Be white male

>be white male
>almost all white guys go through high school without getting any pussy
>95% of white girls age 12-18 only date blacks.
>they are taking twerking classes only to attract black males
>kardashians and cassmeoutside are their role models
Should we whites just accept our fate and take the cyanide pill?

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We finally get rid of those postmortem colored whaleys.

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I like white girls

>95% of white girls age 12-18 only date blacks
this is statistically impossible

>95% of white girls age 12-18 only date blacks.
man stop tryharding these lies are so obvious

White girls are fun. They’re really easy to convince to cheat on their partner. My friend was going through a rough time with her bf and we were always really close. She admitted to having previous feelings for me and after some talking we came to a conclusion of us meeting and fucking the night away. She’s still dating that guy lol

must be tough luck to be an amerilard

as an amerilard you should kill yourself, completely independent of if you're a nigger or a wigger

america "white culture" "black culture"

you people are so fucked in the head with your lack of any culture


Grow some fucking balls incel. It's not that hard to get a gf.

Regardless if American culture is bad or good you cant look anywhere in the developed world without seeing American culture.

Black guys aren't any more well-endowed than white guys. They tend to have bigger asses though.

> be op
> having gay black cock fantasy's
> posting shitty threads on Cred Forums all day
Just go on craigslist and suck a black cock

What is American culture? Being obese and bad educated and starting a war every year? Your country is not even 300 years old and founded on a genocide and slavery. It was literally founded by religious retards and criminal scum which fled to another continent and wiped out nearly their whole native population. Now you think you have a democracy with your oligarchal A or B vote and think you free the world by starting wars for oil since centuries and having the highest war crime rate in the world.

I’m white, and when I was in high school I fucked all kinds of sexy white girls

>It's not that hard to get a gf.
OP is not interested in having a gf, he is hyper obsessed with black men, and the whole sissy shit. God knows why he includes white women in his fantasies, but apparently its a new thing in the gay community in order to reinforce the whole sub/dom roleplay with ''sissy whitebois and black men''.

>oh gosh, we're not real men, us whitebois cant compete, we should all become trannies and worship the bbc gods.
That's how the fetish goes.

He is projecting his own faggotry on everyone. He can't compete with anyone so he is projecting "it's because I'm white" ... He also seeks a reason why he should live his fetish sucking black cock. And then he is an incel for posting such shit on Cred Forums.

>95% of white girls age 12-18 only date blacks.

Huh, didn't know I was black.

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I wouldn't user. They'll come back to us once their black guy gives them a black eye, or god forbid when they finally breed and flee.

you goyim are pathetic

I hate all of 4chans cuck posting. This is bullshit.
I look after foster children and not even the black girls will date black boys. White girls literally say "ew"

These are the points where nobody wants them. If you're so desperate for pussy you'd take a niggers leftovers, you should neck yourself now.

Just show your dick to the sluttiest, and nature would take it course. I mean you have a big dick, right user?

damn that girl in pink knows what she is doing. how old is she?

Would happily breed blonde hair and blue eyes master race children with these two

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Same, can't believe a word of this

I'm a white chink, and I'm fucking a white girl rn, op is just a cuck.


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>95% of white girls age 12-18 only date blacks.
You don't seem to get how percentages work. Dude, if you love black dick so much, there are a lot of gay black guys. They will probably reject you too cause you're a fat fuck with a bad complexion.

>Should we whites just accept our fate and take the cyanide pill?
you should for sure

>bad educated