Loli thread

Loli thread
>cats and lolis are mandatory
>cross breeding between the two is desireable
-Catguy xoxo

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FBI: Incident number is 1826348G. Hope your VPNs are strong.

Ohh... that was the same case number that an indian IRS consultant told me this morning. Are you sure you're not here for the smol bobs and vagene?

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Now I want to see a cat fucking a Loli...

Loli x shota?

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'morning fagguy

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Kill yourself, glownigger. Long live loli.

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Cool, cool!

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I changed the wording so you can't say the same thing back


Donald Duck had a point, though. They could have made more money just being a damn amusement park.

wickr goodtimesroll5

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Nice, nice.

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You've already used that one but I'll let it slide this time since I was non-specific

yes, his #110

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Yes, yes!

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Thanks faggot

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Great, great.

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god that fluffy tail again

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vrchat looks like THAT!?

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more like this

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Thank me later boys

gg /bbG8hC

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Found the source of the character ... but what app is actually driving that character that good? I never found any AR apps that can drive a model that well.

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a cute

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But what app does he use to drive it?

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looking into it

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look like unity and vuforia

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if i were to make this i'd just use blender honestly, it'd get the same result

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ive reverse image searched, it appears to be from blender

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bump. can i get some loli rape?

lets talk about loli
w: giran22


this please

guess i'll post some of what i have since no one else is

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Idk it looked very stable unlike other AR apps actually on the market atm. I mean it really even tracks the shaking of the phone.

Also why aren't you guys making something more complex. Some AI API to control a character and full AR experience. That's like keeping your waifu in your pocket.

I think we can tap in the new konosuba AI.

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Blow your brains out, pedophiles.

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what kind of game/program/app is this ?

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Brainchan here, also the poster who said if i did it it'd be in blender. I actually am (slowly) in the process of making my waifu.. not in my pocket though. My waifu is chi, and I'm a software engineer who specializes in machine learning and ai

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There's not much difference between a rape pic and a normal pic

This looks like a nice concept... but instead of placing the character she literally walks over when you point the phone. I know that most devices must have a ToF sensor, but as we can see, cameras work really well.

And what would be the final integration into? Computers, some projection external device? Sounds good. I myself am a hardware developer... so I have no idea how the internal workings of the software would be. I have minimal knowledge of programming.

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Blow your brains out, pedophile.

The hardware would be a full robotic model, obviously not as good as animu cuz animu aint real. But still, hopefully able to walk and whatnot. My first goal will be the software and hopefully balancing and mechanics for bipedal robotics will be cheaper / better at that point

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Just don't. No robotics man.
An idea that I could work on would be, hardware wise a system of plexiglass deflectors around your house. A tracking system for your position and HM style of projection in your proximity.

But it would be useless just for the "cuteness" factor. It would be great to have it linked to google or alexa api and actually control your house. Call her and she'll be there.

And like I said, even AR would be nice.

I made some projection follow concepts and tests and it works just fine. The smartness behind the waifu is only missing.

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Blow your brains out, pedophile.

wickr hotbun
If you want some support with your thoughts

Y'all must've never tried this. They have tongues like sandpaper.

Jesus christ, kill yourself.

Blow your brains out, pedophile.

the reason im going for robotics is entirely because tis a dream of mine to build a chobit one day, its one of the things that originally got me into tech. i like projection and whatnot, but its not portable at all. what kind of smartness are you looking for? may be able to help you out user

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Blow your brains out, pedophile.

stfu faggot

Of course projection is not portable. But it's multi-point. What I did, was a tracking system, that tracked my face/body and displayed the character model (static 2d in the test I did a few years ago) in my close proximity, or in the direction I was looking. The test was made using 6 DLP projectors, arduinos and live software on a pc. Never got any further and gave up...

It was not portable, sure, but it was all around my house. and in one room I had 3 instances of her - near bed, near office and near the door when I'm heading out.

>what kind of smartness are you looking for
Google assistant like smartness with custom personality.

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discord gg/nnngr8

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Blow your brains out, pedophile.

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I could probably help you out with that if it's a project you're still pursuing. It's just a bit of parsing text when it comes to being like google assistant, and the personality is just some preset actions / scripts that use algorithms to "randomize" it smartly.. which doesn't make sense but meh.

Are you the one that posts the wholesome loli nekos?

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faggot stfu

>Google assistant
>It would be great to have it linked to google or alexa api
Ah yes, you want Google to spy on you more. At least they already know you're a pedophile.

Blow your brains out, pedophile.

I unironically want to fuck a little girl.

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Daily reminder that Discord and Wickr are FBI traps.

Tell asshurt faggots telling you to kill yourself to STFU.

Good luck on following your dreams

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Blow your brains out, pedophiles.

sauce? love me some chubby lolis

Yeah. I gave up on that basically because I had those software problems and the ... DLP weren't actually cheap. The first test were with decent priced 500 lumens projectors, which were great at night, but shit in daylight. I only got good results in full daylight with at least 2k lumens professional dlp's... and they were 1.8k$ a piece. Most of them have now burnt lamps.

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Daily reminder that pedophiles are better off dead, preferably in excruciating pain as they go :)

stfu asshurt faggot

>3D CP fag is back and butthurt telling people to blow their brains out
Rip thread

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Blow your brains out, pedophiles.

Go back to your darkweb shithole like the nigger you are

I N C O R R E C T .
we are human with human emotions. child/adult love was tolerated in pre-Christian society. Kike-loving Christcucks BTFO

I still have no idea who you think I am or why

and die fag :)

Blow your brains out, pedophile.

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Aww, upset and edgy. Kill yourself, pedophile.

Nice opinion you have there.

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blow your brains out, moralfag

damn user, that sucks. this picture is also uniroically some of my favorite youve posted, i hate the lewd shit but the rest is comfy. im out of cropped pics and they just get more gruesome from here, so see ya

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You're going into loli threads and telling people they're pedos because of how insecure and broken you are that no one likes you here. You kill yourself 3D CP fag

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Blow your brains out, pedophiles.

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Yeah. See ya brian-chan.
-Catguy xoxo

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At least you admit you know being a pedophile is wrong :)

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Blow your brains out, pedophile ;)

These are the type of people who'll shit on loli threads and call you a pedo. Take note

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Pedophiles are so easy to upset.

>having an uncontrollable predisposition for something is wrong

Blow your brains out, pedophile.

Moral authorities of the past have bemoaned women on bicycles, theater and beans. You can imagine how I think of your ilk.

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Blow your brains out, pedophile

Blow your brains out, pedophile.

fuck it. if you wanna talk tech more, hmu. also id be interested in your nonlewd dump

70FFFE662730B62B54F1 CA0AFFC7FCB5349693 A2EC889834ED359234 7A3251404774648C2608

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I think is funny how you assume anger from so little a basis, I guess to convince yourself you're not losing your time.
I'm just yanking your chain lad. The alternative would be a silent dump and this is more fun.

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Blow your brains out, pedophile.

Blow your brains out, pedophile.

lol no

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Pedophiles should blow their brains out.

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>70FFFE662730B62B54F1 CA0AFFC7FCB5349693 A2EC889834ED359234 7A3251404774648C2608
You lost me here. But in the next thread I may post a link to everything I have. I'll host it on wetransfer. I don't know any other account free hosts that can hold multiple files.

Also atm I barely have a few pics on this pc... the server died... the main raid (which was a 0) was killed, but I believe the achive SAS which was not raided is still fine. But I don't have a SAS reader.

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Ok, brb.

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ah, no worries. it was tox

Blow your brains out, pedophiles.

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Ah yes, the "these people are also bad so it's okay for me to be a pedophile" defense. Kill yourselves.

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Pol is so easy to scandalize.

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any ideas ?

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Attached: lgbt child castration.png (496x767, 360K)

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You're so incredibly not triggered.

fuck off to pol newfag

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bunch of fucking pedophiles

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That's a very sharp observation. I'm sure you hear this all the time, but I appreciate your keen insight.

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what the fuck does this have to do with lgbtq/trans stuff? personally I'm conservative. would you rather we look at real cp? cuz that's the other option besides anime pics mate.

no, we're not gonna kill ourselves just because someone online got asshurt and told us too, but go ahead and do it anyway...

Newfags and their spam come and go, loli is eternal. I will make the next thread if no one else does.

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all of you should be locked up and fucked by niggers

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make sure to include something about Discord/Wickr fags being glows and to ignore spam plz

I'm not even a furry and thats cute as FUCK I need to know the source

but we won't be
deal with it fag
drink your soy

All trannies need to die along with conservatives. Fucking pedos.

Nice to know what some user somewhere believes should happen.
I believe we shouldn't do that, so you can put that information with the rest of it.

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fuck off feminist cuck


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>Oh? You're approaching me?

oh, you're a roastie? here I thought you were a soyboy :)

have fun with that monthly bleed

If you know how to keep yourself pretty private those investigators can be good for larping

Id fuck his tight boi puccy.

No. Putting anything except loli on the OP can trigger mods, so I won't.
>political opponent bad, let's ignore centuries of traditional child marriages.

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Think that is AI girl by Illusion Games. If not, it's probably another game by Illusion, they churn out like four per year.

Thank you very much.
Now off you go and have a great day!

I came here to fap. Not to see a bunch of polretards posting garbage.

Thank you kind sir.


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