Can anyone name a more terrifying film than the original Alien from 1979?

Can anyone name a more terrifying film than the original Alien from 1979?

Absolute masterpiece

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Your parents' sex tape

The Thing

Galaxy of Terror maybe? I mostly just rented horrors/thrillers for the boobs back then.

blair witch project
that sure put the willies up me

I love alien, such a good movie.
But I would suggest the green room as that movie is pretty fucking scary if you imagine yourself in their positions.

The Thing

Shit. NVM

It’s a pretty solid movie. I thought Aliens was better.

the cheesy, over the top depiction of marines always detracted from the movie for me

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Hereditary is up there.

You don't think a group of people trained well for combat as a unit and separated from their native times by repeated cryo statis would act like that?

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I was so terrified of Alien I couldn't finish it as a kid. I had nightmares for a week. I haven't even watched it since, so I've never seen the end, but I probably could finish it now. Maybe.

I found it just jumpy and weird af

you uncultured swine

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Harden, seriously, the fuck up.

Not the guy youre responding too but there were literally no jump scares thats what i liked about it so wtf you talking about lol

It was a joke, bud. I'm 29 now. I can definitely handle Alien.

That's a shame, both it and Midsommar are some of my favorite movies.

Alien, The Thing, Rosemary's Baby, The Exorcist are fantastic old movies. Can't say the same for Aliens and Event Horizon that, while good, are way2cheezy for me.

Await Further Instructions needs to be mentioned too.

It made me jump when the kids head got hit off when they was in the car, my nerves are weak

easy. hostel.


It's a really powerful scene, I don't blame you. That and the ten minutes of pure audiovisual anxiety that follow it, it's fucking tasty. If you want that experience stretched out to an hour and a half, watch Aronofsky's mother!


You used a pic from Aliens you dolt.

it was scarier than alien.

I wish we could have seen the original cut.

Did anyone ever watch this, its kind of b-movie'ish but its pretty good cosmic horror

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Yeah what is it like an hour and 40 minutes of lost footage? Fuck it kills me knowing that

How hard is it to post a picture of the original ALIEN instead of one from the sequels? Eh, OP?

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>the cheesy, over the top depiction of marines
seems pretty accurate

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Good one

3 was better

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That was your dad and uncle.

That's a yikes from me Cred Forumsuddy

> The Shining
> 2001
> The Thing
> Eyes Wide Shut
> The Room
Also, your pic is not from Alien. Have you seen the movie or are you operating on pure nostalgia?

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Alien was the best horror/sci-fi movie ever made hands down

It was a great film...a bit hokey n all but still great.

Body horror is the best horror


Didn't think it was that good, but cosmic horror is definitely hard to pull off in film. Always a big fan of Barbara Crampton though.

you got me there

the grifter 1997

>not sure about the 1997 part tho

imagine this
lotsa death from bullets
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