For many years, scientists thought that females who ejaculated during sex were experiencing continence problems...

For many years, scientists thought that females who ejaculated during sex were experiencing continence problems. Research has since disproved this idea and confirmed the existence of female ejaculation.

A 2014 study found that the fluid accumulates in the bladder during arousal and leaves through the urethra during ejaculation. Seven women who reported experiencing female ejaculation during sex took part in the trial.

First, the researchers used ultrasound exams to confirm that the participants' bladders were empty. The women then stimulated themselves until they ejaculated while the researchers continued to monitor them using ultrasounds.

The study found that all the women started with an empty bladder, which began to fill during arousal. The post-ejaculation scans revealed that the participants' bladders were empty again.

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The women then stimulated themselves until they ejaculated while the researchers continued to monitor them

Hmmm (((why))) does it not say the bladder filled with anything besides urine?
If it did, they would describe the fluid in detail, no?

Woman do not experience pleasure.

>the fluid accumulates in the bladder

so... pee?

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so they pissed... thanks for confirming what was already known

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Neither do you so kys

what a fucking waste of money and resources to confirm its piss. fresh piss but still piss.

There are other chemical substances and things found in female ejeculate, so no, not just pee.

Pee and other tasty sexy things. It's all still a bit mysterious, like every other damn thing with women.

grills got gross stuff coming out of their cooters

its piss you retarded nigger

1. you didn't even post a source
2. in your excerpt they only mention fluid from the bladder, which is piss

so it's piss

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study didnt find what is the liquid made of. This describes pissing pretty accurately

It's not just piss you obtuse permavirgins.

I'm not going to post a source, do your own fucking googling.

There are glands called skeins glands, weird scary female shit comes out of there and mingles with urinary fluids to make ejaculate. No one is really sure why it all happens and how it works just yet.

Possibly it's some kind of cleansing system to prevent utis or some shit. Either way it's hot as fuck.

its still piss

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burden of proof is on you

here's a protip though: its fucking piss you retard, grow up

sure. but that doesnt change the fact that its piss.

Dilute piss it is, so little it doesnt taste, smell or feel like piss.

Squirt is silky, piss is dry compared to it.
It smells like vagina, like after you've fingered a girl only not as strong.
Tastes like pussy.

Theres piss in male cum too my friend. We don't call it piss for that reason.

thats because cum doesnt come from the bladder unlike piss. oh i meant squirt of course.

>>Theres piss in male cum too my friend.

is this the new 'pee is stored in the balls'?

>incels really believing it's piss
Fall for the meme harder boys.

As if you don't have a multi use pipeline
>oh wow this white stuff I just coaxed out of my dick is different in viscosity and feeling than my usual
You must piss yourself a lot when you fap 10x a day.

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>squirting is not pee you faggots
it comes from Skene's glands also known as the lesser vestibular glands, paraurethral glands "homologous female prostate" located on the anterior wall of the vagina, around the lower end of the urethra.

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Won't do a timestamp that might wake her up, im not some NEET who tells people I browse here.

cool story bro

my wife is a squirter and that is not piss, that is coming out. Smells completely different and is not as liquid as piss. Hard to explain what is though, but it is damn annoying.

nice try

i have been with this girl pic related that squirts all over my face and mouth and i loved it
-it cloudy
-it has no taste
-it has no smell
also see this

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it has taste and it does smell. Just not like piss

well people are different
>this mine did not have any

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not calling it by what it is(piss), just gives women an excuse for being lazy slobs that dont workout and do kegels. enjoy fucking incontinent worn out cunts.

people need to understand that
>real squirts "not like in porno" is not pee
>just like pre-cum is not izz

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literally every scientific study has proven it to be piss

its piss

i agree.
too many get their sexual "education" from porn and make false assumptions
I also belived it was just a piss fetish thing until i met a real squirter

These threads always make me laugh. I know it's mostly trolls, but seems to be a few guys who genuinely think squirt is purely piss.

And what makes it great? Soon as you stop being a virgin you realize it's not always just piss.
As such, great virgin detector threads.

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link us a single one of those

OP just cant deal with the fact that some girl, in an act of fake pleasure, pissed on him. Or its like he said a magical vagina smelling fluid somehow... builds up in the bladder... and then shoots out here urethra... its piss op

>scientific study
bunch of nerds that never knew/experienced sex

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Any piss is to much piss


Wait till you see Jennings cooter. She had nasty shit coming out. This was post op though

Cant end a thread with your own post dipshit.


Dubs don't lie

if it's pee then it's not squirt

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make her piss and show result. do it for science, almighty bro.

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>BTW the one that got her pregnant is a british guy that fucked her in Dubai-UAE

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that doesnt tell me anything

i was there
saw the british old guy looks like a CEO

ok basically from what i can remember they did some analysis on "female ejaculate" and found that while it is similar to urine, there are enzymes present, likely produced in the skene's gland, that are prostate specific and occur in male ejaculate. These enzymes are in low amounts. As far as I can see, the debate among scientists in this field is whether or not this fluid is produced from the skene's gland during orgasm.

Either way, the fluid produced during most depicted "female orgasms" (i.e squirting) is mostly urine with additional elements which could perhaps modify it's physical properties.

Another thing to consider is that it's supposedly generated into the bladder fairly rapidly so that could also have an effect on physical properties.

This has a brief summary of what's been said about it by actual scientists:

(long story short of that part of the book is that it's deemed not important enough for people to conduct further research imo)

sorry should've added because the link behaves a little weird for me, it's pages 102-104 and you might have to wait a little or scroll about a bit for all the relevant pages to show up

I have two kids, so I know what it smells like when one of them would piss the bed. My ex-wife was a squirter- I'd get her worked up and she would soak the sheets. And no, it didn't smell like piss. She even squirted in my mouth once while I was going down on her.

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It's piss dude. It's just piss.

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If my wife pissed in my mouth I'd divorce her too.

Pussy does sweat tho

have sex with one

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What is this goo ? where does it comes from ? is it the equivalent of precum ?

Women ejaculate from males face perspective: Happy silky liquid... sometimes followed by piss

You might think you're hot shit with the ladies, but just try to Imagine how much pussy Bartholin and Skene used to score, the shear and utter level of cunt destruction achieved by these demigods. Just imagine when you can take a bitch back home for 'research' and then publish a paper about her the next day to show all of your learned peers.

They should make a buddy comedy movie about these cunts tearing up the town in 1863 and tearing up that pussy while drenched from head to toe in cunt juice.

Cast it incels.

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it doesn't come from the bladder. OP is talking about squirting. this "goo" is secreted from the front of the vagina and females call it "getting wet".

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Bendadick Cuminsnatch and Emilio Estevez are...

Opening wide, Summer 2020.

Yea, the piss comes from the Urethra, you dumb bitch

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>front of the vagina
the skene's and bartholin's glands ?
so it is precum or just an indication that she's excited ? with no purpose behind it ?

low IQ nigger found

Guys get "wet" too. Weird slimy stuff that comes out. But actual male precum is right before orgasm... and dick shoots shady sperm before the actual load. Doesnt seem to happen all the time tho... Pussy should feel good regardless

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This See this It might have some other slimy shit in it but its still mostly piss.

the crystal clear goo when aroused isnt precum ??

Someone post some webms of female ejaculation please

Shit case study.
How many women started with an empty bladder and had it fill while in the waiting room?
Check out my study:

>10 people had their heads shaved.
>These 10 people were fed nothing but Rocky Road ice cream for 6 weeks.
>Hair growth at the end of 6 weeks was a minimum of 1/2" per person.

Give me my nobel prize in medicine and millions of dollars in grants because I just discovered the cure for baldness (it's a diet of nothing but Rocky Road ice cream).

Whatever it is, it does taste good. After it dries it will make your sheets stiff

I fucked a real squirter when I as 19. Had no idea what I was doing but it came out like a hose with your thumb on it. She could only fuck about 5 minutes before she had to stop. Her eyes would roll back and she would have convulsions for a good 20 seconds. I miss that girl, she was german too

well i can tell you that screenshot is from a bad dragon cum lube video


Dont cry just cause youve never made a qt 3.14 squirt

>her you go

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its piss you faggots

I've made tons of girls squirt

It's piss. They just lose control. It's motherfucking piss.

It has literally already been proven that female ejaculate is pee. It may be mixed with Vaginal wetness, but it's still pee nonetheless.

Nice try.

What do girl eject when they have an orgasm ? what is girl cum ?
how did you do ? you got tips/ a method ?

here you go

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dudes jizz have pee yoo

It's pee and that's fine op, drinking pee makes you stronger! It gives you the power to survive anything!

T. Pro piss drinker

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its not squirting

Who cares what some dumb whore on youtube has to say.

Its not like women cant get super sloppy wet, thats just arousal and some make more then others. But to actually think a girl has enough cum in her to literally squirt across the bed is really stupid. And judging from this thread anyone who thinks its not piss is a moron who got pissed on and doesnt want to face the facts

this entire thread is like that one FB message screencap where the two guys are talking to each other about pussy and the one says "then what is the ass called" and the other says "the ass you retard"

Sauce ?

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No its not like that. Thats retarded

42 different posters

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>loves pis

Fuck off. You’re probably a footfag too

Pis is nasty. I made my gf stop fucking me and go pis last night because she’s so fucking inconsiderate

Its piss, not pis. But i agree