Post your gf's kik if you want me to send unsolicited dick pics and post reacts

Post your gf's kik if you want me to send unsolicited dick pics and post reacts.

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Sent pussy pics

Yes, she did. And it's amazing.

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She's disconnected.

Like inactive or she’s not on right now

Like disconnected from inactivity.

Send her a dick pic and say something nasty and see if it goes through she’s a naughty slut

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We do that all the time here


It just says it'll send them through next time she logs in.

Did you send her anything

What did you send her

Yes, I sent her something. That's why it's telling me it will go through next time she logs in.

Alright what did you send her

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She should respond to that

Any more from her?

This is it.

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Shes hot like her.

Try getting more man and post it!

I messaged her and haven’t got a response yet

Try again:)


Now she’s responding

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What a hot whore, more please. Something harder.

Here’s more

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Dirty bitch, ask her for a pic fucking...

That’s illegal in some places.

She’s so sexy

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Who’s this to you

Old friend.

Not a username.

Will she send nudes


She should but I guess she deleted her kik. Same username on twitter or ig though.


Why would a girl react to a random picture of a small/average penis?

I got a good pic

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The best stuff for a long time


No bites from anyone yet.