Where is the cockpit located on the ship

Where is the cockpit located on the ship

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top of the suacer

But i just watched the first episode and they split them apart and they were flying the bottom half with the engines? Im confused

right side of the falcon

there is a battle bridge for the bottom section when the saucer is detached

In the best looking female on board

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How the hell did they get there, there wasnt a scene that showed them moving there

poor continuity i guess

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What if the aliens sneak up from under the ship?

they don't always show the away team walking down the halls to the transporter room to transport down to the planet either.

the take one of the three turbolifts. there is one that goes directly to the battle bridge

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Transporters kill you and make a facsimile.

You know the bridge isn't for looking out of, most of their 'looking' is done with arrays of sensors, pointed in every direction, including down. If they could sneak up from under the ship they could sneak right up to the nose.


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Which is irrelevant unless it fails to destroy the original.

p sure this is too much autism even for this board

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an autist would know the diffence between a "cockpit" and a bridge. OP is just 12.

Yeah i watched alot of the episodes on the Space channel on tv but now im going to watch them all in order on Netflix

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That just makes it even worse faggot.

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Wherever Troi is

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ummm, you know it's not real right?

Actually is is, they used a model not CGI.

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Right above the balls

You contribute nothing to the world.

Don't forget the bridge on the saucer section can detach in an emergency and maintain life support for two or three days.

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This made me hate life, thanks.

> Where is the cockpit located on the ship

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Anyone watch Star Trek Picard?

"You either die a hero or live long enough to see Alex Kurtzman produce your show"

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>tfw my favorite enterprise

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>Where is the cockpit located on the ship
Riiight here.

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I liked it. Just hope Patrick Steward doesn't die before it ends.


i have this book so i know the answer. i also know everything about this ship. even the inner details of how transporters work. i could literally walk on to that ship and be an officer with this book in my hands.

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shit son, i have that book boxed away in the attic. Got it at the star trek exhibition way back fucking when.

then we can report for duty together. i could be captain with this book.

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