Pic very related. Anytime I see my gfs cousin she’s like this w her ass out.. is she dropping hints...

Pic very related. Anytime I see my gfs cousin she’s like this w her ass out.. is she dropping hints? Should I make a move?

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Bump got any more pics?

Yea, next time tell her she got a fat ass and bet her she cant make it clap. If she does it, she wants the cock. If not your a sad beta who is dreamin

Try it out also send more pics and any possible nudes

Try to wrestle with her. This way the sexual energy gets higher. Cop a feel accidentally and see how she reacts

yea, just wip out your cock and start jerking infront of her and see if she goes for it or if she reacts weird to it, tell her to stop throwing that ass around like that.

No. She looks nasty... Throw a blanket over her.

Family probably won't accept you long term if you jump from one family tree branch to the next. But if you don't see yourself with your gf long term, I don't see why not. She's probably jealous of her cousin.

If she does this everytime, why do you only post the same pic?

Go for it. She’s not your cousin

I took this one last week she was doing her make up in my room because I had better lighting

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Lol this. next time I’ll make a comment. Idk about the make it clap thing though

Here’s another pic I took right when she was pulling her leggings up.

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Why are you taking creepy photos of her without her consent?

Why the fuck are you on Cred Forums?

Incest here


If your girls good dont, if she a bitch go ahead

been coming since ‘11 off and on. I like amaturr porn and showing off my dick to fags.

Would love to sniff that asshole

Get her naked and post pics

Oh just kidding I thought you were talking to me

Show me your dick please

Test the waters a bit, say something like "I had a dream that we hooked up, if you are anything like my dream you're going to make a man very happy *laugh*" see how she responds

It’s nothing special

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Good one

Nice. I'd love to be dominated by you.

This is horrible advice. That would just make her feel uncomfortable as shit.

Just be straight with her, and say hey baby want some dick?

This thread again and the same 3 pictures from yesterday. Don't you have school to go to, user?!

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