literally my favourite hobby.

She thought it was a couples trip + one of my mates. Turned out (without me knowing), that two other mates came on the trip and she just couldn't deal with it. Full disclosure, we were already having some problems before the trip but this just made it 100x worse

Idk will you still be partying at 35? 45? 55? she's hot enough,
side not idk if partying is a real hobby but i'll give you that

See? This is why your relationship will fail. If you truly love her then you'd party less, idiot. SHE should be your favorite hobby. All of your relationships will end up the same way since you're the one with the problem and you openly refuse to be open to changing things about your life.

I'm 28. Partying is still a hobby of mine. I'll still be partying when I'm 35, but definitely not as hard.

More context: I have a great job, amazing career prospects etc. She just doesn't get it

>she just couldn't deal with it.
How couldn't she deal with it? What exactly happened?
>Full disclosure, we were already having some problems before the trip but this just made it 100x worse
I guess "be specific and provide details" wasn't very clear

This is the wrong answer. Completely. Relationships work on compromise not bending to your partner’s will.

Nah that's bullshit. My partying doesn't effect her (or it effects her minimally). I have my shit together amazingly for someone who is 28, and it's only going to get better from here.

Thats what I said, faggot. Compromise and party less. You said you aren't going to change at all. Therefore, you are a retard and will never have a successful relationship

To be honest I'm just drunk and venting right now. There is way too much context to explain. Appreciate the reasonable responses here. Please take some more nudes as my thanks.

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So what's the problem? You said she doesnt like you partying. Is that what's wrong or not?!

WAIT WAIT WAIT hold the phone,.....
what kinda parties are we talking about?
kick back with the bros? or wild dorm rager?

Don't blame you for this response (even though it's mostly wrong).
See: For my answer

Kick back with the boys. Literally go out for a few beers (or more, depending on the night) and come back and smash some lines and talk shit with the boys

okay then nah YOU NEED THAT SHIT BRO they are like family (at least for me) you need that bro time, 100% essential

>I party too much
>my girlfriend doesnt want me to party as much
>user says to compromise
>I dont want to compromise and your answer is wrong

People dont change. If you are not compatible until 25 years old youll never be. Dump her and dont worry, youll find someone right for you.

I do need that shit. It sounds ridiculous but I just really enjoy getting fucked up (fucked up meaning coke, alcohol and sometimes MDMA, although we really really overdo it). But she just doesn't get it.

everyone needs a temple, a location not associated with work, home, or stress, some go to the gym, some do yoga, fuckk some even read. Maybe a bar isn't the healthiest temple but it sounds like you've got your shit together enough to not be an alcoholic

I agree with this, if you're an asshole blaming everyone else for your problems then just dump her asap. Dont date anyone else. He's clearly the one with the problem

I know I party too much. But I am doing amazingly with my job, I have a great group of friends, great family life etc. etc.

So "partying too much" doesn't really mean much. I just know it's bad for me

imagine not wanting to hit this 24/7

if youd rather drink n party then smash this you are a faggot n should kys

here is the true compromise, change nothing except just replace coke with pre workout/creatine
you can say you're dialing it back while also getting rid of coke dick (plus get them gains)

If your relationship would be better if you partied less and you adamantly refuse to work on that, then dump her. You're not worth her time, just keep on partying and wasting your life user


I'm not blaming anyone for anything? I party too hard in the sense that it's clearly not good for me physically. But I seriously, seriously have my shit together. That's why it's tough to accept that it's such a serious problem for her.

More nudes for all the responses

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any ass??

>We're just so different in so many ways. She's an absolute 10/10 but I just don't know if we work together long term.
You're certainly not blaming yourself for this "extensional" crisis

Also wtf is wrong with her left tit?

I wish I had this pitiful type of "problem" in my life.

If you're already questioning it then you know its done you just haven't accepted it yet.

As I keep explaining. I have my shit together. I'm in great shape. I manage a team at a fairly big tech company making honestly ridiculous amounts of money and the rest of my life is great too. I'm trying to work out whether she's worth it (and I love her to bits).

This is pretty much what I expect from Cred Forums. If you had bother to read the rest of the thread you would actually know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, I just needed to vent and this is one of those times that reminds me that Cred Forums isn't just assholes. Cheers fellas

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Dude u have a super weird body wtf

Is that just the angle or is your torso just a rectangle and your legs are tiny?

She is holding up her arm, tits are made of fat which means they sometimes look funny when you squeeze them by lifting up an arm. Assuming you've never seen one in real life

Fuck that shit OP, you a bad person and you know it, Your alcoholism is going to catch up to you eventually. I suggest you make an effort to continuously improve your self. Never be content and say, I'm good enough. Is she worth it to be a better person or not?

You don't love her. You are in love with the idea of her and that pussy. My wife and I have very little in common, but we've been happy for years. To love someone means that you love their faults and differences. You don't have to agree or understand it. Plus, you sound like you're young. If you're under thirty, you're going to be a completely different person in a few years and so will she. Just enjoy the sex and stop thinking long term.

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less bar, more investments

You call that super weird because the angle of the photo makes my legs look smaller than they are? Just ignore the ripped abs, arms and shoulders. Classic Cred Forums

Are you able to get some poon immediately?
If so, make the hard choice, cut her off politely and easily as possible then fuck loads of birds to get over her on a biological level.
If not, perhaps look for another rope before you jump, then when you do enact plan A.

OP is a druggie and his girlfriend is upset because of it

Don't even know why I am biting on comments like this. I drink every weekend, and maybe once a month I'll have a big weeknight because that's what's expected in a company like mine. I am in under no illusions that I have a lot of personal things to work on (like anyone), but that's really not the point

I've never seen an ugly disgusting tit like that, no. My gf of 4 years has normal breasts that aren't disfigured such.

I could definitely get plenty of poon immediately. But that's not what I like doing.

Also, as promised, more photos.

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Here you go buddy, a photo without her arm above her head.

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Yes it is, you're an autistic loser with a hot gf and you don't want to better yourself to keep your hot gf

Really quite simple

How often are you snorting lines with the boys

Yeah man, her tit is disfigured and gross

sounds like that's exactly the point OP, You are like Kobe's helicopter, your flying right into the side of mountain and you don't even see it.

And they said there were no girls on Cred Forums.

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He sees it, he just wants to ignore it and blame his girl who is seemingly doing nothing wrong "she's a10/10"

To sum up OP story.
He's a cuck, tries to make girlfriend join his cucm shit with some friends.
She feels disgust and say no, she still likes him and is trying to help him.
OP being a major cuck doesn't want help.
Now is finding ways to blame her and plot a way out of the relationship, so he can find someone else to cuck him.

>I drink every weekend
As in, you get drunk Friday Saturday Sunday?

Hahahha well overall there have been mostly sincere responses, but this is Cred Forums so you're always going to get a few douchebags. For an autistic guy I seem to get a lot of very attractive girls.

BONUS: Ex photo

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All I’m saying is, if you know it’s not gonna work out it’s going to be harder to pull the pin on the relationship as time passes so the sooner the better.

The fucking loads of girls is a mechanism so you don’t want her back, nothing more nothing less

Generally at least one of Friday or Saturday, and generally one of them ends up on the bags

I've never denied that I party a bit too hard. But it's only on the weekends. It's only what I can afford (easily) and it never affects my time with my girlfriend. I really appreciate the legit and sincere answers here tonight, but there's always going to be a few dickheads trying to misconstrue what I am saying. I'm ok with that.

Anyway. I needed a bit of a vent. Really appreciate the people who have legitimately tried to reply / talk about it. I'm gonna head off in a second but I have a few more photos to share as thanks if anyone wants to see them


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>It's only what I can afford (easily) and it never affects my time with my girlfriend.

Da Nile is not just a river in egypt OP. Get Help