New celeb thread

New celeb thread
Who are your top 3?

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Number 1, 2 Camila, 3 Ariana Grande

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G, MZ, Bonnie Wright

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best emma
Keanu reeves

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Dua is so hot
I mean Ari too but Dua on another level

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Hi dfu

Big ol feets!

Yes, Dua number 1 on my list

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Damn she is so cute

Where does one send an application to become her eunuch foot maintenance servant?

She needs to become a hucow.

Not dadfu but hi
I wish I knew

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That's not me
I don't post without saying anything
Very reasonable

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1. Joey 2. Maisie 3. Chloe Moretz

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Oh yah joeyposter is back
This is still awkward

Haiiii dfu :D where ya been buddy

1. JJ
2. Dua
tryna find a third still

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Christ I need to sort through her new pics sometime soon

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I was busy
How are you?

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Good, been missing you & the sanity you always brought to these threads

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How does she have tan lines and still look so perfect?


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Literally hand crafted by the Lord himself and placed upon this earth to serve BBC.

Those are some nice birthing hips.

Mhm, sure bd

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for real

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Nom nom nom

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Not bd

Hi bd

Lol, she's cool like that
She will be good for bearing sons

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Whatever then, I can't convince you

Do you think she has juicy milk?

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I wish my weak goy seed was strong enough to penetrate her thick jewess eggs.

I don't quite believe you

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>ywn schmear your bagels with cream cheese made from her milkies


Goddess tier tootsies!

Brief reminder that those threads are basically 3 anons samefagging.

Right now:
1. JJ
2. Maddie
3. Meika

Long time favs:
1. Elle
2. Cara
3. Rachel Cook

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maddie is a guy. dadfu confirmed it

I don't know about that. All I know is ae need more content from our queen, ever since she broke up with Jack she doesn't do anything anymore lol

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How come JJ remains so popular and Lexee more or less disappeared?

1 Rexha
2 Dua
3 Chloe

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Fuck I need to blow raspberries on that tummy.

You can say that out loud. I love them

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Well I can't prove it, I mean other than I'm not posting scat or some shit

Yep I know what you mean
Fo sho

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I'll believe you for now

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Kill yourself.
Why do you hate beautiful women? Why do you want them to get raped and murdered?
Seriously, kill yourself.

*not yet

1. Mbb
2. Mbb
3. Mbb

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