Goodnight Trumpkins

Goodnight Trumpkins

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hope someone puts a bullet in him, deserves it
love from australia

Never underestimate the ability of the lickspittle Republican senators to bury their heads in sand and deny that the sky is indeed blue. Their Overlords like Hannity and foxnews will demand it and show the way forward.

Any day, right, libtard?

Shut up, libtard.

Still mad she lost, libtard?


Naw, you're exactly the type of retard the Democrat party hopes for though


Not a bot, you're just losing.

Oh no, not the guy known to be an incompetent liar? However will we recover from a titanic fuck--up like Bolton lying to stupid people to sell books?

I'm liberal as fuck, but I don't see this changing things. The whole point of every hypocritical move the GOP made was to ease in the rejection of the rule of law. A soft coup. I hate it. I think we will have to resort to civil disobedience to uphold the rule of law.

So corrupt is the orange man.
That's the reason why the articles are contrived nonsensical retardation. They knew libs like you would buy it.

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>Shockingly low IQ, the post.

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then why didn't them dems call bolton as a witness?

Seethe, libtard.

Stay mad, libtard.

They did

Ah user hit too close to home. Kek


Blow it out your ass, libtard.

>civil disobedience
Do it, it’ll be funny


What are you on about?

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Here is the Democrats strategy. Told in 6 seconds. By a Democrat.

You just don’t get it. Most people don’t care if trump did it or not. It doesn’t meet the requirements for removal from office.
You lost in 2016, and now the Democrats are using impeachment to try to stop him winning in 2020. That’s all this is.

The Senate Republicans have already said they're voting to acquit. Trump's going to be re-elected, OP. Sperging on 4skin and samefagging your own thread relentlessly isn't going to prevent the inevitable.

Sorry to tell you this, but bribery is a reason for removal, which is what this is.....

This. And 17 posters, 27 replies....op makes it painfully obvious he's Samefagging his own thread. That's just sad.

The Repubs will end up regaining control of the House too. Democrats really fucked their 2020 chances.

Shut up, libtard.

Stop talking from your sperg viewpoint and believing you have anything worthwhile to add.

In other words, KYS.