Rekt thread

Rekt thread

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What conflict? I'm guessing Ukraine?

Did they film this shit with a rock?

A potato.

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Hahahahah the team

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Lmao this video makes me laugh.

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When I see this pic, I hear Richard Pryor tell the joke,. "Do you have a burning sensation when you urinate? No, nigga, flames shoot out my dick!

Fucking jiggaboos

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He dindu nuffins. Nunofem did. They was on they way to college.

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Can I get a link to the news article relating to this where the police are accused of killing another young black boy for nuffin please?

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please explain webm

Thought that was a Nickelodeon banner in the upper left.

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>please explain webm

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Are there any videos of acid attacks, but showing footage of the acid actually melting the flesh?

I know there are CCTV ones of people falling to the ground, and plenty of pics and videos of the aftermath- but are there any where it shows you the persons face actually dissolve in real time?

I'd say asking for a friend, but I don't have any.

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I love fights where the bitches end up naked.

Which kind of ethnicity is he? He looks pretty ugly, nearly like a transvestite.

It was an accident during an anti-nato training routine

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Some tape will fix him up nicely.

Rip lebron

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and gay?

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I must have missed the bit where the kid pointed the gun at the cops for even a second, or at anyone other than the person who had their arms around him. Care to point it out?

If everyone who ever tried to shoot someone in murka was executed by the police, there would not be many left. This kid probably should have gone to jail and most likely did not need to die.

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Shut up bitch that's 4chans a team they will fuck u up

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Unfunny nigger, you listened to the jews tell you black person was funny

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Tough guy

Is this coming from a mutt?

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what the hell happend?

You guys have any pics of dismembered dead bodies? I like those the best.

Guessing maybe he had a seizure and the match is unrelated. Epileptic maybe?


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but he didn't do anything

runner up for a Darwin award

Why even call them rekt threads anymore?

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you mean "nekkid"

self medicating due to Coronavirus

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why do guard dogs lick their own ass so much?
to get the taste of nigger out of their mouth

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What the hell was that above his head?

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When you nut too hard

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''Hey there smoothskin''

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not much gets to me these days. I've been on Cred Forums over a decade. I've seen some shit.

that got me.

Uhh no? After an acid attack the victim isn't just gonna sit there and let somebody record their face melting you fucking inbred

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the 1v3

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Isis, Cartel, any other sick bastard - There could be some poor fuck tied to a chair and filmed having acid thrown in their face, you fuckin' inbred

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wtf fuck that's fucking brutal

The nigger wasn't even wearing any underwear, reminds me of when they were found and enslaved by the white man

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Let it be noted that a white man knocked out a nig in a room of brothas and walked out unaccosted

Ruined a good couch and t-shirt

I want to lick the bloody remains of his face and rip it apart with my hands


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Worst thing I've ever seen in one of these threads.

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I agree with this

Is he ok?

Yeah, it's just a coincidence that mostly niggers do this sort of stuff. They even have their own channel glorifying their nigger activities but, hey, it's racism ,right?

I agree with this

I'm tired of this video.

Seeing this, the guys face being eaten by maggots, people's hearts beating with their chest open is like asmr. It does things to my penis

This is the reason why dogs are always good boys. They know who and why they are biting this black

Why are these literal retards playing with alcohol and fire with no applicable precautions ?

If it's photosensitive epilepsy then the match may be related

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This shitskin needed to be btfo exactly the way it happened!

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Elbow, nice

>whites arent the superior race
1 white dude vs 5 black men

Are you fucking retards missing the part where he was firing a gun at a group of people.

Think you mean "I fucking hate niggers" thread

I must have missed the part where he wasn't firing indiscriminately with plenty of other people around when the cops showed up. He was stiff firing wildly when they opened fire which was in order to protect all those 'innocent bystanders' IMHO.

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why do American niggers never fight one on one its like they take pride in having absolutely no honor whatsoever? i Irish and we take pride in are face to face straighteners" no man lets his friends interfere in his fights if you have any dignity you do not act like rats.

He'd been huffing earlier in his cast. Watch his chest, he literally explodes internally.

>wasn't even wearing any underwear
No, not after they dragged it off her.

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>inb4 white boi called them nigga
>implying they don't have dignity

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"Why do cops shoot before thinking?"

He was a nigger and he absolutely needed to die for no other reason.

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Why are niggers so gay at fighting?

Imagine the screams

God decided lightning bolts are too flashy.

I kinda miss the Russian dashcam vids.

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One of the most painful ways to die.

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>implying whites have any form of pride

They club her in the fuckin head, then try and help her during a seizure... why..

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Hate crime? I'm guessing he's gay by the clothing choice

Poor bait attempt, try harder newfag

Kek, old school

wtf is that?

How to ip man

The one on the left looks like the pig from journey to the west

Who honestly gives a fuck?


If I remember correctly burning foam mattresses is very bad for the lungs so the fucking retards are killing themselves with their own hands

I hope they fixed her.

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can't unsee

Man that bitch is super over charged flapping about like a fucking Duracell bunny

Poor cunt

Some damn good headshots

Is this you?

Wtf? Context? Insurance scam by trying to kill their child in the laundromat?

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Turning into a brain-damaged fucktoy.

"The game was rigged from the start"

guy was being an idiot thought it would be a funny picture to take, machine starts automatically. kid survived

this mf thinks he's pangzai

deserves it for imitating the GOAT

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what do you think? father trough it would be funny to close the door whit the kid in it, but he diddnt expect that the machine would start

your mother's a brain damaged fucktoy and she gurgles on my tip

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okay. so what happened to him

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its what happens when your tonsils get infected. people who get their tonsils removed? this is why.

It's like a 3rd person brawler video game where you're defeating some foes.

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I mean, to be fair degeneracy should be burned at the stake and that is exactly what is occurring in this clip.

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id pay good money to watch this as long as im allowed to laugh my ass off and record it

>Found the nigger
Nigger shoots a gun at people five times. Cops should talk to them to figure out why society made them do this.

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Yep, that's what going into shock feels like.

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3rd world shit-hole sex change operations have come a long way.

13/50 simply more abundant

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Nerve gas

really its better for the kid this way

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It's fake, but he still being a idiot.

Kill the cameraman. At least slice off his thumb.

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>lods of emone

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I don't buy this, what's your source?

Gas doesn't just hang around for several hours in the lungs, he would have had to have been huffing right before this for any effect similar to what you describe, and you can't see any ignition from the match going down his throat.

Cool story bro. The gun never wavers from the one point he is firing at, presumably the guy who was grabbing him. He never points the gun at anyone else, and doesn't point it at the cops at all.

Looks like the effects of the coronavirus are on full display in this little clip

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I think nigger found it funny or want to take a picture for the lulz but the machine was already on standby and then U close the door its start its programm

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Niggers punching eachother is anything other then rekt. Those are called "nigger hate threads"

A rekt thread is some poor unfortunate bastard getting hit by a car at 80mph or some kid falling under the wheel of a bus and becoming a red smear on the tarmac

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Why cant anyone post some rape???

Fuck off, nigger.

so go become a red smear on tarmac and stream it. contribute for once in ur miserable life u fucking faggot

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Probably gonna try to rob that too.

I saw one recently with a black guy that let a firecracker go off in his mouth. fucking crazy

Go to best gore, dipshit.

>literal retards
there's your answer

I would want to be euthanized at that point


Expected the worst, wasn't disappointed tho.

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Elliott Rodger that you

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Yeah boy, shoot him 10x while on the ground. True hero.


White boys be jealous

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Spongebob Mafia.

i will never achieve the status of supreme gentleman

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thank you

Another Chiraq street legend is born.

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Fucking psycho

more please

Chiraq Dindu rehabilitation academy.

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We dare you to find a more secure, warm bed than our Brazilian Favela Lumbar mattress. A guaranteed restful sleep.

hi everyone! there was a video where guy chases his bike and his mate on another bike tries to tip it over.
any chances you have it?

They were just fooled by soap companies.

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You don't take a chance when someone can shoot you back faggot


Chiraq Dindu Academy Graduate.

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nerve gas

just a little headache


Is that the ubermensch? THE WHITE RACE IS SAVED

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>*Neanderthal discovers fire (200 B.C. Colorized)*

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Full story of that pic?

Attached: 120 IQ.webm (224x400, 379K)

That's not how acid works you fucking idiot. Its not like the movies where the skin dissolves in seconds

Just some neanderfurry being a fag

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Every time I see a video like this I always hear chimp noises in my head

>Friend tries to jump on the guy to prevent suicide by cop
>Pushed off, guy shoots the ground before running towards officers

Its a tranny

post israeli soldiers dying, i wanna get off.

Nice quads boyo

id much prefer if niggas just got their shit together stopped chimping around and actually took responsibility for their niggadry. they would have shot if the dude was white or yellow skin but niggas gotta play the victim racecard because we wuz kangz

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Does anyone have the wojak version of this? Thanks in advance.

>Be "superior" whitoid
>know my race is dying and has no power
>finally decide to kill myself
>Take massive BBC before I leave this earth


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id like to think i know my way around my camera but even i cant guarantee that id get a clear shot if i saw shit like this with my own eyes

Why am I so turned on right now?

Wasted effort. Next time that idiot does the same thing, the hero won't be there to save him.

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fuck i feel bad for them

Dindu glass breaker

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because u like when two men r fighting


Wow dude you're soo cool and edgy

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oh my fucking god this guy is enchanted or something holy shit

He popped like a gusher



that couldve gone worse

You see a white or Asian on here every once in a while on these threads but the jiggaboos do it way more often

>Full story of that pic?

Supposedly he fell asleep with his hands in a bucket of dry ice for his arthritis, got severe frostbite and had to have his hands amputated as a result. Then user was accused of spreading a spreading a rumor that he was a furry and he did it on purpose so he could have his hands replaced with animal paws or hooves.

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I think that one shot was enough

His eyes

Honestly, how dumb can you be?

The one near the door stole some candy or something. The clerk and another customer stopped the thief's friend from leaving, but a whole bunch of niggers came in, freed their friend, and stole shit. The clerk locked the door and called the police.

I call BS. How do they not hear this coming?

Niggers gonna nig. This just makes me sad.

Someone needs to add Ed Edd and Eddy sound effects to this

doesn't matter, he didn't drop his weapon. the cops were justified in killing him, he was obviously a threat to bystanders and it's their job to neutralize that threat. i would be on your side if he dropped his weapon and was shot, but he didn't comply with police protocol. its actually quite easy to stay alive in a police situation if you're aware of what the protocol is, and the ignorance of some hood nignog not knowing something thats easily searchable online isn't anyone's fault but his own.

Niggers are 50-75 years behind us in technology.

what game is this?

Yeah, let's be nice to the nice to the dude who clearly shows he has no regard for human life. Kys

1vs4 retard

I'm surprised they didn't jump on top of him and then be like, "STOP FUCKING RESISTING! I'LL BREAK YOUR FUCKING ARM IF YOU DON'T STOP JERKING AROUND!!"

fake as fuck

this was a drill and the heli pilot accidentally discharged his weaponry, believe it or not.

It's not America

you're a fucking doofus. if the guy wanted to live, he should have dropped his weapon. that's just common sense, the cops are far less likely to shoot him once he's unarmed. but no, the dumb nigger wasn't thinking and died because of it, he was awarded a fool's prize for acting like a fool. but please, go on about how the guy who's out murdering people in front of the police who remained armed after walking closer to the cops didn't deserve to die, and that he was finna grow up to be an astronaut/ lawyer/ doctor/ prezuhdint.

Don't you guys feel bad about the people in these clips? They have families and loved ones. They have minds of their own. You fucks are sickening.

I've worked EMS for a long fucking time. This shit is nasty. Damn.

lmao literally the video above this is a white dude executing a black guy

Did you hear about the dude walking in the street and just fell over cause he got "tired?"

I'll be here all week, folks!


the brain of the guy on the right went liquefied though his nose!

i feel bad for the dog who was punched by that fucking loser, i wish i was the one kicking the fucking shit out of that cretin.

>Amerishart bootlickers just literally can't stop giving thanks for your service.

Just like muslims need to face mecca several times a day to pray, conservatards start to jones pretty hard if they haven't thanked an authority figure in the last few hours.

Not that hard for multiple cops to wait for a suspect to raise their weapon before shooting them either. Keep on bootlicking.

Attached: muh patriot brojob.png (486x680, 409K)

Attached: bootlicker thank you for letting me serve.jpg (540x541, 36K)

You got some talent. When you gonna kickstart your animation project?

>notices his crotch is on fire
>keeps fucking pouring shit on it

This is the IQ of Instagram "influencers"

Attached: 81460574_209273520081471_3245456859301446350_n.jpg (771x874, 75K)

How do you expect us to feel? This is the internet, and these videos hit home as much as a good video game FMV does. It's so far removed from our realities that it simply doesn't register as being real to most of us, and the fact that the situations in these videos have a zero percent chance in playing out in our lives only reinforce the sentiment of it being nothing more than intriguing fodder.

you think these people would give a fuck if you died? shut up, faggot.

Hero would've done the world a bigger favor by letting nature take it's course.

Spring break gets weird when its a sausage fest.

do you have your meme license to be posting such content online? wait until the cops come to your house and do nothing because they dont have guns, and you still listen to them and get locked up for not having freedom of speech.

Yes, niggers are that stupid.




I'm mixed and I hate this shit. Niggers can't fight, that's why. My mom is islander and she used to wipe niggers on floor when she was younger. All they do is talk shit

Attached: worry.jpg (571x551, 75K)

That act was LIT, yo!

Should have crushed his skull like melon afterward.

This actually makes me mad.

he saved his own life
when the other person brings a deadly weapon, you defend yourself with deadly force
pull your head out of your ass faggot

Attached: 1518398781152.gif (240x228, 858K)

LOL! that explains a lot then

fucking nice head shot

its like people dont realize that the point of shooting someone is to make sure they die. it isnt to hurt or stun them, its to kill them and make sure theres a 0% chance of survival. people are just pussies when they watch these videos, theyre too scared to have the responsibility that comes with gun ownership and would soil themselves in the event that an armed person threatened their life.

Exhibit C: Nerve Gas

>Afrikan converts to Islam

Burn victim

Just die.

When you return to a lower level zone to finish quests you missed while doing the main story line.