Is it wrong to fall in love with a dead girl?

Is it wrong to fall in love with a dead girl?

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Oh this is that stupid bitch who got her throat cut by that beta faggit!!!

Fuck that guy, idk what happened to him but I hope he gots life in prison

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Yea if you’ve ever seen a photo of that dude you’d laugh out loud. Textbook Insecure Beta Fag

actually thats pretty funmy

Wouldnt be a "right or wrong" kind of deal. Seems stupid, immature and ultimately fruitless to fall in love with her now.

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Ik but she was so gorgeous it's really hard not to

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No I've been married to Nikki Catsouras since 2006.

He pled not guilty to second-degree murder and the district attorney made an offer for 25 to life, but he rejected it.

It's pathetic, but no.

This fucking cunt did just about everything she could to get herself killed. There was a dude from /soc/ that gave everyone the rundown at one point.

There is nothing that I hate more than some average looking whore who exponentially overvalues her physical attractiveness and manifests that opinion of herself in her behavior. On top of that, she was absolutely out of her mind. There was nothing of value that was lost and she had it coming.

it is stupid to fall in love with a girl because you saw few cute pictures of her online.


>the fucking terrible person she was

Yes and you're pathetic

Too bad she was underaged and the multiple nudes she sent will never see the light of day

This, this right here. Do you see it?

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As long as you call no necro before you fuck her.

biggest fjucking faggot ever

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You’re in love with the make up

She's pretty cute, but honestly, she should've seen this coming with the way she acted.

Who are you guys talking about?

Finding something attractive & love are 2 different things OP.


It just makes the inevitable hurt 10 times worse. Don't. Just don't.

GiGi, I think.

>posting your own suicide for ratings
We're doomed.

You can't "fall in love" with someone you don't know. The idea of "love at first sight" is ridiculous because love, like beauty, are not skin deep. At least not to those with any depth of character or understanding. This is why people who look attractive on the outside are often exposed as horrible, shallow assholes and those who are physically deformed or handicapped in some way are often shown to be some of the most compassionate and loving people on Earth. Is this ALWAYS the case? No. However it isn't like it's a rare thing either. You cannot tell me you love someone simply because you are taken with their outward appearance. This is why many "relationships" fail. Because we mistake our lust for real feelings when it is nothing more than our desire to take them to bed. The fact that we want to be in a relationship with them has nothing to do with love. It is because we want this person to ourselves. We want to be able to "lay with them" more than once, and a relationship is a pretty good way to accomplish this. It's shallow but it's reality. However, on the flip side, sometimes "friends with benefits" end up having feelings for each other (or at least one of them does). But this is after they sleep together a hundred times and begin to KNOW EACH OTHER. It's inevitable that eventually you start to know the person you sleep with every week. You're bound to learn SOMETHING about them and who they are. You clowns are the reason relationships are a laughing joke in 2020.

it depends. do you have the corpse? if not, you wouldn't be able to express your physical love and the relationship would be senseless

Whats the dudes name? Wanna look him up

Is this who you guys are talking about?

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she had sex with a ugly bald guy? she had the bar set pretty low. I think any of us would have had a shot to at least fuck her

his name was Robert Paulson

I need story pls

Who? Looks like a trap, eww

even if you can't read, you should be able to follow along just by looking at the pictures

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What is her name?

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No, it's honorable. They probably sowed her head back on for the funeral. If you did her up, you could cut it off again.

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There’s nothing I hate worse than retarded people. And everything you wrote is fuckin retarded. The fuck do you mean... exponentially overvalues her physical attractiveness and manifests that opinion of herself? And average looking, compared to? Because both are subjective. So who the fuck would you be that your opinion is valued over another? So you have an opinion. Congratulations. That in no way suggests she deserved what happened to her. Your suggestion that it did based on you not liking the fact that she possessed a high degree of self-confidence and the faggot that killed her, or even you for that matter, possesses is not the cause for her death. The immaturity of people like you, your inability to deal with the fact that literally no one cares about you or what you like or what your feelings are, that is why this type of shit happens. Nobody fuckin cares how you value another human being. The fuck is the matter with you?

careful there incel, you'll hurt your warrior typing hands

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kek, what a vapid whore, good riddance to bad rubbish.

Shut your dumb face cunt. Doesn’t change shit son. Nobody gives a fuck what you think but your whore mother

here you go nig

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you can stay mad all you want, here have some salt on that open wound

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stop this faggotry at once

Kek, who you calling incel, incel? You're like one of those “internet” tough guys. It’s funny.

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Doesn’t change anything

you are an incel, you internet tough guy.

lurk moar newfag this is nothing new

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RH pic is Beasley Ave in CHCH New Zealand. Used to live there. How are pics related??

So wait, she died because of some faggots feelings?

I hope this guy gets ass fucked in prison on the daily.

probably will, sounds like a faggot


They’ll be fucking him while thinking about her.

basically, yea. but see She wasn't a good girl by any means

One down, plenty more to go.

wew lad

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necrophilia is a paraphilia
just fugg your mom

Thx m8

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Only if you follow through with your dreams.

I hope I meet her when I go to Heaven. How do I get there sooner? Fingers crossed!

Who the fuck is she?


What am I missing here?
Now I’m more confused than I was asking about Bealey relevance.

how can one be so retarded?

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You really don't know, do you old man?

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Bianca davis

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Wrong. It's devins

Not exactly wrong but kinda unfulfilling

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u dont know what u r saying

A bald millineal fucked a zoomer and cut her throat.... Sounds about normal for Cred Forums. Not surprised to learn these two tards met thru /soc/ and fucked off an on for several months. Her sister claims they had been dating for awhile an the girls mom even liked him...Pretty retarded family.

let's ignore the dead

it's someone on the internet you only know pictures of

this makes you a massive simp and puts you on the emotional development of a nine year old girl

check out my cool new spacing

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Its not but only if you intend to dig up her corpse & have your way w it. Post pics.

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Yeah, it's prob what'd you can expect for rejects that hook thru a Chan site. And reading the texts this bitch sent the dude bragging about cheating on him, admitting she sent nudes to boomers for cash - not surprised she got an new vent cut in her throat.

>new vent cut in her throat

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Wasn’t she a complete bitch to people? I know she went by something Xanax related at some point.

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What's the story behind that pic?

It's just some guy with a prop

I don't know why dudes get emotionally attached to women.

that surely is news to me, but yeah I can assume that she knew her average-ass had a bunch of incel orbiters and she could fall back on many of them.

ofc she was. She was mildly attractive vagina owner, so she was clearly entiteled to free money from men

i hope not

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I’m not 100% sure that’s her but I saw that screenshot floating around the internet when news of her death fame out. I think this screenshot is her tho

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fake corpse, mannequin from NCIS series !

Yup. Can't remember her "chanslut" name, but she was a regular on / soc/ and /r9k/. Some other /soc/ regs claim she posted lewds a few times there & on Cred Forums, but don't try to search for them cause she was apparently underage when posting them. Anyway, she banged the bald dude a few times, lead him to think they were exclusive, then started asking him for money continuously, playing headgames with the dude once she knew he was on the hook. When he wouldn't send her money or buy her shit, she would brag about fucking other dudes, sending old guys lewds for $. So the bald guy went loony tunes got all choppy choppy to her neck.

The killer is in jail awaiting trial for her murder, and facing new, unrelated charges.

Her death is still unfortunate in a moral standpoint but I honestly don’t feel bad. She was a total bitch that played with people’s emotions and had an inflated ego. The fact that people are going around calling her angel and shit just because the big scary guy from the internet killed her is retarded

Seek help.

never heard of her until this post, but knowing what happened makes me hard. Would love to use her corpse.

Live a good life and don't be selfish. This is a big part of what it takes, i think. I too hope to meet someone in particular if i get there :) we'll see each other too user!

it's not love

>Is it wrong to fall in love with a dead girl?

Kid, it just might be the only thing that's right in this messed up world

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Sick fuck

its a guaranteed cheap date and she wont talk back or whine when you dry fuck her in the ass

good find user, thanks for the kek, that stupid fuck cant do anything right!

Is she related with davis tennis cup?

morally, no
in terms of your own mental health? yes. it will only bring you pain

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a child is dead

For some reason during the last few days her name has reappeared again on various boards. Im wondering if all posts are made by the same incel loser. Also why the fuck were people so into her? Why are you STILL orbiting her? She's insanely average, boring body and okish face. The only thing that made her look different than the other average looking high school girls was the fact that she dyed her hair pink and styled herself like an e thot. Your love for e girls is the most pathetic thing ever, it's even worse than normies with their love for celebs. With celebs I can atleast see that they have entertainment value but those Instagram sluts do nothing but post mediocre photos and send nudes on gay discord servers. They will never care about you and they will laugh about your sweaty ass behind your back.

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easy man, just relax

Are you talking about just deceased people or their corpses?

I loved her first