Does anyone else feel like they’re not sure if they’re a sociopath...

Does anyone else feel like they’re not sure if they’re a sociopath? I’ve felt empathy in the past and I feel like I have depression and suicidal thoughts so I must not be totally apathetic but it’s like everything is dull. I’ve literally never been affected by people or what they say until now and I’m struggling to reject this shit I’m feeling. It’s a weird change of pace. Not sure what to do and not sure why I haven’t just killed myself. I’ve basically isolated myself for a couple months and barely see anyone and now that I’m working it’s like I have a different view of people. I don’t even agree with 90% of the shit here anymore, am I a normie?

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Man, seriously? You've made hundreds, if not thousands of posts. My grandmother and me both told you, I'm on the spectrum. That's it... I didn't know guys like you were gullible. No more façade, it's all raw unfiltered bluntness from now on

Oh shit should add I’m working so I’m seeing people regularly. I’m not even qualified to be here, I just charmed my way in.

I wish I could slight the throat of all those pseudo-sociopaths' mother or dog right in front of them. We would see how much of a sociopath they are.

Huh? You’re replying to the wrong person.

All me and my dad want is to be left alone. This game's over. I've learned my lesson (DON'T FUCK WITH SOCIOPATHS!)

I’m not looking for edgy posts. It’s obvious you’re not a sociopath, don’t bother replying to my thread. I’m not even saying I’m a sociopath. I just feel empty.

People think of socio/psychopaths as black and white different from them but thats based on older paradigms. Theres actually a whole spectrum/range of psychopathy, theres even "highly anxious" sociopaths who exhibit many of the standard traits like anti-social behavior and lack of remorse but have high levels of anxiety, which helps to explain why some of them work so hard to maintain externally appealing images of themselves like an upstanding member of the community and love their family and shit

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You are just depressed. Hard to care about other people if you don't really even care about yourself.

I don’t exhibit stress or anxiety. It’s been a fair while since I’ve felt even remotely anxious. Obviously it’s not black and white. I only work to make money. It doesn’t bother me. I have free time most of the time. I’ve only used superficial charm to get things I need like a job. Otherwise I don’t give a shit how I appeal to people. I’m not a massive cunt, that would take leaps of effort from what I want to exhaust.

yeah exactly, it's a spectrum. You can be ASD with asocial traits. I get anxious over the smallest things, and it can have an impact on my social skills. Throw depression into the mix and oh boy, it's hell!

Not my type of music. Doesn’t sound bad. Prefer rap.

I wish I was a sociopath.

If you are, either dedicate your life to business and be the most ruthless as fuck CEO that ever lived,

Or become a sniper in the military, the prefer sociopaths in their screening because they’re able to hunt men without feeling remorse and second guiessinf their actions

Stream your an hero to our true sociopaths here. They'll know if you fit in

Joke's over guys, you've pushed me too far. will it take another meltdown for u too understand im not this person u think I am

Lol I’m not joining that shit.
Taking human lives is idiotic. There’s no point or outcome. I’m not going to become a ruthless CEO because why would I want to be a CEO? I don’t need more money.

Then no, you don’t sound like a sociopath, you sound like a depressed faggot whose lacking the feel-good chemicals in your brain.

Go for a run every day first thing in the morning, or hit the gym for weights. Will fix if

You’re an idiot. I’m extremely /fit/. That doesn’t work.

Shut up edgy faggot you are not a sociopath, if you have to ask then you are not one.

thanks for clearing it up