Sandniggers shot down the CIA

sandniggers shot down the CIA

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Unconfirmed :
33 U.S. officers onboard, all killed.

Taliban release official statement on Ghazni plane crash. Statement says plane crashed "noon hours today resulting in all crew & high-ranking CIA members killed".

Statement does not explicitly say that Taliban shot it down.

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The loss of a USAF E-11A aircraft will likely represent the single largest loss of US military personnel in Afghanistan for at least five years

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2020 looks like it's gonna be a fun year

not enough pics. one would think they'd be ecstatic over this.

Pics here

Maybe people will stop talking about Kobe now?
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Sand noggers carry a heavy load

"The Battlefield Airborne Communications Node(#BACN) is a United States Air Force (#USAF) airborne communications relay and gateway system carried by the unmanned EQ-4B and the manned Bombardier E-11A aircraft..."

You know how liberals always put fake targets on themselves, Trumpettes are just the same...

so why not post them here? this is an image board after all ffs.

Cause its a video and i cannot download this in my office

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Q predicted this.

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Fast media is fast

Seems that the US may have created another false flag operation that will somehow get a spin. They will declare that the Taliban shot down the plane negating any chance of a cease fire and therefore giving the US a reason to not withdraw from the middle east. Banks can't profit as much if they aren't lending the military money with a comical amount of interest. We'll see how this plays out

If it's crashed in Taliban controlled territory then death is probably best for those poor people on that plane

You have 10 SECONDS to name something dumber than travelling by aircraft.

Taliban have weapons to bring that down??? WTF

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travelling by foot in the middle east

Same question. they dont have anti air there?

Traveling by helicopter with Kobe

>no images in an image board
fake and gay (referencing OP's initial post)

mistakes happen. it's not a grand conspiracy. this is why PMCS takes so much time and energy. safety is constantly an issue. look up aircraft carrier accidents, hell look up worker's comp. shit's always going in sideways and human error is the leading cause. get a job you fat fuck.


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...and guess who downed a eq-4b in june 2019, iran. good thing US killed that one guy!

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iran could have shot that down


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No, he's under it

Some conflicting info regarding this, but USAF plane is down in Afghanistan. Taliban taking credit but no evidence yet- lots of doubt regarding their ability to down a plane.

looks like total engine failure..


which is why its fake and gay. those fucks love taking pics and posting them around. gets em real hard, kinda like Cred Forums in general. looks like a regular crash and they're afraid to get gunned down if they get in too close. haji on haji action even.

do you believe that Iran has given Taliban AA weapons? Yesterday a helicopter, before that a US drone and now a USAF plane. This changes everything.

video of crash

no way

weapons move in and around with ease there. many hidden caches from fights, mercenaries, movement from Pakistan, it is possible for Iran, but I always thought the Afghanis got along better with the Pakis than the Iranians. Iranians and Iraqis are the ones with the "relationship".

based i was getting sick of talking about kobe

it was pakistan. or the iranian AA has a reach over 600 miles

AA will not even get 50 miles
always based comments section

So are we going to wipe these assholes out or what?

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So there really was no crash?

well, i meant a proxy for iran

Cargo broke free and slid to the tail section

there is no CIA and no torture program.
the US does not rape toddlers as a method of questioning their parents.
this is fake news.

probably taliban is bullshitting but i think they need more democracy delivered to them


>the US does not rape toddlers as a method of questioning their parents.

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true, iran did provide some support in the beginning for US afghan invasion so why would the taliban reach out to iran, so maybe it was pakistan? after all, there have been plenty of drone strikes have been happening within their nation state

thus cg and airflow went byebye

Good. Fuck the CIA. Fucking niggers probably deserved it .


me thinks user was being sarcastic


ah yes, the fox news of mother russia...

those plens all have different tail numbers

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The CIA were bored so they decided to shoot down a military aircraft and blame it on dune coons. Either way, good fucking riddance

>fox news

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Not only that, the screenshot conveniently covers the number on the plane that was shot down.

oopsie, im sure it wasnt intentionally done

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There is video online showing the tail number

twitter com/TGhazniwal/status/1221831461147418624?s=20

Would be ironic if CIA guys got killed by leftover stingers they provided like 35 years ago.

>af 358

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