Holeshots and Asses

Holeshots and Asses

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N.D. spreading her big slutty pussy

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That thing is the size of my 1st apartment.

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Love em big like that

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That is result if her xxl dildo being inside her for over 3 hours, biggest gape so far.

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More ?


Nice big pussy on her

> *foghorn sounds*

Thats it

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Em looks amazing from any angle.

yeah it's a good size, decent capacity

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Wife's pussy

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19 y/o gf

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Close up of her holes

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I loooove huge, gaping holes.. so fucking hot when you can punch fist her..

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More asshole

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N.D. spreading from behind

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That,is fucking gorgeous! Quality! Same for ass too;-)
Fuck,i’d tongue her in both into the next century:-)


Want more??? Is what that should have said

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She's definitely fun to eat.

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Here's an old one. Also have another where I'm about to shove my cock inside her cunt

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The one I was talking about

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Wife's hole shot

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bro there's shit on your gfs ass

I agree.


does your gf have an infection? looks disgusting

After fisting her big cunt and fucking her ass

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A beauty

She doesn't bleach her asshole
Nope, none at all

no bro it has nothing to do with bleaching.
there are little bits of shit on your gfs asshole. zoom in. she just doesn't wipe. Disgusting

Dat shit rekt

Oh wow
Does she like to be rimmed

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No. Those are like little pimples. I pop them for her all the time.

It's only good when her pussy has been thoroughly stretched.

why does she have 20 yellow "pimples"? so she does have an infection?

Glad you approve! Here she is fucked hard, gaped, and sprayed down. Happy girl.

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If anything those are just little bits of toilet paper that clung to her ass cheeks.

Nope. They're just that color. Sometimes, I pop them with my teeth while rimming her. Sometimes they're tough I need to use a needle though.

keep her coming man I love her

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I preferred it when I thought it was shit

my slut

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That ass seems to have been enjoyed. Congrats user.

What the fuck

Mmmm, would love to bury my face in there while holding her warm, soft legs back.

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what the hell is wrong with you? let her get checked at a doctor.
thousand of yellow pimples around your asshole are not ok

Thank you sir, it was fun.

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I'd love to use my air compressor and blast that wide open and throw ping pong balls into it.

Sure thing. Wet and swollen here.

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discord gg/qPgSYg

How many kids?

Holy fuck, that is hot

Three kids.

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any preg pics?

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That's is open as she gets believe it or not that clam snaps right back into place and you would never guess it could gape like that.

Just this one. The night I impregnated her, and 8 months later.

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How's this?

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And this?

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Looks cute. How old is she?


Both same girl late 20s.

Enjoy her hole shot.

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jesus user, I'm diamonds

That ass hole has seen action aswell.

You like those holes then?

I'm not the one you replied to, but yeah, I'm enjoying her a lot (in fact, fapping)

More of her.

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Enjoy fapping over her, which pic the best?

the last one, that spread...

True it's amazing how she can do that. Enjoy her gape...

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Dubs on dubs gets another pic, here she is before any play

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thanks user

No probs hope she helping with flapping?

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Fantastic body.

already finished, really good fap tbh, she's amazing

Close up of her wrecked cunt

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Thanks and triple 7s too. She did that at a party once and 4 guys stood infront of her and fapped it didn't take long for them.

damn, I usually endure a lot more tbh, but she's super great, it'd be so awesome to cum to her in real life
wide, open pussies are just a fetish of mine, she is one of the best I've seen so far

Yes the biggest I've seen aswell and it's so hot when she opens herself up. Her hole looks amazing in real life and truly wide. Glad you enjoyed her.

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my god, she needs to shave better.

get her a wax appointment.