I like to think that all his bones stabbed all his organs resulting in self inflicted black on black crime...

I like to think that all his bones stabbed all his organs resulting in self inflicted black on black crime. oh and his mashed up dick-meat mingled with his daughters tattered ho ha (Again)

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Yep, this is a based thread

This is just loner shit, you're pathetic and creepy

i wonder what the last thing was the went through his mind, before the helicopter blade.

A lot of fear and regret, I hope

atleast that chick in colorado he raped has finally got justice.

What a great analysis you should do an msnbc interview KEK

>i wonder what the last thing was the went through his mind, before the helicopter blade.
not much
he was a black basketballer, after all

This is what happens when you're blasting tha baby with huge subwoofers, smoking pounds of marijuana, and having a kfc and watermellon fight on a helicopter... The ntsb won't acknowledge it, and are referrring to the haze of marijuana smoke as "fog conditions". Wake up SHEEPLE

dreams of drinking 40's of malt liquor and eating fried chicken.

Oh, and also rape.

Can't forget the rape

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RIP kobe watermelon windu

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Try not to cut yourself on all that edge


You're next.

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Kobe held his daughter in his arms, well knowing that he could do nothing to save his baby’s life. Someone he saw take their first breathe, first steps, first words... All he could do in that moment was hold her and tell her it was going to be okay, watching his baby take her last breathe.

She was a cum bucket, not a rape victim


>His mashed up dick-meat mingled with his daughters tattered ho ha.

Black men amirite?

Why not both?



Wow, you’re so cool and edgy.

I like to think he stayed alive for, at least, 5 minutes after the crash, was in immense pain, and got to see his dead daughter's mangled body

she should go the crash site and piss on it

This is a stupid way to die but he lived life experiences for 100 people.
Shame for the girls though, fuck that..

My man!

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I like the fact that he lived more in 40 years than anyone here will in their life. That he inspires millions of people while people here coom to trannies, that he will be remembered for generations to cone, while you will die incels

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i'd rather be Dead him than Alive you.

do the world a favor and jump off a tall building, nigger

I'd rather you just be a dead you

Do your mom a favour and kill yourself, you are a burden to her, and scare off her boyfriends

You can be as hateful as you want but it wont change the fact that no one will care when you die. You'll never be even 1/10th as significant as Him.

I wonder, are there any pics of the crash site and the mangled corpses? Cred Forums is usually good at finding that stuff.

This is torturing the average poltard a black man richer than they will ever be, who achieved something in life they never will. Who is talked about and loved by the world. Its eating them alive nobody shares their view but some loli cooming user

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that was corny. you fags need something original

He's right though, your meagre pathetic existence won't even be remembered by your own immediate family.

White men can't jump.

Black men can't land.

At least I am not a nigger.

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at least I'm not a nigger

are you me?

I like the cut of your jib.

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Shut up jew nigger

how poetic and gay

>he inspires millions of people
Tut tut tut, Black people only matter 3/5 of whites.

You will never matter, he will always matter

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I'd be embarrassed to create such a lame thread.

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When was any street renamed to Martin Luther King BLVD an improvement?

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>he will always matter
to niggers and retards that don't matter. so actually, he doesn't and never will matter by proxy

>You have to renew streets to matter
Thanks user i had a good laugh

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That nigger's contract with Satan just got cashed out. Lebron kills his record and a day later, he's a fucking meatball on the side of a hill.

Someones mad

a house that's barely caving in, an air conditioner, and a cell tower next door. this is the Buckingham Palace of the nigger world

He is relevant to the majority of the world to people who matter, you are irrelevant and unknown, and will die like that let that sink in bitch

ok nigger

>to people who matter
to people that matter in your mind. like I said, niggers and retards because I can't think of one single thing that he has done to improve my life. It's sad that a nigger playing with a basketball has enriched your pathetic life somehow

And they couldn't even dream of building that in the first place lol

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Not black, just not a pathetic coomer like you

Is this person well known in America? Who is it

Its called sports you fat coomer, it makes the majority happy like video games make you happy

Go back to work henry


I just got off a 12 hour shift at the tire factory, I can ridicule the bad decisions of the darkies if I want to.

stop trying to make "coomer" become a thing.

>instantly triggered by facts

Nobody outside of the US will know who this darkie was, don't feel bad

Only coomers and basement dwellers will not know, rest of us outside the US do know