Does anyone still play this game?

Does anyone still play this game?

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I haven't played Baulder's Gate in years.

Kek. Ya got me.

yeah now more than ever with the release of mobile
fuckers are still updating it

Where is the mobile game?


Hellz yeah plox soz

Rsn Tommy92119

What do you do inagame?

Yes. Still buying gf.

i play off and on

Afk mlm or vorkath rn

Your mom does

Is that diablo?

being able to buy bond is so op i started like three weeks ago with 20mil and im already farther then my old account

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>imagine not playing chad old school rs in 2020

It's the best MMORPG ever made so yes.

Can someone please help to make this game again? We would need a team of developers.

lol why?

Because we need this game and it doesnt exist.

My childhood... the economy of the game is ruined as fk now so i quited

Your stats are still shit, noob

How so? I know bonds fucking expensive rn but other than that

That's why we make the game as it was in 2006. No grand exchange. Pking still amazing

Better than yours


RSN Ceepee play erryday

Fuck my bad i though it was the actual osrs haha, is project 2006 a good choice?

We need to make it.

Just buy gold online. It’s cheaper.

Do you make a living playing this game?

just play old school and stfu