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can i see her barefeet?

more please someone pots barefeet pics

Unfortunately don't have any on my phone

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you have really hot pics! i want to taste them so badly.


Anyone wanna see some oc from me?

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what's a trap OP?

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yes can i see your feet please?

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not feet but maybe butt stuff

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gg sfqKZ5q

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Ya'll really are just a bunch of gay ass trannys here, huh.

some OC

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You have a bunch of scat saved on your computer, you sure showed us.

Not even remotely passable. But nice big sociable cock.

Very cute

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would facefuck/10

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hey fagz

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whoops forgot pic

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hope we are all well. I just bought a bunch of stuff off my amazon wishlist so buzzin lol

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i dont have any bare feets of her either

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can i see your barefeet?

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such a cute little rape doll

Based sneakers

Mor plx

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Bring back Fiona Please

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I'd take that out to olive garden and smash in the back seat of my 1999 Toyota corolla

Fuckin hot

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>implying this is a trap and not just a drag queen

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what the fuck! this fucking tranny has a bigger cock than me, it is fucking unfair! shit i hate this crap!

Reminds me of Kat in this one
Miss Kat :/

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hahahaha tiny dick faggot, youll be the next girl, get you some heels and panties

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sauce???? O_O

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she has such a great smile!
and an amazing booty

Erin Anderson

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Well pardner, I do say that there might be the cutest cock in the west.

Thank ya! Took some pictures on a better cam that I need to copy over lol

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big girldick energies

>trap thread
>barely passable hons
It's all so tiring

can i see your barefeet?

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.... New pics?
>*My body is ready*

Where can I find some qt traps around NYC? Basically all on grindr are prostitutes..

oh its you!!!! Hi Katey! Thats great, im excited to see more of your smile!


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just pay them whats the problem

Go to your local lgbt bar?

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aint no one ever gonna get trapped by lingerie larry over there

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i want a qt trap to do this with me

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Femenine buttholes & penis

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so hot, please post more of her!

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whos on the left

sauce in filename Cred Forumsro

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alicealpaca on cb

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Could've used more lighting and was kinda rushing to take these. Didn't get a whole lot of positive feedback when I posted them lol

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Cause I ain't made of money? And they ain't my type. With the big fake tits and all.

Could try hooking up with acquaintances I guess. A few are mtf

True. That's an option. I'm just in the suburbs so. Not many of those exist here.

Wish she was active still..

theres that katey smile! i like your outfit, and please squish me with those sexy thighs! i agree with you that more lighting would help, natural light is great if you can get some

My lewd short dress comment was not positive?
Got me positively hard though

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are there more like the first one? i mean without makeup and stuff, shes beautiful without any help. also who is she? my google-fu is weak today and i cant find her

Holy shit.

>who is she?

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>Wish she was active still..
she is on discord ;p
i wish i was closer to NYC

thank you user

last one

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Desperate to be treated like trash and made fun of. The more fucked up the better daddy. Kik surferkid32

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>"i got attacked by a ghost"
she wut

Well... Mmm... Thstd good to know. But actually getting it?

discord gg/qPgSYg

Ghost be super phobic ;(

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Mostly take pictures at night so natural lighting isn't really available
I said not a lot of positive feedback, not none c:

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Any more bae

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they do be like that sometimes
im liking her humor, thanks for the link

That little sneak peak of the ass. Nice

Ass pics please

Forgot to mention how I like the open back on that dress. So much room to place kisses all over

Why not the full thing?

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hons > all

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Even better

>Mostly take pictures at night
i get it, youre doing great with what you have cutie! That dress is the perfect length, just teasing us with your cute booty!

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i think your great booty needs some spanks and squeezes ;)

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I wish i had more time/money to dress

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well I don't fuck men but I also don't understand why anyone would want to look like one either. Women are perfect, and the more I think so the more I want to be one as well.

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Agp for us

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I don't get offended by that term but I also don't think it applies either. I don't understand why anyone would want to be a man while watching tv or cooking dinner either, not just while having sex.

Dress was shorter than anticipated, flowy but not long enough to conceal a boner...

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may i see your barefeet please?

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is there an acceptable response when a girl tells you shes trans?
because when i said i already figured that out, she called me a chaser and ghosted me

>not long enough to conceal a boner
id help you with that boner ;p

Always play dumb

Dare super late campus walk in that dress

Ok but were you chasing

seriously though is right, play dumb and also play conflicted, like wow, I really like you a lot but this is nothing something I've ever done before and blah blah blah, make sure the reveal delays sex by at least 20 minutes, during which she genuinely thinks you're a REGULAR DUDE WHO DOESN'T EVEN REALLY KNOW OR THINK ABOUT TRANS PEOPLE BUT SOMEHOW CAME COMPLETELY AROUND TO THE IDEA OF FUCKING ONE IN NO TIME FLAT. It's a hard line to toe but if you pull it off she'll be putty in your hand because in one fell swoop she will think she passes so well that you really had no idea but also that a completely regular dude who only likes cisgirls found her so irresistable that he started putting dicks in his mouth out of nowhere.

There is no good response for the mentally ill. You just have to play along.

>Ok but were you chasing
i don't think so, i didnt chat her up or ask her out because shes trans, i thought she was cute so i chatted her up, and i liked talking to her so i asked her out to get to know her better.

yeah it's a double edged sword, because chasers are generally gross weirdos so transgirls run from them immediately

the impossible needle to thread is that transgirls want you to want them neither because of nor in spite of their transness. They want their transness out of the equation entirely.

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Attached: 1578147821894.jpg (2745x1570, 300K)

would any of you on HRT recommend it?

>chasers are generally gross weirdos
They want to fuck men. What did you expect?

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I really like that Bailey guy, he seems fun. And even though he's gotten older and chubbier he's still very hot. Top tier.


if it has a hole, i'm fucking it.

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that was 10 years ago, show a current pics plz

is dat natalie mars?

>show a current pics plz
dont have any

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How about children, animals and corpses?

no idea

Can't current bc they all an hero after a while

post violet

post more

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Trap server gg/dGThtD

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Attached: 1575060639542.jpg (392x442, 65K)

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Attached: 1572912075269.jpg (960x625, 72K)

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Attached: 1572914476698.jpg (540x640, 80K)

Attached: AdolfHitler.jpg (432x282, 34K)

Attached: h i t l e r.jpg (300x300, 13K)

Attached: 1579556389346.jpg (813x1024, 70K)

Attached: 1579119615904.png (538x489, 284K)

Still hot

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He has to be autistic. Imagine being so booty blasted about shemale porn, you go to great lengths to save a bunch of scat and post it endlessly in threads every day. He's just a pathetic NEET faggot.

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Attached: 1572908648193.jpg (303x375, 30K)

Attached: Der Anfang.jpg (2140x1460, 624K)


Attached: 1563932823678.png (606x808, 622K)

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Attached: love u.jpg (636x900, 809K)

blue board retard, no porn allowed


>>Cred Forums
straight board retard, no gay porn allowed


trap threads aren't random faggot

are you upset because these dudes look better than any girl you have the slightest chances of getting with ever?

>im a hottie
Eh, nah. Looks better as a female though, I guess.

>Cred Forums
>trap threads aren't random faggot
niether is nigger porn or loli-pedo, go shit up their thread dicklover

This person does not pass.

he's just a crossdresser tho.

not just any scat porn either

its fucking 40 year old transvestite male scat porn lol

>look better
only to a homosexual

nah, just to anyone with eyes
stay mad kiddo

how delusional, are you taking hrt?

i was pointing out that youre no better than the rest of us faggots, not implying that i was here by accident, nor in denial of my sexual orientation.

What happened to sweet little Ellie Carr

>i was pointing out that youre no better than the rest of us faggots
at least I am straight
>in denial of my sexual orientation
you all are

tia tizziani happened to her, now shes a daddys girl somewhere

i'm bi dipshit get out of here


oh that's me! xD

Always feel shameful when jacking it to traps.
But doing it for our leader I can only feel pride.